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Chrysler 300 Needs New Engine

stang81stang81 Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Chrysler
I have a 2005 Chrysler 300 with 27,000kms, I was driving through Northern Ontario Sunday nite when all of a sudden my 3.5, 300 just died while driving at 100km/h without any warning signs....low oil...alt...etc. I called roadside assistance and they towed it to Kupuskasing Chrysler where the techs spent 1.5 days trying to to get the vehicle started. Finally they get back to me and tell me that my car needs a new engine because injector #1 failed and there is no compression whatsoever, they also can not get the timing adjusted. They said it would take 3 weeks to get the vehicle fixed beacause there are not any 3.5 motors in Canada.........ironic considering its built in Brampton! After spending numerous hours on the phone with customer service they will have my vehicle ready next week with a new engine from Milwaukee. I just cant understand how a practically brand new vehcle can just give out without any warning signs......definately my last Chrysler.....anybody have any similar problems?


  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    " ...definately (sic) my last Chrysler..."

    37K MILES on my hemi and no problems whatsoever.

    I'm always amazed at the knee jerk reaction. NEVER AGAIN when something goes wrong!! Reminds me of my '85 Buick Park Avenue which during its first 35K miles had TWO engine changes, SIX waterpumps, one powersteering pump and rack, new rear suspension mounts, new alternator....think that's about it. My next car was an 87 Buick and it went 50K without a single issue. Nothing is perfect and odds are someone will get a bad unit. Even Boeing makes airplanes assuming a certain number will crash (did you know that??) because perfection is cost prohibited.

    So tell me: The first time you have an argument with your wife you file for divorce and turn gay??
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148

    My seintements exactly. :shades:

    To Stang81:

    Fact, every manufacturer out there from Acura to Zil makes a bad engine from time to time. Judging a company by a single bad engine isn't fair, that said, judging them by how they take care of you when you do suffer a premature engine failure is more than fair. So, how are they treating you? Are they making you whole?

    Best Regards,
  • " ...definately (sic) my last Chrysler..."

    Well considering i have a 2005 Pacifica with countless problems, to me it seems like Chrysler has numerous reliability issues. Remember their vehicles of the past especiallly with the 2.7 liter motors.
    Their customer service is no better I after my car broke down 10 hours away from home customer swervice told me to go home on the bus as the dealer there did not have any loaner cars. They agreed to get me a rental in Toronto but to a maximum of $250 or five days........remembering the fact that my 300 will take 2 weeks to fix i will have to pay for the remainder of the rental outta my own pocket while still making lease payments on a 300 with a broken engine............guess I'm SOL with Chrylser. I say it again MY LAST CHRYSLER!!
  • Fortunately this is my second Chrysler, I have a 2006 300C and it just went over 36K and have only had a problem with the brakes. I also had a Plymouth (Chrysler) that I had for over 13 years and the most extensive thing I had done was to have freeze plugs replaced, never a new engine, radiator, transmission, nothing! I imagine engines can be like anything else, just like I have a microwave oven that I have had forever, but I had a blender just quit on me that I only had for about 3 months. I realize you can't really compare a blender to an engine, but things happen, but life goes on and cars go on....... :) peace
  • coolrunningcoolrunning Posts: 117
    I owned a number of Fords over the years, tried a Pontiac and eventually bought a couple of Hondas and a Toyota. When I decided to start buying Chryslers forever is when I bought my first (1993 Plymouth Voyager van) and kept it for 7 years and 100,000 miles only to upgrade to a 2000 Chrysler Town & Country Van. Kept the second van for another 7 years, and traded it off on a 2006 300C Heritage Edition for my wife. I was driving a 1999 Chrysler 300M at the time and traded it for a 2003 Chrysler 300M Special. I was perfectly happy with our cars, until I started to drive my wifes new 300C a little too often and fell in love with it. 11 months later, I bought another 300C Heritage Edition identical in every way to my wife's car for myself. I wish the 300M had been available with the HEMI. People ask me why I have identical twin cars and I tell them "The car was so nice, I bought it twice.." . I have never found a better all around value for the money. I love everything about the cars, although my wife is starting to miss her van. We will most likely buy a new Chrysler Town & Country van next year. But we intend to keep our "twins". I have never owned more reliable vehicles. Chrysler has improved the reliability of their product line to the point that I believe they are better than most including the imports. Most of the complaints I hear about Chryslers are from people who bought the cheapest most stripped down vehicle they could find. That usually means the smallest engine ("it's so underpowered...") and the smallest frame ("it rides so rough.."). It seems to me that if you don't buy enough car to start with, you are not ever going to be happy with it. I prefer to buy models that have every option and upgrade I can get, so I don't wish for a mising feature later. I highly recommend the 5.7L MSD HEMI engine over any and all others available. It gets better mileage than my old 3.5L V-6 on the highway, and blows it away from 0 to 60 mph. I have never been happier with my choice of relaible Chryslers. :shades:
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Cars we have: Two Jeeps (Cherokee and Grand Cherokee), Intrepid ES (3.2 liter) and 300C. Problems: Cherokee: AC went out at 120,000 miles, but that 4.0 inline 6 is a work horse. Grand Cherokee (3.7 L V6) and 300C (Hemi): transmission leaked on both (known problem from the insert pin: actually a Mercedes! design problem), Intrepid: radiator at 125,000 miles, radiator fans at 100,000 miles, just got finished replacing the window clips inside the driver's side door, inner tie rod bushings replaced at 124,000.

    I like driving the 300C best. Love the HEMI!

    Ford I had: the list would be endless! :shades:
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