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Toyota 4Runner



  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    The warranty is the same as the 2002. Cargo space is 42.2 cubic feet or 40.6 with the double decker and with back seat down it is 75.1 or 72.4 with the double decker. (The double decker is a shelf in the cargo compartment which can be removed.) The cargo space is down a little from the 2002. Payload is also down, 1055 pounds to 1100 pounds for the 2003 model.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Posting your message one time is quite adequate. Thank you.

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  • I can guarantee that 99% of the people buying the limited version will not be taking it off-road. When I had my $40K JGC and took it on a black diamond run, I almost had a heart attack while climbing the rocks. 6 hours later, I told myself I won't be doing that again in $40k truck. That is why people buy cheap 4x4 and upgrade them so they won't have to scratch up their new SUV's.
    For the other 1% of buyers, they will probably wait a couple of years, buy a used model, save $5-8K and take the full advantage/capabilities of the 4runner.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    that is so true! No-one buys a brand new truck to go offroading in, do they? That is why you buy the 3-5 year old version...which still makes it very interesting to see what is going on when the vehicle is brand new, so that you will know all the little details later on when it is your turn to have one! I sure would not want to scratch up a $35K truck.

    bruces: there must surely be one place nearby where you can get that truck onto some dirt! If not, driving in a straight line on dry pavement is not a problem, with 4WD engaged. Maybe you could find a long street nearby with a really long straightaway??!!

    I dunno - I have never had this problem - all I use mine for is offroading, so 4WD is engaged more than half the time...helps to live near places where you can get it into the dirt.

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  • My Toyota guy called me today to let me know that they'll be getting their first 2003 4Runners in on Thursday, and that he'll call me "as soon as they hit the ground!" I can't wait to FINALLY get to test drive one!!!
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Are we reaching a turning point here, even before it hits the lots?!

    Like you, I've been reading here and waiting a long time - since DECEMBER 1999! :> Man, back then people were screamin' about when this new Runner would debut. First it was 2001 maybe, then 2002, then 2002.5, and here we are now as a LATE 2003 (V6s still months away!). Like now, everyone back then was praying that Toyota would keep the same rugged lines and mean lookin' monochromatic schemes - they thought no way Toyota would pull a Subaru Outback two-tone on us . . .

    WRONG. Ok, what to do? Turning Point.

    I too think they will probably come out with monochrome options on the SR5/Sports for 2004. Unfortunately, I can't wait as my 10 year old terrarium with wheels is shot . . . just found out it won't pass VA inspection without ~2 grand in repairs and registration is up. So, I have to buy something like right NOW, hence, my Plan B over to the Dark Side of the Edmund's Town Hall.

    Buttttttt, I am guessing that a lot of you can afford to hang out a bit on the sidelines and see what happens here. Given this year's "two-groan" looks with silver ornaments, the MSRP prices that supply and demand will most likely set the first year (remember the 1996 debut!), the first year out on the new aluminum V6 engine, the fact that most will want the V6 engine which won't be available until Jan./Feb. . . . all this should tell one IMO to wait the 6-8 months required when the 2004 comes out (maybe a 3rd row for those who seem to love that idea?) and you can get a monochrome SR5 with 17" wheels (can't believe the 16" wheel debacle . . .) or a monochrome Sport withOUT that "spoil-er" (or with a truckish lookin' spoiler befitting this machine.) [If I had my druthers, that's what I would do . . .]

    This is a lot of money at stake here; although I look to be taking a little detour of my own, maybe there is at least a corner ahead in the distance for the rest of the Toyota loyalists.

    Will be interested to hear how this all shakes out for ya'll . . .

    P.S. Update to 4Runner vs. H2 vs. Pathfinder office poll (appearance only):

    H2: 33

    Pathfinder: 36

    4Runner: 9

    [yes, I get A LOT of visitors where I work . . .]
  • I think too that Toyota will have a monochromatic option for the 2004 SR5 (at least for the sports model).

    But that could hit their Limited sales. The two major reasons to buy a Limited is monochromatic paint and leather. It took them many years to offer the current 3rd gen flares in monochromatic tone on another model than the Limited and probably they did that only to help sales that were not that good.

    As well they would make us pay for it adding at least 1000$ for that option bringing a sports close to 35k..... Hmmm it's getting expensive for a non luxury mid-size SUV.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    I took my '02 4Runner Ltd 4wd off-road: i am a bit crazy...but hey that is why i bought the 4runner, instead of GX470 (nice SUV BTW)!

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Our district manager will be here this morning with a 2003 Runner for salesman training. Anybody in the Northern VA area who wants a sneak peak should stop by.
  • You are a special case. I'm sure hat 90%+ will never go beyond country backroads and mud roads in the first 3 years of their truck.

    When I bought my 99 I quickly realized that it was almost a mistake from an off-roading perspective. I should have bought a car then and an old suv for the fun. But I needed the SUV to pull my boat....

    No matter what I'll buy in the next few days (4Runner or Pathfinder) I'm also buying an ATV (Honda Foreman 450ES). To my liking ATV are much more fun offroad. Also I prefer by far damaging my 6k bike than my 35k truck. It would take a serious accident to damage an ATV and you don't have to worry about scratching.

    And to make things worst, right now payments of both the Pathfinder and Foreman are 20$ over the the payment of a 2003 4Runner sports alone. Almost two for the price of one....

    Ok, I know what you'll be saying intmed99....
  • Lucky you !!!!

    I hope that things won't lag too much here in Canada. I'm really eager to see and test one before making my final decision.

    How many hours drive Northern VA ??? If I leave now.....
  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133*2PV_043793

    I really like this color. There appear to be three blue or gray colors that will come on the 4Runner. Is this one Galactic Gray(1E9), Stratosphere Mica(8Q0), or Pacific Blue metallic(8R3)? The pacific blue I think was in Paul's original photos (and doesn't look quite like this) and the stratosphere in those dealer lot photos appears alot darker than the post linked above.

    Other colors on the HiLux Surf that may/will make it to the 4Runner: white silver black, dorado gold, and we know jade (like the '02) from Paul's photos.

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Well, our DM was here and is about to leave. I got a chance to rummage around it and found out a few things.

    1. I like the spoiler.
    2. It is now confirmed that Toyota is using a new measurement system for cargo volume. If the same standards were used on the 3rd generation as they do on the 4th, you would find that the new one has about 5 cubic feet MORE cargo volume.
    3. Ground clearance is noticeably lower.
    4. The front seat is MUCH more adjustable and tall customers will love it.
    5. Because the front seat can be lowered so much more, the back seat passenger can not get his toes underneath the front seat which makes the back seat seem a bit less comfortable.
    6. This discomfort is offset by the increased width.
    7. Downhill and uphill assist features are VERY cool. As a person who does occasionally go off road I am impressed. Also, those who tow boats will really appreciate the uphill assist when pulling a boat from a steep ramp.
    8. Those back-up assist mirrors are not present if you have the JBL stereo which is to say we will never see them.

    Just about everything else was as expected. I think we have a BIG winner here. For those of you who have been thinking about this, you owe it to yourself to check them out in person before making a decision.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Galactic gray. That is the color of the Limited my DM just had here.
  • When will you get them ??? Tomorrow (oct 10) or do we have to wait a couple of days/weeks more ?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    We get at least one tomorrow and have several more arriving before month's end. All dealers should have a similar situation.
  • I also heard from my guy in Kirkland that possibly tomorrow or Friday they should get two '03s for demonstration purposes only. He also said that they won't be selling them until their 1st shipment arrives (which is projected for the end of October). I'm presuming an SR5 & a LTD.
  • I was reading about the air box mods for HP gain on gadgets web site. he state that by removing the air box snorkle or the face plate ofthe air box you can gain some 30hp.

    So has anyone done any of these mods? or knows someone that has and the results of the mods? Thanks for ytour help.

    One last note to Town Hall monitors. There needs to be a seperate and EXCLUSIVE 2003 4Runner forum.
  • may be i'm dreaming, but it was very fast. i saw one standing on my right waiting for the light when i was passing the traffic. i almost wanted to make a U turn to see that again. it's a silver....... i could be wrong but i ususal have good eyes for that kind of thing, espeically since i have been watching the pics so many times.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A major weekly magazine would like to talk with recent Toyota buyers who are under the age of 35. If you fit this description and care to share your story, please respond to me at with your name, daytime phone number and city/state of residence before Wednesday, October 16, 2002.
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