2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to Limited Upgrade

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I'm new to these forums, but I've got a question that lots of you can help me with. In a couple of weeks I'll be upgrading the exterior of my 2003 Grand Cherokee Laredo to look like a Grand Cherokee Limited. I'm sure that many of you guys are familiar with the Laredo's plastic bumpers, and the Limited's painted bumpers. I'd love to have the painted bumpers for my Laredo, but I'm having a problem. I just can't seem to find the parts I need. I can find front and back bumpers, but I can't find the side molding no matter how much searching I do.

It has to be possible to purchase these parts. I know that someone out there in the world has damaged the side molding on a 2003 Grand Cherokee Limited at one point or another and had it replaced.

Would someone please be kind enough to provide me with a link to a website that sells these parts? I would greatly appreciate it. I've searched everywhere I can think of, but I've had no luck. Please help me out...


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    Has anyone heard of this? I bought a beautiful 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited fully loaded w/the works...right down to the floormats. Only thing is, the signage...on the right rear of the vehicle, it states "Laredo" instead of "Limited". Anyone ever hear or seen such a thing? Now by no means am I complaining as this is an awesome vehicle, but I was just wondering if this has appeared anywhere else in the world.
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    My Jeep has 108K miles on it and I've had it serviced regulary. It began to hear a noise in the driver's side front end that sounds like a clunk when I stopped and turned the steering wheel to make a right turn. Now I hear it when I come to a stop, no turns needed. I took it to the dealer a couple times and they were not able to duplicate the noise I heard, so consequently no determination was made as to what the problem could be. The noise has become more frequent and I'm just afraid if this is not addressed I could be faced with a much larger repair bill if I let it go.
    Any insights?

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    check lower shock bolt make sure it is tight
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