Buick Rendezvous Start Stall and Idle Problems

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I have a 2002 buick rendezvous and when you turn the ignition switch to the start position the starter clicks and the gauges and radio and lights on dash loose power and it takes a few seconds to reset and then if you do it a couple more times it takes about 5 minutes to reset what would cause this


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    I have had this same problem in the last 2 1/2 years on my 02 Rendezvous 4 times!! It's in the shop AGAIN (today) for the same thing!! What causes this is poor manufacturing on the part of GM - because this car is a :lemon: Get rid of it NOW if you can!!
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    I have a similar problem and it surfaced yesterday. My car was working fine till yesterday evening later in the night when I tried to turn it on at that time car did not start and there was some noise coming from the dash board. Now when I insert the key and rotate it NOTHING happens. No lights no reaction at all....can you tell me what was the outcome of your issue? as mine sounds similar to urs.

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    So saturday morning i started up my 04 Buick Rendezvous and the idle was about 2000rpms at Park and drive. It took alot of pressure to slow and stop the car and surged off the line as soon as the brake was let go. In netural it would jump to 3000. while driving it will stay about 1700-2000rpms.

    I replaced the air filter and the RPM's went down to 700-800 in all gears. That last until tuesday and now it's back up to the saturday problem.

    On saturday i took off the mass air flow assembly and it looked very clean and so did the throttle body.

    I did notice that the PCV valve had oil on it?? Is that normal. I wiped it off, it still has a lot of suction. My cheaper fix is to replace the throttle position sensor $35 at autozone, instead of the $100 for the Mass Air Flow assembly.

    Any advice is welcome.
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    I have had the same engine stall problem with my 2006 RDV since May (2008) (it's now July 28 2008. It happened twice in May, so we unfortunately were too scared to drive it to North Carolina on vacation for fear it would happen again. It just happened again this past Friday afternoon, so I took it right in to the dealership. The first two times they couldn't find anything wrong with it. They had it for 2 days the 1st time and 5 days the 2nd time, but couldn't find anything and couldn't get it to happen again for them.

    Thinking back, each time it stalls, I am going at a slower speed of either turning a corner, or just putting along in rush hour traffic, or even slowing down for a stop light. Luckily, I'm able to get it started again and get to a safe place. The last time I was able to restart it a couple of times in order to get it to a partking lot and call the tow truck. I was afraid I would either be on the highway or in a lot of traffic and would cause an accident if I didn't get out of the way.

    Right now they've had it for 3 days and so far can't find anything wrong with it. The one thing that really made me mad is that I had to call them to get an update because I hadn't heard a word from the maintence dept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel that this is very poor service, and I will be complaining to the management!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lemon: :mad:
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    I am going through the same thing with my 04 Rendezvous. It is a very intermittent problem. Had almost 100,000 on it when the problem started. This is the only grief the car has given me. Very reliable and gets 23mpg on the hiway.

    Did you fix your problem and if so, how???
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    Hey, I have the same problem with my 2003. It only occurs if the engine is hot or the car has been running. If i turn off the engine, I can start it, but it will quickly stall on me. It seems that this is the same problem that many of you have. Has anyone found anyways to correct it? I took it to the dealership twice and they haven't been able to find whats wrong.

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    Update -- not long after making my post regarding my 2006 Buick RDV, the dealership mechanics ended up replacing the "fuse block". It was there another week before they decided that the was problem. They could never get it to stall on them so that they could see the problem.

    We had it up until 10/1/08, and we got a great deal on a new Ford Taurus X (their new crossover), and I love it. My lease wasn't up until March 2009, but they bought out my lease, and I still got a great price for all of the options I wanted.

    The Buick was very reliable for almost all of the 2.5 years that I had it, so I wouldn't comdemn it, but all I can say is thank goodness for warranties!!!!!!!!!
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    I had 2 yrs of issues and intermitten problems - Turning it on and it craked but would not start and one time it stalled at 75mph on the Free way - very bad.

    Was in one shop three times and finally replaced ignition module that helped, but then it happened again and they could not find a problem.

    Past summer it would not start - ended up being the Fuel pump 40, 000 miles on the car.

    So i'm thinking was it really a bad fuel pump for the past 3 yrs I had it.

    So maybe its your fuel pump too.

    By the way, the fuel pump has been modified since production so the dealer had to get the part from GM.

    Another thing it always turned slow - replaced the battery - much better now

    Good luck.
  • spike99spike99 Member Posts: 239
    For hard starts or unable to start when warm / hot, surf:

    http://free-auto-repair-advice.blogspot.com/2007/08/fix-gm-minivans-with-hard-st- art-no.html

    Hope this helps...

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    Hi I have a 2004 Buick Rendezvous, I have to hold gas pedal partway down to start hot or cold engine most of the time it stalls, but if I keep the RPM's up and start driving it run's great, but sometimes slowing down for a stop it stalls. It has been to dealer about 6 times they replaced fuel injectors twice, removed and cleaned gas tank, did throttle body flush etc. I'm out of warranty about 106,000 miles been a problem for about 3 years. Also speedometer recently started reading 50 mph over actual speed, can reset by turning ignition on and off about 20 times.
    Please help Thankyou Jeff
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    I have a similar problem. When it is hot outside and the car has been running if I shut it off it wont start. Did you find a remedy for your problem?
  • clarkamericanclarkamerican Member Posts: 4
    I had a similar problem. I took oof my groung wire and cleaned the terminals with a wire brush and it started for a year or so. Then had to repeat the process. You could also try wiggling the battery terminals.
  • 1wildpete1wildpete Member Posts: 25
    have encountered the same problem with grounds on AC and heater fan motors, good to keep them clean also.

    Also because of electrical requirements of todays cars, the battery has to be at its peak.

    When the engine seems to turn over slow check the battery - Walmart will do it for free

    Can u tell me what ground u cleaned on your buick? location etc.

    Ok thanks
  • 1wildpete1wildpete Member Posts: 25
    Could u please give me a more exact location of this connector and maybe the name of it.?

  • clarkamericanclarkamerican Member Posts: 4
    I finally found out what was the problem. It was my fuel pressure regulator. The part sells for about 45$ if you shop around and labor is about an hour.
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    Had the same problem on my 2005. Took it in and had a diagnostic don and the code read bad throttle sensor. But it was actually the Idle Air Control Valve that sits inside the throttle and is attached to the throttle sensor. Found mine a NAPA Auto parts for $35-$80 bucks and have had no problem since
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    i have the problem of my 2002 not restarting on warm days. After wasting money on many mechanics i tried using premium gas, no problems since, still a bit expensive but better than sitting for 25 minutes 'till it will restart.
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    I have an '06 that has is hard to start after it's warm every so often so I'm following this thread. It seems like the solutions are all over the map instead of one fix for everybody. I'm curious if anybody can confirm success with the link in one of the previous posts about a corroded connector on the floor behind the driver's seat. That seems like more of a known GM fix as opposed to the shotgun solutions in most of the other answers. Anybody confirm they've had that fix done?

    EDIT: Found this link which should be interesting to RDV owners:

    C-305 Ectomy on Pontiac Aztek

    Or, search for "C-305 Ectomy". This has photos of the connectors that get corroded. Some lines to the fuel pump go through these connectors so the corrosion has caused stalling. This particular guy just removed those connectors which go through the floor and hard-wired the connections.
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    I agree with you the problems all over the place and is not one thing and different for where vechicles were manufacture and year of car.

    Its a case of using poor quality parts.

    Currently i start my car with remote if i can not do it with key.

    " REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR KEYS AWAY FROM ANY TRANSMITTER OR MAGNETS, I was told this by mechanic because of the chip in it.

    Just pray the car starts, i had a Buick century for 16 yrs with no issues, except wearing out the key.

    Good Luck.
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    I believe the hot start issue for the most part is different then the C-305 issues and can happen without this connection being involved. My experiance with the hot-start (on the Pontiac version) is the more time you try and restart, this worse it seems to be. For me if it doesn't start the first time I just hold it in start position much longer the second time and I listen to ensure its started before releasing key.
  • dcsforumdcsforum Member Posts: 2
    Well, that's interesting. The only problem I have experienced is a "hot start" problem where it requires extra cranking and/or stalls if you try to start it when it's hot...like when you're out running errands and making multiple stops. My wife has experienced it more than me so I was trying to be proactive about seeing what was out on the internet about it before it got any worse. I've told her to open the door when she restarts it so she can be sure that the engine has started before she releases the key. Our Buick is so quiet inside that it's actually not easy to hear the engine start...especially with 2 kids in the car babbling.
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    I have a 2004 buick rendezvous which quit running. Discovered a blown electric engine fuse which is #13 in engine compartment fuse box. I replaced it and it blew again as soon as I turned key to start position. I replaced the ignition relay, did not work. Any ideas, can't figure it out?
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    Have read a lot about different stalling/idle problems. Just looking for any more info before I spend more than the car is worth in repairs. It seems to have only stalled when slowing and turning or at low idle. When parked idle will bounce from 500-1000 then eventually stall - leaving a strong gas or sulpher like smell. Codes read misfire. Replaced plugs & wires already. Tried a fuel additive of course that didn't do anything. Also can crank excessively when starting sometimes before firing. This is my wifes driver only 75K. We have liked it overall but I can't have this thing decide to stall out at 70 mph on the highway with my kids in the car.
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    After much frustration I decided to throw myself at your mercy and ask for some flat out solid advice.

    My '03 is currently sitting at the dealership trying to be diagnosed. What is really frustrating is that they had the vehicle at the shop on Saturday and it wasn't starting but because they were so "busy" they didn't throw it on a machine and diagnosis despite the fact that I said it usually resolved itself and might possibly start right up if they let it sit there too long...I'm feeling a bit like the didn't want to listen to me because I'm a "dumb girl". So I called today to find out how they were progressing and....low and behold - it started right up - and has been running fine "all morning" despite being turned on and off after running.

    Today I did something a little different and confronted the service manager with my arsenal of knowledge on this issue. He was slightly defensive because "the issue is all over the internet because only people who have the problem are complaining", honey, there are a lot of people complaining about this SAME issue! We talked for a while and after telling him AGAIN how the problem ususally arises he does seem to think it's the fuel pump, but he doesn't want to throw darts at a board and hope we're right - he's pushing for the vehicle to have the problem so they can know for sure.

    Having said that I have already had the "bulk head connector" or corroded piece on the passenger floor replaced once (to the tune of $300 I believe). They checked it this time and there was a little white stuff but not the usual "green" they're used to. If the vehicle is still having the problem and that isn't the issue - can I contact Buick and ask to be reimbursed for this apparently "unnecessary" repair? The other part is that he's concerned about the expense of replacing the fuel pump. Am I crazy or did I just find it online for $250 - what should I be paying for this and why would it be more (other than the obvious labor costs). Does this repair needed to be done by the dealer or can I have a local mechanic replace - particularly if it's cheaper?

    There's a possibility the fuel pump might not be the issue so if I decide to have the pump replaced I'm SURE they're not going to compensate me if I come back with this problem later. I honestly feel that this issue is related to the vehicle not getting gas and do not want to go with the "module" replacement he quickly glazed over while we were talking - this definitely isn't coming off as "electrical".

    I appreciate your time in reading this and any feedback/advice you can give.

  • 1wildpete1wildpete Member Posts: 25
    Its very possible with 75k its the fuel pump. It cost me $400 for replacement.

    THe pumps do not just stop, they have intermitten electrical failure as they are like any other motors. So they stop, then start, some times when driving at high speed u feel like the engines stopped and then it picks up again, car kinda stalls.
    But the motor pump will completely fail and ur stuck.

    Its easy for the shop to say it dead only if the mottor fails.

    Had one fail while getting new muffler, as the car was being backed out - That was $400.

    MY rendovue went in Drivway - $600 repair.

    Good luck.
  • 1packerfan1packerfan Member Posts: 3
    It does make sense that it could be the fuel pump as every "Big 3" truck I've owned has had the fuel pump die around 80k. But those just died without warning. I've had the rendezvous in the 4th time now. All they get on codes is "misfire". Their latest diagnosis is that my power steering pump is leaking onto my belt and being splattered on the "crank sensor which is 1. making the car crank extra when starting, 2. causing my idle to bounce up and down (200-750 rpms) and stalling out intermittently expecially when turning sharply. HMMM. Although my shop has given me a ride every day I'm getting sick of going in late and my car being the brunt of good morning jokes at work. I would love to see a car company that would at least cover crappy parts that were found faulty but thats the only way any of them stay alive is to make more crappy parts for their crappy (yet overpriced) autos. Sorry had to vent their. Keep on posting more info the better.
  • 1wildpete1wildpete Member Posts: 25
    Here is some of what i went thru so far.

    1. MY vecihle vin numbers was not part of recall - LOL
    2. Problem never showed on Computer. - Thats when one Buick dealer knew to replace the recalled parts, LOL, Im sure there are faulty parts that get out.
    3. If t he car does not start with key, try the keyless one, if so equiped - I do this all the time.
    4. Had the rt front wheel bearing go. 1 yr later the left went, no computer code came up, but was so loud i had to turn radio up because i was 100 miles away from home.
    5. Had replace all the tires because of uneven wear.
    6. Then the alignment was $80 - 4 wheel alignment.
    7. Remember there is a reader in the steering column that reads your chip in the key - Keep your keys away from magnets and do not use them scatch lottery ticket off. $200 to replace.
    8. Rear hatch strap broke off.
    9. Have had security light come on, thank goodness it went out after parking in driveway.
    10. Have had entire dash go wacky.

    I have to stop now can not type crying and laughing at same time

    ps: only seasoned Buick Mechanic should work on these cars.', they are opened minded
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    Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so what was the outcome? I have a 2007 with the same issue. Help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks
  • 1wildpete1wildpete Member Posts: 25
    I have not had this problem, here are some suggestions.
    1. Have u replaced it and its blown again ? If not keep a spare on hand.
    2. Clean the battery terminals if they need it. Also i have connector from battery to another box connection, so try that.
    3. CK the voltage output from alt, believe this could cause it - IF you go to Walmart or Auto Zone, ask them to ck your battery, their test will show if their is an altnator problem.

    Good Luck
  • wally47wally47 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice it is appreciated. I will keep you posted on what is found

    Thanks again
  • pat_from_grovepat_from_grove Member Posts: 5
    Hi "bevh" and "rendezvous1":

    Have either one of you found the cause or solution to the high idle and too much power when driving problem? My 2003 Rendezvous with 95,000 miles is just starting to have the exact same phenomenon. Many thanks.
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    i have a 2004 rendezvous, it died on me driving 65mph on the highway. inital thought was the ingition madule for lack of spark. this did not fix the problem. the fuel guage read 1/4 of gas and the fuel pump sounded like it was working. upon further inspection the fuel tank was completely empty. the fuel sending unit (part of the furl pump) is bad. after replacing it everything working fine. please keep me posted if this did not work for you. thank you
  • pete130pete130 Member Posts: 1
    I have a Buick Rendezvous 2003. I couple of weeks the car started to idle. My wife told me about it a couple of weeks ago, but I did not believe her till a felt the problem myself.
    I was driving home and suddenly the card was idling high in the 2500 and 3000 rpm when should be in 2000 rpm. I took foot of the accelerator and the car was going and increasing the acceleration. Luckily I was home with the car at this point. I park the car with the idling high, then I put it in park the car started to increase the rpm up to 5000 rpm, when I decided to shut it off. I waited a minute then turn the car on and it was working fine for about a minute then it started to idle between 1500 and 2000 rpm.
    It had a whizzing noise. I took it to a mechanic and replaced the booster the whizzing went away. There was a leak in the booster changer.
    Today I was driving the car and I was noticing that the rpm are still oscillating when the car is parked.
    I don’t know what it could be. I just don’t want to drive this car and start happening what happen to the Toyota cars.
    Any ideas what it could be?
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    I have had that on my Pontiac version (twice so far). My mechanic suggested sticky throttle cable but blipping the gas pedal doesn't seem to help. Shutting off and restarting does seem to resovle it so it would tend to make me think about some electronic dodad (Idle air control?, Throttle position sensor?). Please let us know if you get an answer because it can be quite annoying.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252

    Please keep us posted when the issue has been taken care of.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • 1packerfan1packerfan Member Posts: 3
    It was the throttle position sensor. I had taken it into a Ford dealer of all places and they new right away when it had stumped everyone else. I think it's been a month or two now with no issues. The only thing I've noticed is once in a while it does "over crank" when starting every now and then but no stalling at all.
  • cat6meowcat6meow Member Posts: 1
    My 2003 rendezvous is having the same problem. My intake had a crack in it and got that replaced along with everything else that helps it.

    Were you able to get it fixed? What was the cause of the problem?

  • gedwardgedward Member Posts: 1
    Problem: Rend. jumps and hesitates -stalls on highway- we had the plugs and wires replaced and now is worse than before- drove it home- stalled in driveway and now won't run in DRIVE - RUNS WHEN IN REVERSE. I start it- it will start-the when put in drive-stalls. is sitting out in driveway right now.. that idiot light-CHECK ENGINE SOON doesn't come on either . Can anybody help????
  • queenbheatherqueenbheather Member Posts: 2
    Did you ever find out the problem?
  • jnawrockijnawrocki Member Posts: 2
    2004 RDV AWD automatic Intermittently will not start
    Does not spin starter
    Hold key in Start position, light switch on auto, lights dim like they do if you try to start in gear
    Still in start, every 7 seconds a relay clicks and the dash lights flash
    Still in start, drop the jack hard and the car begins to crank & starts (repeated 3 times)
  • rene15rene15 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Rendezvous, I detected a strong smell of gas and thought some must have spilled or maybe the cap wasn't on tight. That night driving home from work I still smelled gas and noticed the gauge was on E and fluctuating when I got home I called a mechanic and made an appt. for the next day. Monday I tried to start the car but it didn't want to start, it made me a little Leary to drive even if it would start so I had it towed. Gas rolled out from the back of the car to the front and left a pool.
    The mechanic found the lines all rotted and was told the parts are a national backorded item. I have been online and on the phone with Buick then GM since then it is now next Monday. GM customer service is sending documentation on to a "higher dept. in my district and I will hear from them in 1-2 business days! This is crazy!
  • jmleardjmleard Member Posts: 2
    I am at my whit's end. My Buick started randomly not-starting and now it has become more-so the norm than the exception. Sometimes it will start after about ten seconds and it has been up to 3 weeks before it will crank. Here is what is happening: When you put the key in the ignition cylinder, it recognizes the key, but when you turn the key, the guages bottom out and the lights dim like it is starting but the starter does not engage. You can hear relays click but those are the only signs of life. I originally thought it was the starter and replaced it but still have the problem. I don't want to take it to a mechanic and have them throw darts at the problem. Does anybody have an idea of what this is? I thought it was the PK3 but after installing a bypass, the problem persisted. Another thing is that ocassionally, the doors do not unlock when you put the transmission into park. Other times it will. I can change gears without applying the brake as well. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

  • deearldeearl Member Posts: 1
    Our 2006 Rendevous has intermittent problems of acting like it has incurred a Vapor Lock. We have replaced the fuel pump, a $500 plus repair. Well, the problem still occurs. Has anyone experienced the same problem and found a solution?
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    On this vehicle, possibly more prevelant then fuel pump failure is trouble with C305 connector. Google 'gm C305 connector' to find this and other issue it can cause.
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    May have to get the darts out for this one ;) . From the first symptoms you describe I was thinkng along the lines of battery cable problem perhaps.
    With the other things it may very well be elsewhere. There is a little gizmo buried in console area that is called the Brake Transaxle Shift Interlock. This works in conjunction with something in steering colum (near ignition switch) to ensure you can't start when in drive (it also communicates with BCM). This BCM involvement is also what unlocks the doors when in park.
    A quick easy thing to do might be to try a sort of BCM reset by removing fuse #28 (I believe that is the BCM one) in the underhood fuse box for about 30 seconds and then re-seating it. If this corrects anything it may lean towards BCM issue, If it does not do anything perhaps the BTSI is the issue. Good luck
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Were you working with a dealer regarding your concern? We would like to look into this further for you. Please feel free to contact Christina by email with more information and further assistance. Thank you in advance.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
  • jmleardjmleard Member Posts: 2
    I finally found out what it was. After months of searching in the wrong direction, i began to piece the puzzle together. I'm posting this hoping that someone else who has this problem can find the answer. It is really quite simple. Coming out of the transmission is a cluster of wires that goes directly to the computer. The wiring harness sits directly below the air intake and rubs it. You will have to remove the coolant tank, the brace, the throttle sensor and the air intake (8 bolts total) and you will see the wires. Remove the tape and if some of those wires are frayed, then there is the problem. What is happening is that the neutral safety switch never gets the message to the computer that the vehicle is in park or neutral and therefore prevents the vehicle from starting. $2.00 worth of wire connectors and some tape later and about a hour of taking parts off and putting them back on and it starts every time. Hope that helps!
  • rzandrzand Member Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 Buick Rendezvous with 140k miles on it. The car runs well; however, we occasionally face a problem with the car. This issue generally occurs after driving on warm days (mostly hot days 80F +). If we stop somewhere and wants to restart the car, it cranks but does not start. Once the car sits for 25-60 minutes, it will start. There are no codes when this occurs and the dealer cannot seem to find a problem without a code. the issue has begun 4 years ago and now is getting more frequent. Any help is appreciated.
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    This sounds like 'hot' start problem that happens when vehicle is shut off for only a few minutes, then fails to fire up on restart. The only solution I know of is to hold key in start position for longer until it fires, for me the more times you try it, the harder it is to start, so the second attempt I hold it start position quite a while.
  • roaddaisyroaddaisy Member Posts: 2
    Appx. 2 years ago the RDV began to be hard to start. Turned over ok but would stumble and act like it's starting but dies after letting off the starter switch. Happened after the car was warm and was intermittent. Has steadily gotten worse but I finally found the problem. I remembered a throttle body problem with another vehicle so looked at the RDV's and there was significant buildup on the backside of the throttle plate. Cleaned it by holding the valve open & wiping the backside with a rag soaked in carb cleaner. Did this about a month ago and haven't had a problem since.
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