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2009 Toyota Corolla Navigation System

ranjitbhaskarranjitbhaskar Posts: 7
edited August 2014 in Toyota
I wish to buy the 2009 Toyota Corolla XLE. I'm hopelessly confused (after a lengthy R&D on the internet), whether to go for the JBL stereo option, or to go for the in dash navigation system. The thoughts I have are:

1. Is Toyota's navigation system good ? Can somebody write a short review for it ? I don't need any hi fi system, but I do want a system that's really useful. If this is as good as atleast a TomTom V3, then I would surely buy the XLE with the NAV option.

2. I haven't found a single review for this in the internet!! I find the amazing.

3. If I opt for the Nav system, I know I would have to forgo the JBL 6 disc audio system with 8 speaker. Is the audio system that comes with the NAV package good ? I admit that I'm no stereophile. But I do appreciate good music and the rest.

Can somebody please help me make up my mind ?

Thanks in advance, Ranjit


  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Might be an easy answer...Do you want bluetooth?

    If yes, you can't have the NAV system. If no, then you still have a delimma.
  • You are right! I didn't think of this. I guess I might as well forgo the bluetooth option, since I value the convenience of in dash navigation more than that (atleast in my opinion). Atleast I get a stereo system with the NAV option sans the CD changer, 2 speakers and the bluetooth as you rightly pointed out.

    To make a decision, I need to know whether the NAV system is good. Try as I might, I'm not able to find a single review on the internet. Don't know why people do not review these factory systems as you can find reviews for even a paper clip on the internet nowadays!
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I'm not sure, but the Corolla NAV system looks amazing similar to the Nissan Altima unit, with minor changes.

    If that is true, its probably supplied by the same manufacturer, with the same operating characteristics..

    I have an 08 Altima with NAV, and I like the unit. However, there are some options that are deactivated when the car is in motion, which can be a real pain (like, setting a destination, for example). If the Corolla is that way as well, and you want to set destinations on the fly, you might be better off with the better stereo and bluetooth, and use a Garmin add-on unit instead...

    I would suggest going to the dealer and driving one to find out, or, at least examine the operating manual.

    Don't know about Toyota, but Nissanusa will allow you to download operating manuals, which is what I did when I bought the car, so I could study them on my laptop when I had the time.

    Sorry I can't be of any more assistance....Good luck!!!
  • First of all let me thank you for your guidance. For all the prospective corolla buyers out there these are what I managed to get:

    1. The toyota NAV is a base feature-stripped version.
    2. It does not have voice recognition.
    3. It may not have many of the advanced features of a regular NAV system. (I need to look into this some more).
    4. It does not allow you to change your route while the car is in motion. This is irritating especially if you have a passenger riding with you who could do the operations.
    5. It does not offer blue tooth hands free calling.
    6. Can't be combined with the JBL audio system option.

    Overall the NAV system package does not justify the absence of:

    1. JBL premium audio system.
    2. 6 disc CD changer.
    3. 440 watt sound output.
    4. Blue tooth hands free calling with steering wheel controls.
    5. 8 Speakers as against 6 for the navigation system.

    I think I'm better off with a dash/windshield mounted NAV system. I'm sure this would help a lot of prospective corolla buyers.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Pretty much my thoughts as well. In my opinion, I doubt many Corollas will sell with this version NAV system, as it seems like a last-minute addition to the option list.

    It would be surprising if a better NAV system isn't offered in the near future, especially with gas prices increasing and more people looking at smaller cars with more equipment.

    Seems stupid to offer bluetooth or NAV, but not both...
  • I decided to not go for the NAV. I can install an excellent system for much cheaper, that'll play DVDs and bluetooth and all that good stuff. I had a feeling the stock one wouldn't be great.

    I didn't go for JBL either, because I'd rather handpick the speakers which go in my car, and IMO comes out cheaper to install a system myself.

    Otherwise, you can buy the parts, and an auto shop will install them for you for cheap, or just buy the system and installation from there. Goto a reputable place though. I like installing the stuff on my own (nice way to blow a few hours on a Saturday, and getting "intimate" with my baby)
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    I got the JBL. The 440 watt system is awesome as well as the hands free phone and satellite radio. Well worth the extra $1000.00
  • I purchased a Toyota 2009 Rav4 Limited on Nov 10, 2008 with the Toyota navigation system. When I came near my house, none of the streets east of the main highway (including my street) appeared on the navigation system. I could not even enter my home address. This is a college town with a population of about 50,000 and is about 200 years old. My particular neighborhood is over 15 years old and next to the university. By using the navigation arrows to move around on the screen, I was able to determine that an area roughly the shape of a triangle about 30 miles on each side was completely void of data. This includes half of another city that is larger than the one I live in, a fourth of a smaller city, and an entire Army base. All of this information is found on the navigation system in my Infiniti G35 and on my handheld Garmin. On November 11th I reported this problem to Bridgette at the Toyota Customer Experience number (800-331-4331). Toyota was able to reproduce my problem and agreed that the system was faulty and of no use to me. I was assured that they would call me back by the close of business the next day (Wednesday) with a resolution. After not receiving a call, I called back on Thursday and was told Bridgette would call be by close of business. This continued until Toyota finally called me on Wednesday November 19th. All that I had asked to resolve the problem was for Toyota to provide me at no cost the updates to the Toyota navigation system as they become available until my area is covered and purchase an aftermarket GPS system for me to use until it was corrected. Their only offer was a $250 credit for future Toyota parts and services!
    I refused the offer and I'm starting an arbitration process.

    Lessons learned:
    1) The Toyota navigation system has some serious flaws. Even if the area where you live is covered, what areas that you may want to visit or travel through are not covered?
    2) Even after admitting that the system does not work as expected (even older systems that I have used cover this area flawlessly), Toyota will not work with you to correct the problem So buyer beware!
  • I have a 09 Toyota Corolla S. I liked that it came standard with a 6 cd changer, xm sat. radio (even if I dion't really need it), bluetooth handsfree and jbl stereo (though just a 6-speaker system). I would like to upgrade to an in-dash navigation, keep the bluetooth and/or the xm satellite in case I do decide to continue subscription for those long interstate driving. Since I recon that the original Toyota system doesn't come with bluetooth, I was hoping for another product that would fit my dash. Also I loved that satellite radio can feed music info (singer/song title/album) which I think is available on standard radios from GM and luxury brands. I would like a unit that would provide me that same feature. Is there a system out there that is simply a plug-and-play so that I may consider installing it myself too?
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Well I can't help you with your substitutions but I can tell you I just love that JBL upgraded system. I also have it on my "09" XLE. The hands free blue tooth is a great convenience and safety item. Now that I have the XM satellite radio I don't know how I ever did without it. It's well worth the small yearly subscription I pay. The system just pumps out 400 watts of pure power that sounds exceptional. Why not just keep what you have as it is and just add an aftermarket portable GPS? That's a $1100.00 system you want to alter.
  • Thanks. I do like the JBL sound quality. In fact better than the last luxury car I drove which had a 10 speaker system. I know that an in-dash navi is actually more expensive to maintain and update. I do have a portable GPS and on my smart phone which knows more places. I'm just kinda clutter-free guy.
  • I am thinking to install a kenwood nav/dvd system but looking for a good dash kits that match the oem dash, anyone has an expereince with this? thanks
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