A Forester that no one can repair?

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My 2004 Subaru Forester has been in the dealer's shop for eight weeks as of this morning. And there's no end in sight. After taking it in for what I thought was a minor issue (the "check engine" light was lit), I've been waiting through all sorts of possible repairs. First, the throttle position sensor was replaced, then the car's program control module, then the engine wiring harness. And it's still throwing a code for the throttle position sensor. Is it just me, or is eight weeks in the shop a new record? And why would Subaru make a car that can't be fixed? At this point, the techs at the dealership are scratching their heads and trying to get assistance from Subaru corporate, but nobody seems to be paying much attention. In the meantime, I've lost about half a season of kayaking due to no J-racks. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?


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    That sounds like a nightmare, for sure, but have you called Subaru's 800 customer service line yet? I believe it is still 800-SUBARU-3. My past experience (and others here at Edmunds) have found the customer service reps to be very helpful in getting to the bottom of mysteries such as this. They will issue you a case number and *should* ensure that you receive extra attention from the regional reps to solve your problem.

    Years ago I had some issues with my 01 Outback (paint cracking and clutch issues) that my local dealer was of no help with...a few (polite) calls to Subaru customer service eventually brought a resolution to both problems, and I thought they were more than fair in how they dealt with the issues. If you haven't already called them, start there. If you have, be persistent (and patient, although after 8 weeks I understand how patience may be wearing thin).

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    Actually, I have emailed the corporate customer service department from the Subaru website. I received an answer after my initial email saying that he would research my situation and get back with me. Two weeks passed. I wrote again, asking why no further communications and asking why only one parts shipment a week comes into the local Subaru dealership, especially in this day of JIT manufacturing delivery. This resulted in another email saying he would research my situation and get back to me. And now, nothing. It seems to me that it's time that they either fix my car or give me a new one. Am starting to wonder if I have any governmental alternatives for proceeding against Subaru, or do I have to just sit and wait?

    At least the local dealership is trying to find an Outback for me as a loaner, which would ease my pain (it has racks that could be outfitted to carry kayaks).
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    I agree that calling will help you more, mostly just because it's quicker. Be persistent, but remain polite. I used to work in a Help Desk, and trust me, the nicer people got the best service.

    Good luck.

    It's too late to apply any Lemon Laws, that only applies for the first year in most states.
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    My husband has just finished fixing my 02 Forester has 70,000 miles I have only had it 2 years. I noticed antifreeze on the garage floor small amount kept driving it. Noticed sometimes it would smoke from under the hood never overheated. My husband put some barrs stop leak in my radiator. The leak was not comming from my radiator was comming from the head gasket and after he got it apart he noticed also the water pump needed replacing we also replaced the timing belt and thermostat. Still overheating replaced the radiator it if now running fine. I got on this site and some other sites and found out all the problems about these Foresters from 98 on.I'm going to trade my Forester on a new Camaro they are comming out next month August. I had a 94 Camaro I traded on this Subaru what a mistake.These cars might be fine for some people but I have never in all my years driving had a car give me this much trouble never again will I own a subaru.
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    My 02 Subaru Forester is now back on the road till I trade it.Come on new Camaro!
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    Subaru switched to a new gasket material shortly after yours was built and put that problem behind them.

    If you have new gaskets yours should still last a while.

    You sure you want a big honkin' V8 with the way gas prices are going?
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    So you are refusing to buy another subaru because of 1 issue with the radiator? On a used vehicle at that? That's not terribly fair.

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    I t wasn;t just the radiator it started with the leaking head gaskets. The water pump and timing belt and thermostat had to be replaced. Now the engine light stays on replaced the co2 sensor which was the code that the car was throwing. I have only owned this car for 2 years. Can't get it inspected now until I get rid of that engine light can't trade and get anything either because of the light. I mean come on I have read on many forums this is happening to a lot of people with models from brand new 1999 to 2003 and older.
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