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Pontiac G8 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • don_ncdon_nc Posts: 9
    Now that the latest status of the G8 is that it's not going to live on in a Chevy form, what do ya'll think the resale value of the G8's will be in 2 to 3 years ? At just under $30k, it's a little more than I care to spend on a car so I'm hoping it'll depreciate like (or faster) than typical GM cars do.

  • If the Pontiac GTO (also made by Holden) is any indication, the G8 will hold its value very well. My concern is maybe parts that are proprietary to this car (which is most of 'em) will be expensive and have a long delivery. With all the rebates and deals you can find a new G8 for well under $30K, especially the V6.
  • I am about 3 day waiting period from signing the paper. The car is stunning and I love it.

    G8 GT Depreciation Rate on in 5 years: 77% ($29,893 -> $6,893)

    This is compared to
    Genesis v6 : 63.4% ($35,456 -> $12,958)
    Dodge Challenger RT: 62.2%( $33,333 -> $12,590)
    Maxima: 65% ($32,446 -> $11,389)

    However on other sites do not have this car depreciating this much.
    on Site A: 58%
    Site B:57%
    Site C: 46%
    Site D: 59%

    How did calculate G8's deprecation rate and why are there such differences.

    btw: I love I am just asking question to those who are the "insider" of or those who are familiar with depreciation schedule.

    Given these variables, is G8 a good/great buy?
  • I believe these percentages are off of MSRP, not including rebates & discount, although that can make a huge difference. What matters to the buyer is what the car is worth down the road vs. actual purchase price. You can spend all day running different numbers, but here's a brief example using my notes from when I purchased my G8, and current trade values from KBB (what the dealers use--sorry Edmunds). For all 3 cars, selling price new on March 6, 2009 (excluding tax and tags), now 15K miles and exc. condition:

    A 2008 Pontiac G8-base selling price $19,500, current trade-in $18,850.
    A 2009 Pontiac G6 GT selling price $20,200, current trade-in $13,375.
    A 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix GT selling price $20,500, current trade-in $10,500.

    Yes, rebates and discounts on the G8 peaked March through May, and MSRP went up on the '09s. If I had to sell my G8 today I would get at least what I owe on it-- not true of any other equivalent car, even Accord or Camry. I think the G8, like the Holden-sourced GTO, is something special and will hold its value very well. Some say "buy what you like and don't worry about it," or "don't buy the deal - buy the car," but most of us have to live within a budget, and as depreciation is the greatest part of car expense the concern over resale value is valid. I think I'll be happy with my G8's trade-in value when that day comes, and it's the car I really wanted as well. So if the only thing keeping you from owning a G8 is concerns over future resale value, although nobody knows the future, I think you'd be OK.
  • gearhedgearhed Posts: 26
    I bought my Silver G8 GT in Sept 2009 and it is the best handling, fastest car I EVER owned. The Pontiac dealers were willing to sell it BELOW MSRP. Plus I saved $1400 with my GM card savings, plus a $3500 incentive rebate. Out the door under $27,000.

    If buyers knew how great these G8 GT's are, Pontiac could sell em by the hundreds of thousands.

    My condolences to everyone who found out about these wonderful cars too late to get one.

    If you can get your hands on a new GXP anywhere, buy it and put it in a garage. It is one of those rare muscle cars, destined to be worth many times what you paid for it in twenty years.

    Great job, Pontiac. You did a really exceptional last car.
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