2009 xB dashbord or windshield creaking when driving over bumps

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Just got my 09 1 month ago. 10 days later the dashboard started to creak (mostly left side) whenever I hit a bump in the road. I took it in for service and the local dealer tried a fix that didn't work, then drove another one and said that it's normal. I tried to make another appt and they told me not to bother since there is nothing they are going to do. I've already contacted Scion and the BBB. So far neither are very responsive. Anyways, does anyone else have the creak/tick in the dash, if you did and you were able to get rid of it, how did you do it? This is very annoying.


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    I have a 2009 xB with 5000 miles on it.

    The windshield has cracked in the lower right area near the wiper post.

    This happened while the vehicle was parked in the garage.
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    I bought my xB in Feb 09. I noticed the creaking noise over by the passenger side windshield. When I lifted the hood and pushed down on the drip plate (that plastic thingy under the wind shield) it creaked! like it was rubbing on the wind shield. It was doing it when I hit bumps too but now that the weather has warmed up it stopped.
    I mentioned it to the dealer & they just said to bring it in, I didn't since I didn't want them messing it up ;-) Now I'll have to wait for winter again maybe.
    Our streets are so terrible any way, figured it'll be making more noises soon. ;)
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