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Intermittent failure of instrument panel

hilleyhilley Member Posts: 10
edited April 2014 in INFINITI
I have a 2003 M45 with navigation system. At first failure of all sources at the panel containing the screen completely failed intermittently. Restarting would correct this situation, but now there is almost complete fauilure. When the system fails, the AC blower starts, and it will heat as well as cool. I was told by an independent shop that a "module" was the problem and that only an Infinity dealer could replace at a very steep price, since they were the only ones that could program the module. I was also told that this was not an uncommon problem and there might be a maintenance notice. Can anyone help me with this problem?


  • james27james27 Member Posts: 433
    Go to www.infinitihelp.com and you can search for recalls, and service bulletins.
  • hilleyhilley Member Posts: 10
    I went to the dealer today relative to my previous posting concerning the intermittent failure of my instrument panel. There were no recalls. It cost me $102.00 to find out that is was the screen causing all of my troubles. The cost to replace was $1065.00. I was advised by my previous shop person that there likely was a short in the screen that caused the problem, so the replacement seems correct. I decided to wait, since they had to order the screen and it was working when I picked up my car. My understanding is that the voltage is reduced to 5 volts to work the panel, and that is likely where the short is located. They also wanted to replace my gasoline tank sensor for $345.00. I am not certain that is necessary, since the gage seems correct when the screen is active. Does anyone know whether or not the gas gage is controlled by the same source as the navigation screen. Any comments concerning my problem would be appreciated.
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