2004 LS Beeps

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I'm really baffled with this, but I have just 2 issues with my car beeping at me. The first is when I'm in reverse. There is no backup sensor system on the car, but the thing beeps like a truck when I'm in reverse, except that it's only on the inside of the car, so maybe it thinks there's a system or something...I don't know...The other problem I have is that when I hit about 80 mph on the highway, the car beeps at me 10 times, rather loudly... why??? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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    That's an easy one. Your instrument cluster has been replaced. If you don't download the configuration from the old one and upload it into the new one when you replace it then it gives you those warning beeps. Could be legit but it could also mean the odometer was tampered with since that's part of what's stored in the instrument cluster. Get it to a dealer and have it checked asap.
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    OK. Thank you very much!
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    And by the way, I did buy the car used from a FLM dealer and they said nothing about it..so I'll check with them first. But again thank you for the response.
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