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I bought an '05 Tahoe last month. Dealer told me the factory warranty ran out 4/29/08. He said to give him a call before it ran out so I could price what an extended warranty would cost. I thought the old rule of thumb was not to buy an extended warranty as they are usually not worth it. Here is my question, does GM offer an extended warranty that is identical or close to factory? Any thoughts on how much it costs? Any other experiences or comments are welcome.



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    nc5 said: I thought the old rule of thumb was not to buy an extended warranty as they are usually not worth it.
    The old rule may not apply anymore. Nowdays GM vehicles such as Suburbans/Tahoes have fuel pumps that fail at low mileage and the replacement cost is close to $1,000. Transmissions that used to go for 150K miles are failing at 75K miles and less. Etc, etc. And it depends on how long and how many miles you are going to drive the vehicle. If you are planning on keeping it for another 3 to 5 years the warranty may turn out to be a good value.
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    Not sure if it is too late...just checked and the statement I was thinking about said that if you already have GMPP (GM Protection Plan) and have at least 2 months and 2000 miles remaining, you can extend your coverage. So, if you are under the original factory warranty, you should be able to purchase GMPP, Major guard is the best coverage.

    Check with www.gmoutlet.com You should be able to get pricing for your Tahoe at this site. It is a dealer in Pa that sells GM Protection plans at a discount. You could use a quote from them to negotiate with your dealer. Depending on where you live, you may also be able to save sales tax if you purchase out of state...example, I am in Tenn. with 9.25% sales tax if I buy from my local dealer. Ordering from gmoutlet.com or another web seller would save that sales tax. But if you can get the dealer down to close to the discounted price you might not mind a few $ more as long as they are reasonable.

    You can go up to 7 years, 100,000 miles on the GMPP plans... Look at these plans as insurance...hope you don't need them, but ....
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