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Honda Accord Coupe Wheel Vibration



  • lorna3lorna3 Posts: 11
    Hello...I have had my 2012 Honda Accord in the shop numerous times. Same issue for me ( constant shimmy ) at 65 mph. Now, it is wobbling with certain road conditions. I have filed with the NTSHA, and am now working with a local attorney ( lemon law ). It is very frustrating. Honda MFG has done nothing. The dealer can only do what they tell them. I do not feel safe driving this car, I avoid the highway as much as possible. I am hoping with enough complaints the MFG will recall all these vheicles. I want them to take the car back, and refund all the money I have spent over the past year...and I am only leasing the vehicle!
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Here's a link to the file a report with the NHTSA:

    File a Safety Complaint

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  • Have owned the 2012 accord sedan exl for 1 month. It has been in for service for vibration 3 times already. They replaced all 4 tires, and rebalanced them using some special equipment that another dealership had. It helped the give the car a smoother drive as far as feeling the bumps, but I still feel the vibration at times in the steering wheel, the seat, and the accelerator, especially at 65mph. It also drifts to the left at times. There is an arbitration process with Honda that I'm going to pursue. I want my money back and to start all over, not with a Honda though!
  • Can you tell me what the arbitration process is or where I can find out about it?
  • lorna3lorna3 Posts: 11
    Good morning,
    I am seeking advice from a local Lemon Law Attorney, and he advised me to file complaint with the Better Business Bureau ( Auto Line ). The attorney has my file as well.
    I have filled out all the necessary paperwork, along with complaint with NHTSA. I am hopefull that Honda takes my car back, and refunds all I have spent so far. I have the exact issues as you. If unable to settle through BBB, then I will procede with the next step. Take action against Honda. I am in this for the long haul. It has been since April 2012, not giving up yet!
    Best wishes to you.
  • I called the NHTSA and according to them, they only have 11 complaints about this shimmy. I can hardly believe this is true but if so, everyone needs to keep calling and writing. Don't know if it will ever do any good but we have to keep trying.
  • Hi guys/girls,
    I have the exact same issue with my Honda Accord Coupe 2011 (hfp)...I live in Canada, and I use the car a choice, I live far from work, and so far, in a year and a half, I went through 45000 frustrating KMs...

    I had the tires balanced at least 5 times (I paid for it...), the dealer does not accept this as an issue...for them, it has to be a tire issue...they refuse to put new tires on my car, and I am not sure if it is worth it to buy new tires...'cause from what I read here, it won't change a thing...

    I wanted to know if you guys had any updates on Honda and what they plan to do with this issue (or if they plan to do anything at all...)...

    This is my first I went out big and got the most expensive one...but honestly...for that price, this is garbage...this is the first and last time I (or anybody I know) buy a Honda.

    I want to trade it in, but I will lose a lot of money (I bought it - Financing)...
    This is really frustrating...I do not enjoy driving anymore, and I don't know what to do with this car anymore...I just want to burn it and dump it somewhere...

    No more [non-permissible content removed] cars!! (but I must admit the Camry is pretty attractive - and insanely SMOOTH!!! Not like this garbage they call a car...)
  • lorna3lorna3 Posts: 11
    Have you tried filing a report with the BBB AutoLine? It is a long process, I started last summer....still going on. But have alot of faith, and hopefully it will turn out well for our family. I will never purchase another Honda, it's really too bad they used to be great cars. Best of luck!
  • My Accord's vibration problem started after buying new tires/ Goodyear Assurance. The old Dunlop 7000s never had a problem. Tire Rack advised me to take the car to a tire store with a Hunter GSP machine for a "Road Force Balance." Has anyone tried this? Thanks.
  • My car has had numerous alignments and HRF balances with no change. The only thing that has helped was to add two to three more psi in each tire. Somewhere I read that this issue is caused by a thermal breakdown of the ball joints. I say this because MOOG parts has a problem solver ball joint listed for the accord on their website.
  • Thanks for responding. The road force balance did not work. Tire Rack exchanged the Good Years for Dunlop 7000s (which came standard on the car). I had the Dunlops installed this past Friday- the vibration lessened significantly, but did not go away.
  • I have owned two 2012 Accord Coupes (1 v6 manual 1 4cyl auto). Both had this problem. I traded the 6 for the 4 and drove three cars buying the one with the least vibration.

    I have a short term fix. I raised the air pressure to 35lbs and had the dealer re road force balance all four tires. The problem isn't gone 100% but it drives like a completely different car.

    Good luck
  • The fix was the change in air pressure. My car calls for 32lbs. By raising to 35lbs the problem was greatly reduced
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    I buy my tires at dt. After my prev rotation 6100 miles ago, I felt a slight vibration at 65 mph. Took the car back to dt for a re balance of front tires. Got it back and it's still vibrating. I wait till my most recent rotation and when they rotated the fronts to the back,vibration gone! So,the problem is with the wheels that just rotated to the back,right? Take the car to my Honda dealer and have them check the balance and they are way out of balance! They re balance them at 2x $12=$24.
  • I have had two 2012's. One v6 one 4cyl. Both had the problem

    Monday I had the dealership raise the tire pressure from 32 to 35 and road force balance all four. So far the problem is almost gone. I have a slight vibration at 65mph but not like before. It's almost like having a new car.
  • I have had two 2012 accords v6 and 4cyl. Both had the vibration. I read that if you take each tire from recommended 32lb to 35lb it makes the problem go away.

    I ad the dealership over inflate each tire to 35lb and road force balance each wheel. The problem is gone except for a slight vibration at 65mph. Before it was intermittent from 50mph up

    I actually don't hate the car anymore!
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