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2008 and Later Ford Taurus / Mercury Sable Maintenance and Repair Forum



  • If you reset the gas mileage indicator with each fill up, it will indicate close to actual gas mileage for that tank of gas.
    This indicator gives average mileage since the last reset.
  • I recently had a couple of episodes with my 08 Mercury Sable which I thought might be of interest to owners of similar vehicles with this engine. I was far from home and stopped for gas. When I cranked up to leave, the engine would not respond to the accelerator. I eventually got the car to begin slowly moving and got out onto the street. A short distance later I stopped for a traffic light and had the same experience. A short distance later I pulled off and checked the transmission. The fluid level was on the full mark. After these two episodes, the car ran fine and made it home without further issues. Later I learned from a poster on another forum that these engines had issued with carbon build up in the throttle body which kept the throttle plate from completely closing, causing the throttle position sensor to send out crazy signals the caused problems such as I experience. He advised wiping clean the throttle body and plate every oil change and removing the throttle body for a thorough cleaning every 30K miles. When cleaning after removal it is important to keep the TPS which is attached to the TB on top so that none of the cleaning spray makes it way into the TPS. I removed mine and gave it a thorough cleaning. It has performed flawless since. I might also say the mine was very dirty and caked with carbon. It had 41K miles so I was late to the need for regular cleaning. Hope this information helps someone else.
  • I have a 2009 Ford Taurus with 33,000 miles on it. I have noticed that when the car reaches a point where the car bottoms out I hear a clunk. sometimes the noise sounds like a windshield cracking. I took the car to Reynolds Ford and they are telling me that the struts are bad. The car drives fine, passes the bounce test, tires are not cupped. I am wondering if the TSB fix would work. Any body have a clue?
  • If the dealer will replace the struts under warranty do that. Otherwise the TSB fix should work. It fixed my 2008 Sable.
  • Dealer is not cooperating. I have the miles left on the warantee it is the time. As far as I can tell time does not wear out a part! Thank you for the reply
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    My parents just spent $300 on the replacement strut. Their '08 Taurus had 47k miles on it. Two weeks later, the A/C Compressor had to be replaced at about $950. A bolt had sheared off or something like that, killing the compressor.

    Disappointing after 4 years of good service.
  • I know this is a little late in the discussion, but I own a 2009 Taurus Limited. I have had the struts replaced, sway bars replaced, and the nuts tightened on the assemblies on several occaisions. The "clunk" goes away for awhile, but then always comes back in a few months.

    I had the original dealer try to tell me it was normal. I really don't don't believe that at all.

    Can you tell me what TSB # you are referring to? What is the fix the TSB recommends?

  • For the TSB fix refer to page 6 of this forum. I have not tried it, but sounds like the Fpord service people do not know how to fix the problem. Good luck!
  • dmers1dmers1 Posts: 8
    edited October 2013
    Our 2008 Mercury Sable Premier has about 130K without much problem, except basic maintenance. I know we have version 1.0 MySync and it is very crude and slow.

    I feel Mulally is part of the problem. He refuses to open up to the upcoming Apple iOS 7 w/64 bit chip and keep the slow Microsoft system in the Ford/Lincoln cars. I think he is doing this in order to get a sweet deal from Microsoft as a new CEO. Or he is tech illiterate.

    Also, he could be using Garmin (with 1 lifetime upgrade fee) for GPS vs. the $200.00/year upgrade map DVDs that Ford currently uses.

    I also, am not a believer in Consumer Reports biased auto evaluations, though I do like to read the 5-8 year customer complaint summaries for each model to watch for trends in repairs and mechanical issues, as we keep our vehicles for quite a few years.

    I really do hate to give this car up. I don't know how Ford screwed up the rear seating in the current 2014 models (Taurus/Lincoln MKS). It seems like a limo in the rear seats of our car and we get a lot of compliments on the ride and massive rear sitting room on trips with others.
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