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Jeep Liberty SkySlider Roof



  • suvflgalsuvflgal Posts: 13
    I have a 2009 Liberty with skyslider roof. I test drove a sport without one then they orderd one in. Excessive wind noise, gapping, and sounds like it's going to come apart at highway speeds on a rainy nday. I have had it into the dealership 9 times, and 25 days without my vehicle to dsrive. It started to come apart on me on the highwway a few weeks ago so here I go with envoking my rights under Lemon Law. Evertime they "fix" it with the updates etc. It is different for a few days, weeks, sometime gapes in different places, then in a few weeks right back to the way it was before the "fix". I love my Jeep but this roof has been a nightmare. I receommend to anyone with one of these roofs to go with Lemon Law before you run out of time. FYI: Dealerships said "there's good reasons why they are no longer making this roof" only available in 08-09. 2010-11, 12 No skyslider roof. That alone tells the story. Good luck everyone.
  • suvflgalsuvflgal Posts: 13
    Did you have to go to arbitration for Lemon Law first? I have had numerous problems with my roof, in and out of dealership. Did they swap out your vehicle with no more money owed or was the new vehicle 8-10k more than you owed on previou svehicle and you had to come up with additional $? Did you have to pay them for your milege use? I have requested arbitration and don't know what's next for me.
  • flowergirl1357flowergirl1357 Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    Hi I wanted to know if you can sell me your wind deflector? My jeep has that same problem with the slider roof noise. Can your wind deflector be installed easily, I was hoping my husband could do it with your instructions. Please HELP me.... :(
  • Hi would you be able to send me TSB numbers so I can get my service orders for my jeep liberty slider roof, so I can get it fixed. Thanks :(
  • I also have a claim into Chrysler and I am getting the run around after taking my 2008 Liberty, that I bought new off the showroom floor, to be fixed several times. They took the sunroof apart and first said it was the motor, then only a part, now it is the truth, a manufacturing defect that Chrysler does not want to repair. The motor has eaten up the rails.
    My case worker will not return my calls, so now I have put in a call to a supervisor, and we will see where that gets me. Next are letters to the company, maybe one a week. I have been buying Jeep Liberty's for well over 7 years, I think my next SUV will be something else. I even traded in an older Liberty for this Liberty only because of the Slider roof. I am not very happy at this point. :mad: :mad:
  • I tried to also use the extended warranty that was pushed on us, it is worthless for the roof, it only covers the motor. And trying to trade the car in, NOPE, the value of the Jeep just dropped, because of the roof that does not work, or you can fix it first and then come back and we will talk about trade then.. WT????? I am so :mad: :mad: at Chrysler....
    I hate having to go over 45 miles the air wind tunnel in the car and the noise is crazy, it won't seal properly. I feel I am paying on half a car and I am just not happy with the product.
  • 5K out of warranty the passenger side breaks. It is obvious we have a snapped cable and take the car into a Dealership for a quote. It costs us $109 to just "look" at the item which needs to be sent out for a day to a special "trim" expert. They call us back to tell us that the cables are all bunched up and that we need to replace the entire roof.... for $2100. Now the motor works, the entire driver's side works, nothing is crack - yet we need to replace the whole roof! I declined the repair which shocked the lady - we live in Miami where it rains constantly. I called Jeep directly and am onto my second case management specialist.

    Now I understand it is out of warranty but what doesn't work is the fact this is a known defect yet a recall has not been made, and they charge a ridiculous price for the repair. If you have a problem at least reduce the cost of the fix. What middle income family can afford a 2K repair? Which isn't something that you would expect on a relatively new car.

    Has anyone been successful on recourse for this issue? I see some have gone with the Lemon Law, but I am really just looking for the price of the replacement item at no cost at minimum. I am hoping to find out what other out of warranty people have done and what they have been offered?

  • Our jeep is just out of warranty and we are left with a $2100 bill to get it fixed. Because it rains all the time we need to do something or else the whole car is going to be a write off in a few months with water damage. I am working with their case management now and wouldn't mind knowing when they traded your vehicle in did they pay the sales tax / transfer fees / dealer fees etc? Refinancing a loan is going to hit us with extra interest already.
  • I just called Chrysler and put a case in. I have to wait a few days before my case manager gets back to me. Any luck on yours?
  • Onto my third case manager and it has been a week later.
  • suvflgalsuvflgal Posts: 13
    Still waiting. They needed bank statements. Sent in. In the mean time I now have water leaking in through the roof after the dealerships last "repair". I believe it will be a slam dunk now if I had any question about it before. Good Luck. Stay on it. This roof is a nightmare.
  • suvflgalsuvflgal Posts: 13
    I believe that anyone who has had a problem with this roof should get out while they still can. Check the laws for your state. Google Lemon Law. Some states have a manufacturer dispute program others you go to AG's office for lemon law. Check your timeline. Read your booklet that came with vehicle. There should be some lemon law info there. Search on internet. There are very specific formulas for mileage use to offset your payments made, $ down etc. I figured mine out and I should get back several thousand if it settles in my favor. If not I am screwed. water damage, wind noise, untradeable with water damage stains, and a top I am afraid to open. This manufacturer defect is exactly the type of thing consumers should be protected from and should pursue their legal rights accordingly. No reason we should all lose $ and use because Jeep made a bad design for this roof. The problem will not correct itself. Time will run out and you will end up with no options. Good luck to use all.
  • suvflgalsuvflgal Posts: 13
    I say yes class action. Look how many of us have had the same problems. Let's put an end to this madness.
  • suvflgalsuvflgal Posts: 13
    Read all of these postings. Do you see a pattern here? Get out while you still can. I like the Jeep too, just not the roof. It will not cix itself. Good luck.
  • Believe it or not - Chrysler reimbursed me the price of the part $1650.

    My car was out of warranty and was not purchased at a dealer. I opened a case stating that the part was excessively over priced and for one broken cable I must replace the whole roof was obscene. The call center people were always pleasant but I had to definitely work at getting the reimbursement. What Chrysler can offer is "assistance" which is certain amount of the whole cost and is decided on by your case worker ( don't let them tell you otherwise). I had the dealer break down the total cost of repairs into labor and parts so that I had an idea of what I was happy on settling with. I wasn't called back and my case workers extension always rang disconnected. If you call the main line the phone will ring to random case workers who will update you on the status ( which is entered in by your assigned case worker). I called every day until I got a hold of my case worker. I was given the run around and was told to proceed with the repairs and submit documentation for reimbursement. I wasn't about to get it repaired to find out I was eligible to only $100. So insisted that I be given a number BEFORE repairs. I was given 50-50 split. I then said they pay the part I pay the labor. They agreed but wouldn't send confirmation. So I called the next day to speak to another case worker to check that my case had been updated with the correct information.... it hadn't. So I kept calling until I got my case worker and they updated the file with the amount. They then should send you an email link ( Don't go for the "send it in mail" line). I had roof repaired the next day and uploaded all the invoicing the very next day. I then called every day. Your case worker then needs to review the documents and approve for processing. I called and called until my case reflected this. To sum up - I received my check in the mail for the right amount 4 days later. Some of the case workers were very helpful, others not so much - it sounds like they have a script to read off.

    I hope others can use this information!
  • I have a 2008 Liberty Limited with the Sky-Slider and the roof broke on me a week ago. We had just gotten home and I was closing it up, when there was a 'pop' from the passenger side and that side 'limped' forward as the driver side continued to close. After doing some research, including your posts here, and called Jeep the next day.

    Charles in the Detroit office opened a case and worked with my local CJD dealership to get it repaired. Turns out it was just a busted cable (probably caused by operating it at highway speeds I'd guess) and Jeep paid about 65% of the repair (leaving me with about $120-) which was nice considering I was about 1700 miles out of warranty.

    Not to sing CJD's praises to highly, I still think they need to make a wind deflector for this roof or issue a recall, but the assistance I got from Jeep indicated that they knew it was an issue and they wanted to help. That was more than I ever got from the folks at GM when I had an issue with my Oldsmobile years ago.
  • In August 2008, we bought a 2008 Liberty Limited with the Sky Slider. A few months later, we noticed the car was excessively noisy on the highway and brought it to the attention of the dealer, who installled a new front bow per a TSB that had been issued. All was fine until about May of 2011, when the top started bunching up at the middle and would not close properly. More specifically, it appeared to be unattached at the rear. I took the car to my local shop and was told that some pins in the mechanism were faulty and needed to be replaced. They recommended I call Chrysler and file a claim, which I did. A week later the case manager from Chrysler informed me that the top and mechanism would both require replacing at a cost of approximately $2200. They offered to pay for it less a $500 deductible which I considered reasonable as the car had just gone out of warranty. Two weeks later I am still waiting to be told the Liberty is ready to be picked up. I didn't want to buy a new car but at this point I'm starting to wonder if I should consider my options under my state's Lemon Law. I might add that the Sky Slider never got used very much before this problem and probably will never be opened again when we get the car back.
  • I have a Jeep Liberty I purchased brand new a little over a year ago and as of right now my Jeep has been back to the service department for the fourth time to "fix" the roof alone. Last time my headliner had to be replaced. After over a week at the service deparment I had it back two weeks and it is still leaking. I am afraid that this is not a fixable problem and this will turn into a moldy, mildew headliner as well as affecting the electrical system as it is leaking around the lights on the interior headliner. Who can I contact besides the dealer? :(
  • This will not get better. Each fix changes things a little bit. Usually the new bow or header just starts to loosen as time goes by. If you are still within your lemon law period do it. Mine started out as noise at 60 and above, then turned into leaking water everytime it rained, then didn't even open. I just settled prior to lemon law arbitration hearing. I got purchase price of vehicle - mileage offset and all of my down payment back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Check the law and time period in your state. Your Jeep came with a lemon law booklet. Read it and exercise your rights. I am really glad I did. Now it's over and it feels good. I now have a new Ford Edge Ltd with a real panoramic roof made of glass, no canvas material nor bad design. Good Luck to all. This is my last official post. Exercise your rights under Lemon Law. They settled with me. They KNOW this Skyslider roof is junk and they are legally liable.
  • I purchased my used 2008 Jeep Liberty in April. 9 months later...yesterday....opened it and it went off track...the passenger side came back slower than the driver side and so it pulled it out of the track. I took it to a local Jeep dealership to see if they could get it closed because it is raining and will be for the next 3 days. They couldn't get it closed and said I could leave it with them and when there "specialist" get in tomorrow...he would look at it. The estimated 4 hours work just to take it off the tracks. I said heck no and left. I called Jeep and asked them it there were any recalls or any way for financial help as this repair could cost 1200.00$ or more. They (Jeep) told me that I was the third owner of a 2008 that there is no way to see if this problem has happened before on my car and no quarantee that previous owners went to certified Jeep mechanics. No help from Jeep....imagine that!! I called and got the number to make complaints with the DMV for recalls...that number is 1-888-327-4236 . I was the 3rd person to make a complaint...there are hundreds on the sky slider on this site alone. Please call that number and file your complaint so we can get that damn sky slider recalled!!!!! They will also send you an email with your complaint and ask you to submit pictures of the problems.....please.....let's help each other. I myself am unable to pay for the repairs so will only be able to drive it as is on sunny days...also I have to park under my neighbors carport with a tarp over my car when it rains....someone needs to be held responsible for these "Sky Sliders" and their crappy design and noise and coming off track and leaking!!!!!
  • Easy, call your local jeep dealer, tell them you need a skyslider deflector. They will call Mopar (you must be a dealer to get this part). It will be shipped to the jeep dealer and you can pick it up. Cost me $163 plus tax. No more wind noise, and no chance of leaking from the front!
  • Please share part # / dealer / I have called 6 different dealers all with same results / no such thing
  • Yes, my skyslider is noisy depending on weather conditions and speed. As far as I know no one tried to fix with a wind screen and I could not find anything on MOPAR. As you can see from the posts they come and go...but the issue never gets resolved the vehicles just get sold.

  • denisez1denisez1 Posts: 2
    We purchased a 2008 Jeep Liberty with skyslider roof new in Feb. 2008. Last month the skyslider began malfunctioning (1 year out of warranty) It would not open and close properly and there was a large crimp in the passenger rear of the roof. We took it to our dealer and was told that the parts alone would cost anywhere from $1,200 to $3,600 depending upon what all needed replaced once the roof was removed. Even though we were out of warranty we contacted an attorney. He sent a letter to Chrysler and their response was very quick (within a week) - basically "sorry your vehicle is out of warranty and all repairs are your responsibility". Worse case scenario we would be responsible for $3,600 in parts and at least $1,500.00 in labor (20% of the cost of a new vehicle!). Has anyone had any luck with Chrysler assisting in repairs for the sky slider even though the vehicle is out of warranty? We'd appreciate any help from any consumers who had this problem. Thanks - Denise
  • As you folks may know, the 2013 Liberty is redesigned, a crossover. I've always wanted a true suv, and am buying a 2012 Liberty. The new 2012 I'm looking at is a Jet Limited with a Skyslider roof. Please, has anyone had a good experience with the skyslider? Should I run from this one? Thank you all in advance. I buy a new car every twelve or so years, (seriously), so this is major to me. Peace all!
  • Hi
    I have a 2006 liberty,I have not had any problems with the skyslider.
  • tim_mcniventim_mcniven Posts: 2
    edited April 2012
    Hello Anne, On an '06, I think you have a sunroof. I believe the canvas skyslider roof is years '08 through '12. Thanks though! =) I'm leaning toward playing it safe, and just getting the glass sunroof. New Liberty Jets are getting scarce though and if anyone wants one, time is now - the last of the true suv's...
  • jricojrico Posts: 1
    Hello denisez1,
    My husband and I have a 2008 Jeep liberity with the sky slider roof. On the way home from vacation we started to notice the same crimp as you described. Very shortly after on the same trip, the entire canvas blew open hitting the rear window. It was terrifying!! We had this very nice (not paid for) vehicle that was parked therafter. We considered bolting the stupid thing down. Well as it turns out it was covered by comprehensive insurance and is being repaired. It is currently in the shop however the repair guy keeps running into issues with getting the correct parts from Jeep. It has been there for a month now with now idea of when we will get it back. If we ever get it back, its going to be traded in for something with a solid roof!! The sky Slider was a cool idea however poorly executed. :mad:
  • Hi
    Sorry to hear the trouble about the slider,I have never seen one ,I have a 06 with a sun roof.

  • ladymtneerladymtneer Posts: 8
    I had a problem on Thursday, May 3rd(last week). I noticed ripples in the skyslider roof. When I slid it from back to front, it wouldn't close. I called the dealer and took it to have them check it. They called me on Friday saying it was fixed. I asked him what was the cost. He said he hadn't figured it up yet, but probably around $120. I was surprised after reading the posts here. So, I couldn't pick it up til Monday because I didn't have a way to get there and the shuttle guy had already left. I posted what was happening on the jeep website and told them there should be a recall on the skyslider, really not expecting to hear from them. I picked up my jeep on Monday morning, paid $141.90 (the $120 plus "miscellaneous and tax), did a couple of errands and went home. I decided to check it out and pushed the button for it to go back. It worked, but closed with a clang. I pushed the button to go forward and it worked again, but closed with a louder clang sound. I got a stepladder and checked the roof, and there were the ripples again. I immediately called the dealer, told them it wasn't fixed and was told to bring it back. After sitting there 2 1/2 hours, I was told they needed to replace the whole thing. That was not something I wanted to hear after reading the posts here. My service guy, Alan,was really nice and I should have mentioned that in the beginning. He asked me to wait and he talked to the service manager. He came back and said they would charge me $300 to replace the top. I was surprised as I was expecting a lot more. He said he would order the parts and call me when they came in. I was feeling pretty good at that point. Then, yesterday, I got an e-mail response to my post to jeep, from Colleen, who said she would be my caseworker and would call me. Well, she called this morning.. She asked me a few questions and I told her everything that had happened so far. She called Alan at the dealership and called me back. She said after the top was fixed, and paid for, to call her and I could send the invoices from that and where they "fixed" it last week and she was authorized to pay back a portion of it. The only thing that kind of bothers me is she said they weren't sure how much it was going to cost to fix it, after I told her Alan had said $300. I asked if there would be a warranty on the roof after it was fixed and she said 12 months or 12,000 miles. So, that's what I've got for now and we'll see how it goes when the parts come in.
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