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Front door panels

kudakuda Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
How easy is it to remove the front door panels in a 05 Malibu Classic? Can't seem to find a manual at any of the auto parts stores. I want to replace the front speakers with aftermarket ones. Keeping the stock stereo for now as I have my ipod hooked up via FM transmitter in a cradle that is in the acc plug. I have already installed a pair of 10" subs in a box, amp and crossover in the trunk. So running wiring for that was easy. Just clueless on the front door panels.


  • kudakuda Posts: 2
    nvm I got it off w/o breaking anything lol .. just 3 screws and rest were plastic post things.... first veiw of the inside of newer vehicle doors... remember when they just used plastic sheeting? Front speaker turned out to be a mini 6x9 .. 3x6? Put a pair of Sony 5" 4 ways in there. :P
  • The front exhaust manifold on my 2008 v6 Malibu Classic makes very pronounced popping noises while it cools down after turning off the engine. I confirmed the location by holding a screw driver on the pipe near the manifold, and waited for the pop. This is much louder than typical thermal tinking associated with normal exhaust systems. I know the noise is just an audible confirmation of the energy being released when 2 faying surfaces are fretting. Am wondering if something may be loose, or is it a design flaw related to the combination of the aluminum block and the v6 manifold and piping. Anyone else experience this?
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