2008 Jeep Liberty Limited Rain-Sensing Wipers and Daytime Running Lamps

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Hi Everyone,

We recently purchased a 2008 Jeep Liberty Limited with the Sky-Slider roof, and just about every other feature available (2WD though).

So far, it's been a great buy, with only a few niggles to work out (such as the wind noise present on the closed roof at 75MPH and above).

I have one question regarding the rain-sensing wipers for those of you with a similar vehicle (or system, for that matter). How do I activate it?

In the manual, there is a description of five sensitivity settings, but when I select one of those settings, the wipers simply switch to intermittent mode. Is this the same mode? There are another two settings available outside of the five, but that seems to simply turn the wipers on low/high.

Please help!

Another question I have concerns the daytime running lamps. How are those activated? When in Auto mode, the headlights are completely off. When I turn them on manually, they seem to be of regular brightness, and not the high-beams described in the manual.

Once again, please help!

In return, I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has about the truck.




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    How do you deal with the skyslider noise? Anytime I drive at around 65+ MPH, the noise disrupts conversation in the cab. It is so distracting and loud. Have you done or tried anything to minimize this problem? Thanks
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    It does have them. We found out the reason we didn't see them is because the car has to be in motion for them to come on. They also turn off automatically when signaling.

    But you were on the right track regarding the wipers. Though the dealer sold it to us as having the rain-sending technology, that option is only available in late-model 2008 Liberty's that haven't come out yet.

    However, because they made the mistake they were happy to offer them to us when they become available.
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    This is a very good question. Our noise fluctuates in terms of speed and it seems to also be linked to the weather (ie - expanding and contracted of rubber seal with hot or cold). That is, sometimes it happens at 50MPH, and sometimes not until 80MPH.

    When we first heard it, particularly how loud it was, we were startled. The next day we took it to the dealer and they said it's a fact of life at 70MPH and above. Very frustrating, especially when they advertise it as being so well-tested.

    However, the vehicle we had prior to the Liberty (in addition to our IS250) was a Camry Solara Convertible which wasn't quiet either. We also listen to our music at a higher-than-average volume level. In other words, we really don't notice it too much.

    That said, I'm still looking at solutions. In my own informal evaluation of the issue I think that I have isolated the cause of the issue. As you know, bordering the SkySlider roof there is a thick rubber seal that protrudes approximately an inch above the roof itself. If you manipulate the seal you'll note that it is not actually attached to the car. That is to say that the part that of the rubber seal that makes contact with the metal roof of the car is not "glued" down.

    I think that at certain speeds (according to the dealer, 70MPH) wind gets under the seal, producing the wind noise. To test this theory, simply wedge something small like a folded business card under the seal (AT YOUR OWN RISK!) and you should hear the noise at significantly lower speeds.

    So, I'm toying with the idea of actually gluing the seal down, preventing the noise altogether. Then again, I probably won't because I'm too afraid of voiding the warranty by doing so.

    If enough people complain about the issue and the fact that it was not advertised as such, I think that Jeep will be forced to come up with a solution and release it via TSB.

    Write Jeep corporate!

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    Thank you Gilbert for your reply!

    I feel like the only one complaining about this. Please let me know if your investigations go well. If you find a solution or at least a temporary quick fix, I would really appreciate that.

    Thanks Again!

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    I don't think you're the only one complaining about it at all, since Jeep has a TSB concerning the issue. The only problem is the TSB doesn't give a useful solution, only suggesting that it's a fact of life with the roof.

    But again, let's stay vigilant about this to help promote a fix.

    I will copy and paste our messages to another post specific to the issue.

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    Great, Thank You! Where is this post btw. I'd like to follow along as we try to find a fix. Has anything you've done so far fixed or helped the issue at all?
  • ashkaanashkaan Member Posts: 5
    Great, Thank You! Where is this post btw. I'd like to follow along as we try to find a fix. Has anything you've done so far fixed or helped the issue at all?
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