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Isuzu Trooper TOD and 4WD Problems



  • Hello, I have a 2001 trooper and these same codes and am very curious if you have solved your problem. I am having trouble locating the connectors to do check flow 6. pin 15/b-67 to pin 3/h-49 based on the manual I have found.. what are the two harnesses directly connected to the TOD ECU? Any help is greatly appreciated!">
  • I am having the same issue with my 99 trooper. Same codes, 13,14, & 24. I tried clearing the codes, and they came right back. Were you able to solve this? Thanks!
  • anywayanyway Posts: 6
    Hi Christien yes I was able to fix the problem. We had to change the wire harnesses. They were caroded with power steering fluid that has started to melt away the wire over time. Mabey you should check your wire harness and see if they are ok because once I fixed those, there were no more blinking lights. And if that is the problem, I would not suggest finding them used, and they are very hard to find. I have a number to a dealer that sell them brand new Isuzu Auto Parts 888-509-8712. I wish you look and let me know if that was the problem. Because my car runs great now.
  • Boottmill, I have the same problem with my 2001 Trooper. I had Dionostic test done by the dealer for 190.00 (what a rip off) they said it was the speed sensor on the drive shaft next to the universial. There is a front and rear sensor. They want to replace the sensor for 600 dollars a sensor. How did you solve your problem?
  • I changed the wire harness and that was the problem. my dash was lighting up like a christmas tree and they found that my wire harnesses were melted by the coolant. Also if you have not done the transmission oil on the car it will jerk on take off. You have to change the whole kit which i recently had done because it would jerk when I stepped on the gas so I would have to take off slow in order not to jerk. But when I changed the kit that solved the problem. I changed most of my sensors and those were not the problem. So try those 2 solutions first and see if that works for you.
  • On my 98 Acura SLX, the 4WD High will engage at speeds under 35mph and work fine, but at speeds above that level, there is a loud, grinding sound and difficulty steering until the 4WD button is punched off, at which time it goes back to 2WD. This problem is the same whether engaging initially at a higher speed or engaging initially at a lower speed and then gradually increasing to a higher speed. Once above 35mph, the 4WD will not work, and the truck feels/sounds unsafe to drive (until the TOD is disengaged). Any ideas?

    Thanks much.
  • Can i continue to drive with this light blinking and also how do i manually check for codes.i have to drive 1700 miles in april someone please help.thanks.
  • When i put it into the neurtruel position (4wd) the truck does the same do i have to drive it in one or the other high or low?just purchased and have no clue.Any feed back is appreciated.My red check light also keeps flashing while driving is it safe to keep driving?
  • I did virtually nothing, but jiggled about 5 wires and twisted 2 plugs to make sure they were tight in their recepticles. These were under the rider's side of the 1999 Trooper, toward the end of the tranny. One plug/socket was just hanging in the air. Then started the engine, and the check light went out, and has not blinked since.
  • my 99 trooper was doing the same thing today. it has the TOD as well and so i took it in and had a transmission kit done on it and it has seemed to do the trick. cost was $127.00 that was labor, tax, and parts.
  • I'm buying my first trooper. It's a '98 with tod. I'm used to driving jeeps and don't understand this

    system. Went to test drive one today and the gauge cluster had all 4 wheels illuminated. What

    does this mean. Also tried to shift from high to low and it felt like it was stuck.... Can someone

    explain to me how this is supposed to work. I keep reading about a button but I didn't see one.

    Also the ABS light was on and in searching thru forums it sounds like these things go hand in hand. Any help from an experienced trooper owner would be awesome or what warning signs I should look for before buying.

    Thanks Mike
  • isu4wdisu4wd Posts: 1
    When attempting to engage automatic 4wd today in wet conditions, I felt the front wheels start to pull especially on the right. A short while ago after reviewing the owner's manual about 4wd, I took the vehicle out & again attempted to actuate auto 4wd. The green lights were flashing and the vehicle did not want to go in 4wd. I was involved in a minor front end collision a few month's back so, perhaps that might have something to do w/ it. The crux, is though, when it's not in 4wd, it drives good. Any suggestion's or thought's on what to do? Thanks
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