Chevrolet TrailBlazer Hoping to Save Gas!

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So I have a 07 TB with the 4.2L I6 (aka- gas hog!!!) I have been brain storming forever on how to save gas in it- just like everyone else. My dad and I came up with an idea, but dont know how it will work and was wondering if anyone could give me some input. The fan on the engine is ran by the engine (which uses gas), we were thinking of putting maybe two 12" electric fans in place of the existing fan. The fan that is there now uses alot of power and gas to run and cool the engine. Does anyone know about the sensors that may be in the coolant system or the fan system. I dont want to do all these modifications and then have some sort of strange sensor problem, seeing how the new engines have all sorts of electrical sensors and stuff. I just want to see if anyone thinks it is worth it is about a $200 fix!!!!!


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    I recommend you leave it alone. The Trailblazer uses an electrically controlled viscous fan clutch which is set up to be as effiecent as possible and still keep the coolant temperature under control. On the outset it may seem to make sense to use electric fans to save fuel, but you have to keep in mind that when the fans come on your putting a big load on the alternator which is also run off the engine.
    The best way to improve your fuel mileage is to back off on the accelerator. Try to accelerate smoothly up to the point that you get into 4th gear.
    Compared to many other mid size SUV's out there (in the same class) the I6 TB isn't that bad on fuel use.
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    Be glad it's not an SS. W/ the 6.oL engine, and AWD, we're getting 15 MPG on mixed street/road driving, but then again, ya can't compete with a Prius in one of these things! The only thing I've found for mileage is to keep your foot out of the pedal, and accelerate real easy of the line from stops. Also, stick with the gas reccomended, performance drops too much to save anything. Premium oils(synthetics) might help in efficiency, but not positive. Have fun. It could be worse; a older silverado w/ a big block engine drinks it like a power-mad senator!
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    Yeah no matter which way you look at it, unless your in a Prius these days, you spending alot on gas. My father has a Silverado 2007 5.3L and he gets better has mileage in his truck (he gets about 16-19 mpg). I get about 15 mpg average in my 4.2L inline 6. I did do one thing so far that has helped though. I put in EC3 spark plugs. they cost about $6.99 each. I do almost all city driving and I was getting about 13 mpg, now about 15 mpg in the city. But all in all your right, staying out of the gas pedal helps alot!!!! and your right it could be worse. But try those spark plugs if you can. I was also thinking about trying a cold air intake, or different tires. Anyways good luck to you!!!!! ;)
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