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Toyota Venza Prices Paid



  • Just closed a deal for 2011 Toyota Venza AWD V4, Comfort Pckg 2, Nav system, mats at 32400, best deal at least among the northeastohio dealers I was working with!
  • It it out the door(including the tax's) ?
  • Greetings:

    I took delivery of my Classic Silver 2011 FWD V6 Venza (build date 10/11) yesterday and feel I got a great deal on a very nice car. MSRP was $37,954 which included Preimum Package #2, DVD-Nav w/JBL, Panoramic Roof and Floor mats. Dealer offered car at $32,999.95 (30K) plus 3% VA sales tax, registration & title fees ($22.00) and that dreaded dealer processing fee ($395.00) which is a rip!! Their offer on my trade-in (2007 Highlander Hybrid) was way low so I took the HH to Carmax and they gave me 5K more! I applied that amount (22K) to the Venza plus took advantage of zero percent financing for the balance.

    The car is very nice but has a somewhat firm ride because of the low profile tires and large wheels. I had read that the interior is mostly hard plastics but found that the dash and upper front door panels that run along the bottom of the glass are soft touch as are the armrests. The rear upper door panels are hard plastic so only the front seat occupant and driver are treated to the soft touch treatment. The engine is extremely quiet even under brisk acceleration and the transmission is super smooth. My HH had a CVT and I liked it but this 6-speed unit is very slick.

    I was waiting for the 2012's to hit the lots (December I think) but the only changes are the 3 trim level lineup (LE, XLE, Limited). I sure hope they didn't make any visual changes which Toyota usually does in a vehicles mid-life cycle. Maybe just the trim levels are all that's really changed. Since my car is optioned like a 2012 FWD Limited I guess got a late 2011 sans the Limited badge that will come on the 2012's.

    One more thing - have any of you Venza owners gotten/installed the mud/splash guards on your Venza? I ordered a set and hope to have them within a week. I noticed there are no screws at the back of the rear wheel wells where the read guards would attach like on the rear of the front wheel wells.

    Regards - M. J. McCloskey
  • Hi All,

    Need some suggestion for me.. I am planning to Buy New Venza 2011 this is my first new car. I got the quote from my dealer for $32582 V6 AWD with out JBL and Navigation is this price good to go. It includes the following Packages:
    FE, CQ, LS, SA, SR, TO, CF,EJ , GN,

    Thanks In advance...
  • srikanthqsk - Sorry for the late reply, No without taxes
  • Then what would be the better price i can negotiate with the dealer.
  • I guess I was trying to say the price w/out taxes is a good one! If you can get a even lower price then more power to you, maybe there is an opportunity with the year end approaching
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  • I purchased a new 2011 Venza last week and installed the mud guards myself. I had to drill three holes on the edge of the side panel to properly align the holes for the installation. I had to jack up the car and remove the rear tire to drill the holes because I didn't have a right angle drill. After removing the tire it's easy to install the mud guards but don't try to do it without removing the tire.
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168
    edited November 2011
    Thanks for your reply and info on the Venza mud/splash guards. I ordered a pair the same day I got my 2011 Venza. The guards arrived 4 days later and I installed them w/o issue. The front ones were a snap - just turn the wheel away to clear the rear of the front wheel wells to install. The rear guards (as you noted) were more of a challenge. They fit/look great and will provide that extra protection to the lower portion of the car.

    I've got about 750 miles on my 2011 FWD V6 after 4 weeks of ownership and the mileage is averaging 24.5mpg which I calculate manually. This is with mostly rural 2 lane roads and divided highway driving. I hope it will improve and achieve the 26mpg that is advertised.
  • Live in the NYC area and looking for a new Toyota Venza I4 FWD. Anyone have any idea when the 2012s will be on the lots?

    Any suggestions for tri-state area dealerships and suggested pricing? In terms of options, we really only need the Security Package and maybe the Panoramic Glass Roof. Is the roof worth the extra $1K?

    So far the pricing I've gotten from 1 dealer in Queens, carsdirect, and Amex for the I4 FWD with Security Package are all in the $28K region including destination charge and tax. Is that much cheaper than the 2012s?

    Do you recommend using a car buying service like carsdirect, Amex, or Costco?

  • adi4adi4 Posts: 1
    Which dealership and your OTD was 32999?
  • I purchased the car at McGeorge Toyota in Richmond, VA. As my message stated, the price of the car was $32,999 (33K) PLUS 3% sales tax, registration (22.00) and dealer processing fee (395.00). They had another similar car but it was in the showroom and had a build date of 6/11 so the one I bought was a later build (10/11) and they had just received the unit a week before I purchased it. The pickings are slim for the leftover 2011's with mostly 4-cyl FWD for about 28K and loaded up V6/AWD models w/msrp of nearly 40K!! The car is nice but not worth that lofty price so the 33K I paid for my loaded FWD V6 was a good price.

    I calculated the price of a similar 2012 model and the MSRP is about $410.00 less than what mine listed for but since I got a good discount plus zero percent interest on the balance (12K) I am pleased.

    The 2012 production began on 12/5 so the 2012's should be arriving at dealerships near the end of the month.
  • jdc47jdc47 Posts: 4
    edited December 2011
    Hello, I am dealing on a 2011 V6 AWD Blizzard Snow ext/ Tan Leather int. ( build/ ship date of 12/5/11 ) that is loaded with Nav, JBL stero, Panoramic MR, VIP Remote Start, Option Pac #2, Floor and Cargo mats, Rear Bumper Cover, Side Molding, Mud Flaps, and Tow Prep Package . Sticker is about $41500, and I offered $39000 out the door including TTL and all other cost. I am putting $21000 down, and financing $18000 at 0.0% from Toyota. Sales Tax here in PA. is 6 %, so with that and the other cost, I figure I am paying $36500 or a little less for the Venza, is this a good deal?
  • I just bought an identical, white, V6 AWD @ Peruzzi Toyota in SE PA, save the bumper protector, side molding, mud flaps, remote start, and tow pkg. Sticker = $39.6k; settled = $34.6k. I think you're getting a quite fair deal.
  • 2011 FWD, I4
    Panoramic Sunroof
    Conenience package (pushbutton start, power lift gate, etc)
    Carpet Floor Mats
    $27,000.00 total.
    (add 6% sales tax, $200 MD allowable dealer free money, $20.00 tag transfer)
  • looking at used venza how would i know if it's awd or fwd? is there something i look for under the vehicle?
  • The AWD models have a "AWD" badge on the right rear of the hatch door.

    OR, you could look underneath and see if you spot a drive going to the rear wheels.
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