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Hyundai Sonata Navigation System



  • dgs4dgs4 Posts: 66
    I like the nav. It works well for someone directionally challenged like myself. The only thing I've noticed is occasionally it will after getting me to my destination, tell me the house/apartment/restaurant/store etc. is on the wrong side of the street. Example, it will say "your destination is ahead on the right" when really the destination is on the left. Like I said this is an intermittent problem and so far hasn't caused me to get lost "yet." Besides that, no other problems.

    The nav screen can be impossible to read when the sun hits the screen which is also highly annoying, but that's not a problem with the nav, more the positioning of the nav. Also keep in mind this system doesn't have an internal hard drive for storing music or anything like that which is probably why the system is so cheap compared to other units.

    One thing I LOVE about the system is you can use it with the car in motion, which is great if you have a passenger with you who can program in an address without having to pull over and stop. Or you can just use the voice operation to speak an address, but I haven't tried that yet.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    The NAV in the sonata uses a flash chip to store the map database though updates are on DVD's.
  • bs205bs205 Posts: 7
    On my '09 Sonata I found that the nav's GPS system shows me in Michigan all of the time. I'm actually in Central California. I tried re-setting it, the dealer's 'tech' tried re-setting it, unplugging it, etc, and even called some tech support #. No joy. I'm still stuck in MI. Anyway the dealer ordered a new 'unit' they said.

    When they called to say it was in they said your XM radio is in. I reminded them the problem was the nav/GPS; so I asked it if was all one unit. I was told "the tech knows what he needs to replace" I asked if this is one unit will it screw up my XM radio account? "Shouldn't" I was told.

    My question is for anyone who is familiar with the nav systems on these cars, is the nav /GPS and radio all in one unit? Or is the GPS a separate module, or what? Based upon the lack of real answers I'm getting from the dealer, I'm tempted to take the car to one of the shops around town that install the after market radios, GPS systems, etc, for a look-see but would rather fore-go the expense of that if possible.

    Any ideas or help is appreciated. I'm scheduled to take the car in next Monday to to the dealer. But do I really want them tearing into the dash to do what they may not have to? I suspect that this dealer's 'tech' may not be real knowledgeable about this issue. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I can't believe (although not impossible) that the GPS is defective on a brand new unit.

    The dealer also said they had doen the recent firmware/software? upgrade as well. It had no affect on the GPS however.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    From what I understand the Nav Unit and Radio are all one unit. At least the software used for the Radio/XM/Nav Unit/iPod is all in one system so it would appear that they are all integrated.

    I am a little curious though because XM just called me to try to sign me up for their service. Part of the pitch was how they just merged with Sirius. From what I've read, in order for subscribers to receive stations from both XM and Sirius satellites they will need a new tuner. So, since the Sonata has an XM specific tuner in it, how would I be able to get Sirius stations?

    - Merg
  • peridocperidoc Posts: 18
    Regarding the Sirius-XM thing, both XM and Sirius have taken some of the stations from each other (mainly for their premier shows and sports programming) and placed them on their own satellites. So for a few more bucks you can now get the NFL, etc. on your XM radio or the NHL, etc. on your Sirius radio. You can't get the full lineup though. They have the crossover stations listed on their respective websites. If you buy the new receivers that you referenced you will be able to get much more of the other provider's programming than the legacy receivers.
  • bs205bs205 Posts: 7
    That too is my understanding after speaking to XM recently when I hooked up to their service. They have some sort of 1 year price special, however like you say it's not entirely all of their stations. I declined.
  • hclghclg Posts: 5
    IT is all one unit. My navigavtion system was replaced twice. It appears that finally the new unit is working correctly. I noticed that the voice recogniation is much more accurate with the new unit. Regarding the XM, I think the account simply switchs over if your unit has to be replaced as I did not have to do anything new to transfer the account. It is possible the dealer did this but I would be surprised if they did.. IF it is an authorized dealer, I would let them work on it and deal with the issue rather than get a 3rd party involved.
  • bs205bs205 Posts: 7
    So you actually went through 3 of them. What is it with these units? I'm glad yours is finally working.
  • hclghclg Posts: 5
    Yes the third has been the charm. The dealer has been very good the only aggrevation was waiting for the units to come in.
  • bs205bs205 Posts: 7
    I take it they get the dash all back together nice and neat and proper?
  • hclghclg Posts: 5
    Yes, once they got the part in I dropped it off before work and picked it up after work. Looked as good as new, you could never tell they did any work on it.
  • dave868dave868 Posts: 64
    I have had my limited for a week now. I find the nav to be decent. As good or better than one in my honda... and better than the one in my infiniti (but that was 5 years ago)

    I will also say its by far the fastest one i have ever used.

    My only complaint is the voice command. Best I can tell the microphone is not working. It does not respond to at all. It just keeps telling me that I can say help at any time.

    I am trying to avoid a trip to the dealer. Anyone have any thoughts?
  • anyone figured out how the play a dvd in the unit while the car is in motion. would like to entertain my child in the back/middle
  • wgr3wgr3 Posts: 11
    In most states it is illegal to have anything in the driver's line of vision that might distract him or her. This obviously includes a DVD, so all new cars preclude the use of the DVD while in motion.
  • There have been post explaining what wire to remove
  • were are the posts and have they been confirmed to work without causing problems elsewhere?
  • bs205bs205 Posts: 7
    I've been meaning to post with an update. The new unit went in on 10/20. Far as I can tell it's working fine now.

  • peridocperidoc Posts: 18
    >>The Random function now stays on when selecting another song via the steering wheel control or the track up/down button on the Nav unit.

    I have had the update done on my 2009 Sonata and my system reports version A3_3. In reference to the fix in the software for the random function...I have a USB thumb drive that I play MP3s from and when I have random on and use the steering wheel to try to go to the next random song, random still goes off and it goes to the next song in the current folder. Is this how it is working for others here? It appears that the random function still is not working on my least not in USB mode. Can anyone else test to see if this is true? Thanks!
  • Look around post 5490 on Buying experience and price Paid. I thought I read white green somwhere. There is a Video showing it can be done.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    It has been confirmed to work, but don't forget that viewing a DVD while the vehicle is in motion is illegal. There is a reason why the DVD player is configured to not work when the vehicle is not in park.

    - Merg
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    I have not had an issue with the Random function with the new software release (A3_3) except for when using the Tune dial to select a new song and when you switch modes. The steering wheel controls and random are now working fine. All of this was when usnig an iPod hooked up. I have not tested this with a USB flash drive connected.

    The one difference I notice compared to how it used to "work" for me and how it works for you is that when using the steering wheel controls before the fix, it would go to the next song randomly and the random feature would turn off. Basically, I was getting one song at random. That's a little different than you in which it appears that you don't get any songs at random when using the steering wheel controls.

    I have a little bit of an in with the manager for the unit manufacturer. If you can confirm the issue with USB drives and the random function not working right, let me know and I'll advise them.

    - Merg
  • Right. The behavior of random before and after the fix is the same for me. Random would work fine as long as you never wanted to change the song manually. I can confirm in my car with the USB that the random does not work. When I hit next or previous song from the steering wheel it goes forward or backward one song in the same folder and turns the random function off.

    While I am mentioning random function "glitches" with USB...

    On a similar note, I have a issue as well with the folder random option. With a USB drive you can hit random once for full random and then random once more for random within the same folder function. The problem is that since I can not change the song while in regular random there is no way to place random within a folder on a specific folder I want. You would likely have to wait until you got to a song in the folder you wanted and then hit the random button to get the folder option, but I think that further complicating it is the fact that every hit of random (to turn on regular random or folder random) actually switches it to a new random song most likely in another folder. seems that with USB there is no way to use the folder random function unless you are just lucky.

    One final thing I have taken note of is that most times that I initiate a new random, it seems to start on the same song. I can basically turn random on and off over and over on the unit and it chooses the same "random" song to start with a great deal. (like almost every other time) This seems like some flawed logic for the random function that they are using. Maybe in the way they are generating the random seed.
  • dgs4dgs4 Posts: 66
    Hey Dave, I replied earlier in this thread that I love the nav system. It's worked perfectly for me thus far. I got my car back in April and have had no problems with it. However I do agree with you on the voice recognition. So far I've used it to play CD's, or change tracks and radio stations, but I can't get it to accept a full address for my life. I keep speaking the commands over and over and I get nothing. Using the touchscreen is extremely easy, and the fact I can use it while the car is in motion is a huge bonus. I can punch in an address in about 10 seconds, so being limited to the touchscreen isn't a huge problem.

    But, I paid for voice recognition and it doesn't seem like I'm getting it to its fullest capability. I'm wondering if I need a new nav unit as well? I really don't want to take the time to drop my car off at the dealership and use a loaner car just for this issue, so I'll probably just deal with it since I have no other problems with the nav system. But it is frustrating, and you're not the only one with the issue!
  • Mine doesnt work poorly... it doesnt work at all. I feel that the mic does not work.

    I am bringing it in Tuesday
  • dgs4dgs4 Posts: 66
    Damn, here I have been posting on this thread how great the nav system is and that I haven't had any problems with it, and today the sucker froze on me! All I got was a screen that said Hyundai and then it stayed there, frozen. When I finally got to my destination I turned off the car, waited about 15 seconds and then restarted it. When the nav fired back up it was working again. But it looks like I'm going to need the nav update too. Not sure why it took this long for my system to act up, but I guess I'll have to bring it in this week to get it fixed.
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29

    I'm just about to get a 09 sonata and i'm really undecided on the nav system. I am a fan of the class of the product (I have a tomtom window mounted to my current car). I have two concerns and I'd like the opinion of folks that have them:

    1) How does it compare feature wise / speed / accuracy/ etc of the 3rd party ones. (If anyone has any experience specifically agianst the tomtom).

    2) Do you think its worth the price, are you glad you got it? I know the 3rd party ones are much cheaper - is the integration worth it to you?

    3) Since all the radio controls become 'owned' by the touch screen, and you actually lose your buttons is it distracting? I would assume when there is tactile feedback of buttons, you dont have to look, if it's a touchscreen you constantly have to look to change stations/etc... do you find that distracting and/or a safety feature?

    Thanks - Brian
  • I have used 3rd party portables. Navigon, nuvi, roadmate. I am a big fan of integrated systems. I feel thet are a lot more usefull. And I will say that the Sonatas's is far better than the one in my honda....and way cheaper. The $1200 for the nav in the sonata is well worth it. the enhanced ipod and mp3 control is great. My honda was $3k and cant even handle an ipod.

    Speed is very good. screen resolution is excellent. DVD playback is kinda goofy, but still kind of cool.

    Bottom line is that you can get a brand new v6 limited w/nav for $23k... how could you go wromg?

    But thats just my opinion
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    Thanks for the message, couple of questions if you don't mind:

    1) I'm surprised to hear you say its better the honda (i've basically made my decision down to the accord and sonata). But when I was playing with the honda their NAV seemed alot more featureful: Granted I didn't really drive anywhere using either, just sat in them and played but things I noticed which I'd love your comments on:

    1) The accord is a much bigger screen, of course its not touchscreen, but the wheel thing seems pretty easy to use also.

    2) The accord seemed to be more featureful, with zagat ratings, big nice trip screen, and bluetooth integration are much nicer.

    3) Granted, the audio on the sonata is nicer w/ the usb/ipod integration.... but for whatever reason my ipod wouldn't work in the model i tested it on (Dont know why, neither did the salesman) so i'm not sure how useful that would be anyway. I could use audio input jacks on both - which makes it equal. Finally, I think i'd be fairly addicted to xm anyway and not use either ;)

    4) The accords just generally seemed more impressive, but maybe it was because i'm a technophile and all those buttons seemed 'fun' to me.

    5) The sonata having all radio controls in the touchscreen if you get the nav, seems very distracting to me as tactile feedback of buttons would be needed to avoid taking your eyes of hte road.

    Lastly, I was more interested in the v4 then the v6 for gas mileage reasons. If the v6 w/nav is going for 23K ... how much are the v4s?

    I know going into this the sonata woudl be the better deal but I'd still be interested in your opinion on the above points.

    Seems like you have both cars that i'm looking at so your opinion is greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch for the conversation!

  • You may have misunderstood me. I have a 2009 sonata and a 2007 honda odyssey, not an accord. I have not seen the accorrds nav. sorry if i confused you. I have not had an oportunity to really put the sonata nav to a real test. My opinion is based on how it looks and reacts. It's much faster that the one in my honda. As well as better looking. I

    I have not had to depend on it yet to get me somewhere like i have with the honda... so my statements may not be totally fair.

    I listen to XM 99.9% of the time so ipod integration is not super important to me. But I am a tech junkie, so the true integration with the ipod and even just a usb stick with mp3's on it was cool to me. As well as the DVD playback, Although the quality of the sound is not particularly great... but still decent. If you do want to use your ipod with the sonata get the hyundai cable. Seems to work more reliably than a regular usb cable.

    I had intended to buy the 4 cyl sonata...unitl I drove it. I found the 4 cyl incredibly weak. Pretty much undrivable. If they offer a manual tranny in the limited, I might have considered it. Score one for the Accord, you can get a manual in the higher models. When I was shopping the 4 cyl was about $1K less than the V6. I doubt you would get much better mpg either as I found normal acceration require you to jut about floor it.

    If money was no concern... i would go with the accord. As much as i like the sonata, i still feel the accord is a better car overall. Its better looking, still better quality for now, probably better resale... but still not worth the money.... an accord equivalent to my V6 limited with nav would be about $8K more than I paid.

    I hope this helped... i know i kind of rambled.
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    Hi there. Yes I did misunderstand you, I thought you had a current model accord. I think the current accord's nav is very different from a 2007 odyssey.

    Regardless, I am thinking the accord is bit more polished of a car, but in looking at prices, I am also guessing it will be much more expensive, and I'm not sure its that much nicer. It's funny the honda dealer was giving me this speech about how good honda is doing over other car companies. I said they are having their worst qrtr in quite some time if not ever too. He tried to bs me on that one, but I think he was just setting me up that they dont have to deal like the other companies do. Fine with me if they don't want to deal --- there are plenty of good alternatives ;)

    Anyway interesting point you made about the V6 not really having worse gas mileage. I'll keep that in mind.

    Thanks for the discussion.

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