Does FJ Air Dam Help Fuel Mileage vs Just The OEM Roof Jack

mwhunter1mwhunter1 Member Posts: 5
I've seen several posts on these forums that talk about the FJ's roof rack knocking off as much as 2mpg. I can understand the drag factor due to the design of the rack, but then I see the 2008's have what appears to be a new "Off Road Lights With Air Dam" option. It would seem to make sense that the addition of the roof rack with the air dam/lights set up would help airflow over a otherwise chunk of tubular metal parked on your roof.

Has anyone had the air dam/lights option installed and then seen any difference in their mpg vs the install of the standard roof rack ~ or am I just dreaming?


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    While waiting for responses from other FJ owners, check out We Test the Tips Part II.

    "Adding a roof rack (cross rails) and driving with cruise control at 65 mph caused a 1 percent loss in fuel economy than driving at the same speed without cross rails."
  • shoozieshoozie Member Posts: 4
    Have the Air Dam with light kit on order. I'll let ya'll know. I can't imagine it wouldn't help MPG> All I can say is that for as much as it cost, IT BETTER!
  • bmceachenbmceachen Member Posts: 1
    Hey Shoosie. What did you find out on your mileage? Thanks. Bob
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