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2009 VW Routan



  • Just got my December issue of Motortrend magazine, turns out the Routan is the only minivan that was considered for the "2010 Car of the Year" Award! And this is the SE trim (w/ 3.8L engine) that they tested... check the article out: - r_contenders_and_finalists/2010_volkswagen_routan.html
  • abbymabbym Posts: 5
    For all you peeps out there with three kids: I was totally anti-minivan (I'm even anti-SUV). Until I drove a Routan. You gotta get the SEL, though. It floats along the road with that big engine. It fits all my kids and all their cr*p (stroller, soccer stuff, etc). It is luxurious. It is highly kid friendly (i.e. power doors, airplane lighting inside) and is the answer for those of you who can't stand the thought of a minivan but know you really need one. I resisted. For months. And then I bought one and loved it. Someone smashed into me a month ago, totaling my Routan. My entire family hardly felt the impact (it was THAT safe). And I turned around and bought the same minivan again. Don't worry about that 8th seat. Really how often would you use it? An architect once told me "don't build a house around your annual holiday party" and I say the same: "don't buy your car for the odd and rare need of an 8th passenger (or whatever)" Get it for everyday!
  • stjohnsstjohns Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    We have enjoyed our 09' Routan. The 4.0 V6 is quick and quiet. The 6 speed is smooth and responsive. The power door & rear hatch is family friendly. I did have the dealer switch disc rotors for free. MPG is 21 on hwy & 18 stop & go. Not bad for the loads we put in it. We recommend this VW for a family car :)
  • beedadabeedada Posts: 3
    Picking up a 2010 Routan SE w/ RSE & Nav:
    36mo 36k mi lease in NY/NJ area
    $1000 total due at signing includes tax, 3yrs of NY tags, 1st mo payment

    Is this a decent deal? Thanks..
  • Anyone experiencing this? fix for this? 6 month old 2009 Routan - last 3 months, when driving with windows down, no ac/heat on - horrible musty smell comes out of the windows. With windows up - no smell. There was no event that preceded this, ie. raining with the windows down, etc.. VW Dealer has no answers at this point. Dealer is thinking about pulling door panels....
  • melcockmelcock Posts: 1
    Yes, just brought the car back to dealer today. They said they are going to pull the door panel apart. Our van has about 3500 miles on it. the smell is making occupants sick.
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