Is this a heater blower? And how do you put it back in?

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This fell out of my 2005 Honda Pilot earlier today--onto the floor of the passenger side.

It appears to be a heater blower, but not sure exactly where it came from (assuming up front)? Any advice on how to reinstall it? It appears to have an electrical plug (sorry I do not know the proper term), but I'm not sure what would hold the unit in place--wherever it needs to go. Appreciate any insight anyone has to offer.

Thanks! Dan - [email protected]


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    Boy, do I feel like a horse's you-know-what. This dang thing ended up being a computer part that was left by a coworker that my wife gave a ride home the other day--i.e. nothing to do with the Pilot. And that explains how it was found "all of a sudden." I sure did put the service technicians, parts people, and mechanics to the test at my local Honda much for some Saturday morning free time!!!
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    Heh, that reminds me of the time I took my nearly new minivan to the dealer complaining about some odd creaking it made once I got up to 30 mph.

    The service writer took one look at my van and my newly installed (by me) cheap metal mudflaps in the front wheel wells and tapped one with his shoe. That was the noise - the thin flaps flexed when the windspeed got just fast enough.

    Another one for the d'oh files. :blush:
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    Now you tell us! I have most of the front dash on my 06 torn apart trying to get your answer!!!

    Now you can relax. We wished all preceived headaches end up like this.
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