Transfer Case Problem on my '03 Liberty

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I just purchased a used '03 Liberty Limited and I have the following problem:
When the transfer case selector is set the forward most position (2H), the dash displays "Part Time." According the manual this message is only displayed when the selector is in 4H.
I have not been able to notice a difference in driving between the two settings, so I am not even sure if the change of the selector actually changes from 2H to 4H.
Please advise if this is normal, or if I have a problem here.


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    It appears, but I am not absolutely positive, that there are 3 transfers cases used in the Liberty. The following information appears to apply to all 3. The following discription is for transfer cases that have a full time position. If it is a transfer case that does not have a full time position then there appears to be 2 neutral positions and all position measures are the same - just a 2nd neutral where the full time position would be.

    DESCRIPTION (Position Sensor)
    The transfer case position sensor is an electronic device whose output can be interpreted to indicate the transfer case’s current operating mode. The sensor consists of a five position, resistive multiplexed circuit which returns a specific resistance value to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) for each transfer case operating mode. The sensor is located on the top of the transfer case, just left of the transfer case centerline and rides against the sector plate roostercomb (inside the transfer case, multiple levels). The PCM supplies 5VDC (+/-0.5V) to the sensor and monitors the return voltage to determine the sector plate, and therefore the transfer case, position.

    During normal vehicle operation, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) monitors the transfer case position sensor return voltage to determine the operating mode of the transfer case. Refer to the Operating Mode Versus Resistance table for the correct
    resistance for each position.

    1 2WD 1124-1243
    2 4WD PART TIME 650-719
    3 4WD FULL TIME 389-431
    4 NEUTRAL 199-221
    5 4WD LOW 57-64

    1 - POSITION 1 - 10mm ±0.5mm
    2 - POSITION 2 - 12mm ±0.5mm
    3 - POSITION 3 - 14mm ±0.5mm
    4 - POSITION 4 - 16mm ±0.5mm
    5 - POSITION 5 - 18mm ±0.5mm
    6 - POSITION 6 - 20mm±0.5mm - FULL EXTENSION (I assume when sensor is removed or not contacting the roostercomb)

    Aright, when the transfer case is shifted in to 4WD low the shift lever should be all the way back (and it should be adjustable to this position, probably where the cable hooks to the transfer case actuator or at the mounting bracket - don't know).

    Possibly what is happening is that when you shift the lever all the way forward the transfer case is shifting to 2WD high but not quite far enough to push the button all the way in on the position sensor to the number 1 position. The position sensor might not be turned all the way in and tight. Or it may be defective or the lever is out of adjustment.

    It is important to understand that the shift mechanism inside of the transfer case is spring loaded. This allows the driver to move the lever to a different position and the transfer case will shift later (instantly) when the shift parts line up. This might require having the steering wheel straight ahead and the drive train momentarily unloaded. Sometimes a light blip of the pedal to cause a little drive train lurch will cause the shift.

    If you experience drive line binding in 2WH or AWH when on dry pavement or a solid surface then you are in part-time and either your transfer case has not yet shifted or it is not going to shift. The locking positions of the internal shifter are determined by the detents on the roostercomb against the position sensor inside the transfer case and in practice cannot be out of position unless something is broken and that is very unlikely.
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    Well, my 2005 liberty just developed the part-time light problem,same as yours. Did you resolve your issue and if so how? I myself was leanig toward swapping out the transfer case position sensor.
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    Hey there I have an identical problem with my 03 liberty. Could you let me know how you solved the problem?'


    Jeff Richards
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