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Hello Everyone,

So I currently have an 02 liberty 4wd Ltd. I'm in the process of getting new tires, however i have some questions. Now mind you I am a New Jerseian so i deal with weather of all sorts so a all terrain tire is what i believe i need. I have the size down which is 235/70/r16. Im looking for suggestions on which tires are the best for everyday driving in all sorts of weather conditions.

And i also would like to know if there are different sizes to look for without having to modify my jeep?!?!

Any help would be greatly apperciated.


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    Hi danilaurette,

    The two first values are wheel circumference and tire width.

    These are the standard wheel sizes:
    28" 8.7" 215/75R16* No Rubbing
    28" 9.3" 235/65R17* No Rubbing
    28.5" 8.9" 225/75R16* No Rubbing
    29.1" 9.5" 235/70R16* No Rubbing

    These will fit but will not allow you to use chains during winter:
    29.4" 8.8" 225/75R17 Minor Rubbing
    29.6" 9.7" 245/70R16 Minor Rubbing
    29.8" 9.3" 235/75R16 Minor Rubbing

    Here are the 16" and 17" rim specs:
    Bolt Pattern: 5x4.5"
    Back spacing: 5.5"
    Offset: 1.5"

    Just make sure the load index of the tires you choose is "105" or higher. This prevents you from an accidental blow out due to overheating or rolling over something sharp when the wheel is properly inflated.
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    If you have not purchased yet I put the BF Goodrich Long Trails on mine. I also live in NJ and I am very happy with them. Picked the tires up at BJ's.
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