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Nissan Maxima Bluetooth

hjrockethjrocket Member Posts: 7
edited April 2014 in Nissan
New 2008 Maxima w/bluetooth Phone sevice is Verizon, our phones (both same model VX8300 LG) are problematical, one works sometimes, the other one never, even though both are paired properly. On Verizon's compatibilty chart, they show only one phone completely compatible with Nissan products, and it costs $159.95 (MotoV9M). Does anyone out there have a bluetooth phone that always works well in your Maxima? If so what is the model # ? Other car companies have dozens of phone listed as fully compatible---what's up?


  • jenjtdjenjtd Member Posts: 1
    I have a Blackberry with AT&T service and my husband has a Motorola Q with Verizon service. We both have excellent connectivity in our 2008 Maxima. Our one problem is that the sound only comes out of the passenger side speakers. When the car is moving, it is very hard to hear the person you are talking to. When we inquired about this at the dealer, they said that this is the way it is designed and referred us to Car Toys for an aftermarket fix. Does anyone else have this particular bluetooth wiring in their 2008 Nissan Maxima?
  • goochgooch Member Posts: 13
    Not sure how relavent this is, as I have an 09 Max, but I have a Palm Centro through Verizon and it works like a charm. Voice also comes from all speakers, and not just one side. I have also been able to upload entries from the phonebook on my phone to the phonebook in the car via bluetooth.
  • hjrockethjrocket Member Posts: 7
    thx for replys. both phones now work great, except not fully compatible (can not acess phone book). Appears that palm centro is fully compatible. The sound is fine and all speakers seem to be in the mix when phoning
  • surftamersurftamer Member Posts: 6
    When I have an incoming phone call the screen does not show the number of the caller - is this normal? Friends' cars - Accura, BMX, etc. all show the number of the incoming caller.
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