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Toyota Highlander Headlights



  • I agree, I will try and change them out when something comes avaialble. Wish now, I would have bought the 2010. Not sure how well they will work at night when it is raining or when it is foggy.
  • I got such an amazing deal through carmax on the 2011 I skipped over the 2010. The toyota dealers wouldn't even dream of giving me monies on the MSRP but wanted me to take the 2010 for just a small discount. I will search for bulbs but if you fins some that are compatible shoot me a note on here as I will do the same.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The beam pattern high level cutoff shading/apperture is built into the projector lens assembly so changing bulbs will be of little or no help.
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