2009 Mazda CX-9 Interior Mats

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I am seriously considering an '09 CX-9 Sport. My dealer let me take it on an overnight test drive and, from the driver's seat, I love it, but here's the problem.

The dealer didn't install the floor mats in the second row. My wife, daughter (the primary 2nd row occupant) and eventually me all sat in the 2nd row and couldn't find a comfortable position for our feet because of the way the seat tracks protrude above the floor. I sent my wife and daughter back to the dealer to check out the 2nd row with the carpeted mats installed and, while they said they were "better", they still weren't enthralled.

The dealer has suggested that installing the rubber all-weather mats will solve the problem, but I'm not anxious to spend extra money on mats that may, or may not, solve the problem.

My question, therefore, is, have the seat tracks been an issue for 2nd row passenger comfort? If so, how serious an issue has it been? How likely is it that the all-weather mats will alleviate the problem?

Thanks, in advance for your replies.


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    Curious...has anybody purchased the cargo liner from Weathertech? I see they are now available. What is that note about them shipping it in two pieces? What has been your experience with the product? I would assume that it covers the whole area with the 3rd row flat? Cost is $119 plus whatever they charge for shipping?
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    This cargo liner looks like a nice piece (2 piece, actually). I wonder how much of the third row seatback gets covered with the third row down?

    http://www.weathertech.com/store/mvproduct.aspx?ItemGroupid=1&Vehid=1297&year=20- 08
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    My Weathertech liner arrived a few days ago. Excellent quality and the fit is perfect. It completely covers all the cargo area with the 3rd row down.
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    Mine's already done duty several times bringing people and their luggage home from the airport. Today I transported (3) of my original equipment 20" Bridgestones back there, the fourth fell victim to a sidewall puncture at 3,300 miles.

    I've actually come to like the breakaway design.

    I've got some McNeil miles saved up, so my next purchase will be the front Weathertechs. The factory all-weather fronts don't cover nearly as well as I'd like.
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    So it's two pieces? So... when they're connected they cover the whole cargo area with the 3rd row folded flat? You can remove the larger portion and leave the small piece for when you have the 3rd row seats up? Is the "seam" between the two pieces vulnerable to water/dirt? Is it raised, as in, you cannot slide something across the seam without it being obstructed by the seam?

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    It's not a watertight seal, the two pieces snap together like snaps on women's garments. You can slide cargo in without it binding, pulling it out requires more care, because the small piece snaps over the larger one.
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    Photo of WeatherTech in my CX-9:

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    How easy is it to snap in or out the portion that covers the third row?
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    Very easy. No problem at all.
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    how much?
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    I first startred this post and greatly appreciate the photo and all the comments. Thank you!
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    My 11 year old daughter has never had any problems with finding a comfortable position for her feet, but at her age she doesn't need very much foot room. I've also had other adult friends relatives sit in back and they've never complained. However, since I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money on all weather mats and still wanted to keep my carpet relatively clean, I went to the local auto parts store and bought one of those wide rubber mats intended for a truck. Then I cut it to fit in the second row foot space. Even though it covers up the seat tracks, it is flexible enough that it doesn't keep the seat from moving forward when I need to let someone into the third row seats, and it keeps stuff from getting down inside the tracks. Hope this helps!
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    I love my all-weather mats.
    You don't have to buy them from dealers. Try here

    That said, I think CX9 has the best seat rail system. It is virtually flat once the all-weather mats are installed. If you compare that to the Highlander's rails, which might even trip people trying to get into 3rd row.

    Besides, rubber mats help to insulate noises coming thru the floorpan (road/tire noises).
    It makes the cabin even quieter, I feel. No data to support that, yet.
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    I'm with you on this. I love the CX-9, but when I sat in the back, it just seemed odd looking at those long seat tracks where my feet go. Wonder about stuff getting in them, comfort, etc...I love the way the second row comes forward, guess I'll just have to get used to the tracks if I purchase. Loved test drivig the car, then when I got in the back seat and looked down, it just seemed a bit 'cheap' to see the seat tracks...oh well...
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    I purchases a Husky liner that covers the rear cargo area up to the second row. It is one piece and cost less than $85 from Autoanything.com. It looks good and does the job.
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    autoanything.com is having a 15% off phone-in sales today.
    Just FYI. :)
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    btw... mazdaparts.org is a dealer... they just offer 15% discount for the parts... push come to shove... ask your dealer to match.. ( I have before ... matched that is ). Yet back to the subject... @ 6 '2 I've enjoyed the second row pretty well.. the "looks" of the rails isn't so hot...but... that's not where I'm usually looking anyways.
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