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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • smokin6smokin6 Posts: 9
    I have just completed the journey to a 3rd tranny in my 2004xc90t6. It was not until I showed the GM of the dealership the social network and what was being said about this issue. She was very nice and wrote an email to the regional Rep. who then made an offer of 50/50 on the part and I still had to pay labor. I have since called a friend who owens a volvo dealership and asked him for some advice. He came up with the same answer I got in about 20minutes. We must find a way to get to the decision maker. This lack of policy has cahnged. If your car has 100,000 miles or less they seem to be replacing and fixing the problem. If anyone can get the service bulletins to show that volvo knew this was a constant problem and replaced bad trannies with the same bad tranny--It was not until late '06 that volvo put a different tranny in the T6. Yet, they still put the bad trannies in as late as 2008 which were to replace the previous one that failed(were they betting that you would not owen the car when this one failed? Were they using up old inventory and hoping this one would not go bad? or Were they just people who did not cared about the customers who purchased the cars they produced? We do not know the answer to these questions and niether does VOLVO. Please respond with any information that will give us what we need to make VOLVO do the right thing!!!!!!. This is a WRECKLESS move on the part of volvo--knowingly putting people in arms-way.
  • no, they don't require old parts. They haven't asked for our old parts. However we have been involved for over a year now so I don't know. My story is that I bought a 2003 xc90 in 2007 from a reputable dealer. 1 month after purchasing the car the transmission fails. The dealership only had a 30 day warranty and the car had 40 thousand miles so the factory warranty wasn't any good because it was only for 4 years and the it had just expired. It was only 1 month post expiration date and Volvo still wouldn't honor it. We had to pay 5 thousand to have our car repaired. We have had so many issues out of this car from the inside falling apart to even the rod under the car that holds it together. It is by far the worst car I have ever owned and I hate that I bought it. I bought it for the safety features because it had such a high rating. Boy was I wrong about everything else. I can't trade it because its worth less than its value so I will be upside down. I am basically stuck. Over the course of the last 4 years we have put close to 10 thousand into this car. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR. I will be glad with litigation is over with our case and I hope that we can atleast get some of our money back.
  • volvoom1volvoom1 Posts: 1
    The transmission on my 2004 T6 was replaced twice by the dealership, Don Beyer Volvo of Falls Church, Virginia, under my warranty and service contract. Don Beyer Volvo is a well regarded dealership in the DC area, where Volvos are as popular as BMWs. DBV is rated highly for both sales and service. High quality, similarly sized loaners are generally available, especially with reservations. Loaners are usually new cars, with a few thousand miles, or recently introduced models, such as the redesigned XC70, or now, the XC60. The loaners are a marketing strategy.

    The first transmission was replaced at no cost during a recall; as was the second when the first one rapidly failed. After the second transmission was replaced I was told by my service manager that the real problem had been with the radiator (cooling system), not the transmission. The second time they replaced the radiator as well as the transmission, and indicated that they had this choice the first time, but did not want to do more than was necessary. I paid nothing for both repairs, and thought that the fact that my transmission had been replaced and the low miles on my car would bring me high blue book or above, should I decide to sell my car.

    Volvo later offered an extended warranty which expires soon. The warranty was a good investment, but did not cover the cost of repairs for replacing the leaking sunroof or drying out my car.

    After reading these posts, I am becoming more concerned that the transmission is not the only reason why Consumer Reports has placed the 2003-2007 XC90 on their list of used cars that should not be purchased if shopping in the range of $10,000 to $15,000 USD.

    Because I do not wish to have large expenses for a car that is 7 years old, I decided to sell it even before I read these posts. This was my second Volvo, having purchased a certified 2001 in 2003. I still own this car and have no plans to sell it in the foreseeable future.

    In 2007, I had a one car accident in my XC90. I recall putting the car in park, but did not engage the emergency brake. There were about $3000 USD in repairs, of which I paid $500 under my insurance policy. The accident was ruled by my highly regarded insurance company as driver error, because I could not provide legal proof that the car had slipped out of gear. The next time the car was serviced, I reported the possible slippage to my service adviser who agreed with me that I would have no way to show the possibility that the transmission had malfunctioned. The $500 deductible, and higher rates for insurance have been additional costs of driving this car, but my injuries were minor, and could have been much worse.

    The car fax report shows that there was an accident, not that it was body damage at 5 mph or less. For another cosmetic repair that would cost $2,000, but which does not affect appearance or drivability, I was advised to deduct an additional $500. Even with the receipt from the body shop, I was offered less than low bluebook by a Volvo dealership; I was offered mid bluebook by the dealership where I purchased it and where it is serviced, and could probably get more if I purchased a second Volvo. An independent foreign car service company provided an informal appraisal of $15,000.

    Now that I am ending the time period for the extended warranty, I am again having some of the same problems I had before the second and third transmissions were installed. The car sometimes will not start, perhaps a separate issue, and the steering wheel has locked, a simple fix. But there remain some strange sounds emanating from underneath the car. All in all, something unexplainable happens about once a week. The first time I took it into the dealership, a $100 computer analysis was performed at no cost and there were "no problems" with either the brakes or the transmission. I believe the issues I am experiencing may be related to a recently replaced fuel pump (?), again under warranty, with a $100 deductible.

    I would consider participating in a class action lawsuit, but do not expect to accomplish more than sending a message to Volvo and to others that the design and execution of the XC90 was not Volvo's best effort. They were the second or third to produce an SUV like this, and newer models (2008 and newer) compete well with the Acura MDX, for slightly less money for the same safety and other high tech features.

    Volvo has been responsive to requests from Don Beyer Volvo to cover repairs that are arguably covered by the extended warranty. Occasionally I receive coupons via email or internet that cut the costs of the oil changes in half. (In addition to premium gas, the Volvo XC90 requires oil changes twice as the same age Acura MDX. ) So my experience with the company, as represented by Don Beyer Volvo of Falls Church, has been favorable -- more favorable than any other dealership for sales or service, including the ones I am contacting now about replacement vehicles, other than a Volvo.

    Regarding the change in ownership of Volvo since 2003, when I purchased my first Volvo, this has not been a problem from the standpoint of service or sales, based on my own observation and the reports of Volvo employees. I recall that the XC90 was manufactured in North America, and the XC60 I am considering is manufactured in Sweden. In fact, I was pleased to introduce two new drivers to the dealer ship in order that they might attempt to find the same level of service in other parts of the country.

    New and used car sales persons at Acura and Volvo have advised me to make a decision about a vehicle to replace my XC90 sooner rather than later, because all car manufacturers depend to a certain extent on parts that may be difficult to obtain because of the tragic events in Japan. The effect of this tragedy on the supply chain is difficult to predict at this time.

    I appreciate the time everyone has taken to share concerns, and hope that this post is helpful. Yes, this has been one of the most expensive cars I have driven, given the purchase price, premium gasoline, frequent oil changes, regular maintenance, and repairs -- but it has been one of the safest, other than a Chevy Suburban, and most rewarding, other than....well, my other Volvo.
  • tradez25tradez25 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your posts. My xc90 2004 has 99,250 miles on it, and the transmisson service urgent light just came on. should i bring it to my local dealer first, or call customer service first? totally freaking out....thanks
  • tradez25tradez25 Posts: 2
    Just picked up my 2004 xc90 from Stillman Auto. My car had 99,984 miles and Volvo replaced my transmission for free. They also gave me a free loaner car. I was afraid that I would have to pay out big money, but they took care of everything, and never once tried to get any money out of me. I didn't even have to bring up the class action suit. The magic number seems to be 100,000 miles or less...i was saved by 16 miles!! Thanks Volvo..very happy!!
  • trouble18trouble18 Posts: 1
    just purchased a 2004 xc90 from dealer lot- transmision serv lgt came on after one day- been back to dealer twice still coming on- he says he will fix - i asked if he was sure it was not transmission- he said yes- what is the deal with a class action suit regarding the transmissions in this unit?
  • smokin6smokin6 Posts: 9
    I would take thwe care to the dealer and ask a few questions. 1). How many transmissions have been put in this car? 2). Is this a gm transmission? If the answer he gives you is that this is not the original or that it was replaced with a gm part-I would ask for my money back ASAP. Make sure your car has less than 100,000 miles on it. If so, you have a great chance that they will fix it at no cost to you. If you need more help please email. Is your car a T6 if so you might have a problem if not you may be ok. Good luck.
  • gerri2gerri2 Posts: 1
    This is interesting. I have just found out my 2004 XC90 needs a new transmission. I have asked my volvo dealer check with the factory to see if I can get this replaced after reading this and the class action.
    Is there anything else I can do to support this claim.
  • smokin6smokin6 Posts: 9
    If you can explain your specifics I can try to help. Volvo is very picky as to who they help. They have no set parameters as it is a moving target. I would be happy to help you get what you can out of them. You can email me directly if you would like--
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You can mark your email "public" in your Profile and members can reach you that way. That feature has been a bit buggy this week so shoot us an email if it doesn't work for you.
  • csilaccicsilacci Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    My transmission just failed for the 2nd time. I just finished driving the car to the dealership and leaving it there after hours. I'll know more tomorrow. The first trans went out at 43K miles and was under warranty. My car now has 94K. It is not driven hard and this is the 2nd time. It is ridiculous. Let's hope my dealership stands behind their work.
  • rdeansrdeans Posts: 3
    i just wanted to post and let you all know my experience. my transmission failed around 48k the first time (in the middle of a busy intersection, with my newborn and 2-yr old in the car to boot). this past weekend it failed again at 99k and i spent HOURS reading this thread, fearing the worst. my car is out of warranty and i have not gone to the volvo dealership since 2007 when my warranty expired so my history with them is older (i use a shop closer to my house now). they looked up my old transmission problem and saw that i have already been through this. once my car was towed there they checked it out and saw right away that it was obviously totally shot. i mentioned when i called to inform them it was on its way that i knew there were several class action suits and that this was an ongoing issue but that was really all i ever said. the man i dealt with said he couldn't know what the next step would be until he got in touch with volvo. they called me back the next day letting me know that they had submitted a prior authorization to volvo to get them to pay for the transmission and that i should hear the next day one way or another. they called me today and they will be paying for the new transmission at 100% coverage, and i honestly didn't have to do anything to get them to do this (not even be a regular at this location). there was another minor issue with a leaking valve that they said they could repair while they were in there which i'll be paying for but the transmission, the issue that is clearly plaguing most of us on this thread, was covered. i dealt with farrell volvo in southborough, ma, for anyone local. i have to say, i was beyond nervous waiting for the call, especially after reading these horror stories, but maybe they're playing a bit nicer these days. i'm thrilled with the way it was handled (and less than thrilled that this is even an issue for those of us who spent major bucks on these cars) so i hope it goes the same for you all. best of luck to everyone else, i know what a nightmare this can be! :)
  • mwandersonmwanderson Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2004 XC90 T6 new from Lyle Pearson Volvo in Boise, Idaho. At just over 60,000 miles the Transmission Service Urgent message came up. I contacted Matt, a service writer at Lyle Pearson to arrange diagnostics and delivered the car on May 16, 2011. I was advised on May 17th by Matt that Volvo and Lyle Pearson would cover 100% of cost of replacement. Matt called early the next week to advise that the work was nearing completion, and called again on May 25th to let me know it was ready.

    The no charge invoice stated "The factory warranty on these components has expired. Assistance has been provided as a one-time Goodwill gesture by Volvo Cars North America and Lyle Pearson Company in the interest of customer satisfaction and owner loyalty." Not only did they replace the transmission, radiator, oil cooler and associated lines, they also cleaned the car completely and detailed the engine compartment.

    This is the way I run my business, and I am very pleased to report that both Volvo Cars North America and Lyle Pearson have dealt with this unfortunate and very expensive issue with honor and grace.
  • smokin6smokin6 Posts: 9
    Glad to hear that they are fixing the problem. This is exactly what I said would happen. Your car failed at the point most other cars failed--just at or over 60,000 miles. Since the pressure has been put on volvo to fix it they have gone to an unwritten policy of cars under 100,000 miles( funny how that matches the competition) and the new fix is to replace the cooler lines radiator, and put an trany in made in china. I would make sure this was done to your car. Remember that I have been through their learning curve and have had three tranys in may car all failed at the 60,000 mile mark. When the class action suit becomes a reality I will then get may peace of mind that Volvo was forced to do the right thing. It is a shame that they will not do on their own.
  • twixieslctwixieslc Posts: 1
    I just purchased a used 2004 XC90 T6 with 90,256 miles (obviously before seeing all of these messages re failed transmissions). I drove it away from the used car dealership on Tuesday evening (5/24/2011) and drove it approximately 100 miles. On Friday, 5/27/2011, I was left stranded on the side of the road, because the transmission locked up and all of the transmission fluid was all over the road. :cry: I do have a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty, but that will only cover $1,000. The dealership where I purchased has pretty much told me... "good luck with that". I would very much appreciate any suggestions for what my next steps should be when I start making calls after the holiday weekend. Call the local Volvo dealer... demand more from the used car dealership where I purchased... use the $1,000 I do have in warranty, suck it up and then pay the rest (which I really hope is a last resort)... etc??
  • doidaredoidare Posts: 3
    Hi All, first I want to thank everyone for sharing all of their expeirences regarding the XC90 Transmission. Now I need your advice. I am looking to purchase a 2003 XC90 T6 with 91547 miles on it. After reading all these posts, I'm getting a little apprehensive about the purchase. What should be a red light to me is that the used car dealership that I was planning to purchase the vehicle from said the vehicle was at the Volvo Dealership getting serviced but would not tell me what kind of service. That was on Monday, it's now Wednesday and he was supposed to call me back when the vehicle was back at his dealership. Do I dare purchase this vehicle, they are asking $11,700 or do I save myself the aggravation?
  • sugreesugree Posts: 6
    Save yourself the aggravation. Plus you are paying way too much! I have a 2004 xc90 T6 and I was told that my year and model is selling for under $8000 at car auctions. Good Luck!!
  • doidaredoidare Posts: 3
    Thank you, that is all I needed to hear. I think I'm going to take your advice. I'm probably going to go with a 2003 Tahoe instead.
  • rdeansrdeans Posts: 3
    First off, that car is overpriced. When I looked up my 2004 with just a bit more miles I got back 9-10K at a dealer or 8-9k as a trade in. second, if you can get the price down and you can verify that it has a newer transmission (i think after 2008 but please don't quote me on that), i don't think you need to stay away from it. my original transmission failed in 2006 and the one they put in then failed last week (about 50k miles later). if you are looking at buying a 2003 with an original transmission or a replacement from the earlier years, my opinion is that you're buying a ticking time bomb. take it from someone who has been stranded in the middle of the road with a car full of kids TWICE.

    other than that though, i have to say, i really loved this car. it served my family really, really well and is, overall, a nice vehicle. best of luck!
  • deedevadeedeva Posts: 4
    edited June 2011
    My Transmission Service Urgent light came on at 73,000 miles in my 2004 XC90 T6 on Memorial Day weekend. We waited until Tuesday, and drove the car to Don Beyer Dulles in Virginia. They let us know 2 days later that the transmission had failed and needed to be replaced but we waited another 2 days before they confirmed that Volvo would cover the repairs. We picked my car up on Saturday, 5 days later. They replaced all necessary parts at no cost to us. My car had been washed and vacuumed as well. We did not have a loaner car, but we did not request one because we were nervous about what they would actually cover. We are pleased with the service Don Beyer provided in this case. However, we had a previous bad experience with this dealership providing service on a recall and had already decided we would not purchase another Volvo. This car was our second Volvo purchased through Don Beyer and the customer service has declined drastically since our first purchase. I am disappointed to see how little this car has retained its value.
  • rjmomrjmom Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 with 67,500 miles on it and experienced 3rd gear slipping, a knocking noise and the transmission urgent message last weekend while out of town. I immediately dropped the car off as soon as they could take it. Of course, the extended warrantee expired a year ago and I was given the news that the transmission was shot. I was asked to consent to a $240 diagnostic test to determine if metal shards were being sent through the system; radiator, etc. The service rep explained that he needed as much information of what else could be damaged to present a repair case to Volvo. He also said that if the test was not done, the new transmission could be jeopardized. The repair cost was amounting to $8,000. He told me not to worry, since I bought the pre-owned car from them and have had all required maintenance done on time, exclusively with their dealership. However, I was in complete shock and authorized the test. Volvo agreed to pay 100% of the transmission, radiator, parts, etc. I am grateful for the repair coverage (would not have been able to afford it otherwise), but disheartened with the product :cry:

    I now feel like requesting the diagnostic test to be covered, because this is entirely a Volvo manufacturing issue and I would guess Volvo would have had it performed regardless to protect their investment? Advice?
  • csilaccicsilacci Posts: 2
    I posted once before about my Volvo's transmission failing for the 2nd time. This time at 94K miles. It took over a week, but the Volvo warranty rep agreed to cover the cost of the $6K transmission. This is great as I wasn't prepared for that kind of expense. This is the second transmission in a vehicle that has had all it's required servicing and only has 94K miles. Though I have enjoyed the Volvo, I am not willing to continue to drive it knowing the transmission will fail again and that Volvo has not come up with a permanent fix. I've been fortunate that it did not fail in a dangerous situation or with my kids in the car.

    I am happy that they stood behind it but had my car had more than 100K miles, they might not have even though it is their faulty transmission.

    I will be getting rid of the car within the next 12 months.
  • srogalasrogala Posts: 3
    edited June 2011
    I've got a 2004 Volvo XC90 with 85,000 miles on it. The transmission went last week (it won't go forward, just in reverse) and the dealer in Dedham, MA is saying that it's going to cost $5200 to replace. If I'm reading this right, Volvo corporate is honoring no-cost replacements of these faulty transmissions? Transmissions going at 85,000 miles is a little ridiculous.

    Edit: Just to be clear, our's is not the T6 model. Are they only dealing with issues on the T6?
  • smokin6smokin6 Posts: 9
    You should be ok. The dealer is your biggest friend in dealing with the regional factory rep. You must stay on it and get them to do what they have done for many other people. Do not give up or give in--YOU MUST INSIST THEY FIX IT AT THE MFG. COST NOT YOURS. They will try to spin it--do not let this happen--the new unwritten policy is under 100,000 miles they fix for free--2003-2005 models xc90. good luck.
  • srogalasrogala Posts: 3
    Thanks, this is great news. I went to the dealership this morning. It turns out it actually is a T6. I brought up all of the issues with the transmission on this board and they said that they needed to do a little more work today and then they'd be sending the info to Volvo for a decision. The guy at the dealership said that Volvo "most likely" would pick up the tab for it. I'll keep on them though. I'm not sure they would have told me about this if I hadn't brought up what I found here in these forums, so thanks everybody!

  • rdeansrdeans Posts: 3
    Just in case something happens where they don't cover it (and I think they will), I brought mine in to Farrell Volvo in Southborough, MA which isn't too far from your dealership, all things considered. I worked with Alex in the service department there and although it took a few days to get an answer, my car was repaired for free. New transmission, new radiator, new hoses and lines...they did it all (my 3rd transmission too). Good luck in Dedham but if it doesn't work out, I would try your luck in Southborough.
  • jimddijimddi Posts: 11
    You need to fight it. Stay tuned into this blog and see what Volvo is doing for others. You need to get tough!
  • breakthrubreakthru Posts: 1
    Hi there, i know this post is a bit old, but i have just had the same problem. We had our transmission fixed, then shortly after we had an oil leak. Then the coolant light began to turn on.

    We brought it back and they are charging us $4K to fix it! Can you tell us your experience with the end result?
  • srogalasrogala Posts: 3
    Just got a call from the dealer - Volvo's picking up the entire bill for the transmission! Thanks to everybody on this thread, if I hadn't found this I'm not sure the dealer would have brought the issue to my attention. This is a huge relief, as I'm sure you can imagine!

  • 6-19-2011
    Taking a drive in my 2004 XC90 on fathers day and the transmission light comes on.
    Car has 124,000 miles. Is there a chance that I can get Volvo to cover cost?
    Any suggestions on how to proceed with the dealer. I have not called them yet.
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