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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • uknirmaluknirmal Posts: 8
    I got mine today and the rear view camera is missing a chip for it to function fully. The chips are being made in Japan and are delayed due to recent tsunami. Audi will notify when they are available for free installation. I got similar config - 2012 Q5 2.0 Pre Plus w Nav, white color/beige int and paid 1200 less on msrp. I live in TX so the extra 200 you paid is for the region.

    Anyway, love the car and drives awesome.
  • fieryfranfieryfran Posts: 1
    I just pre-ordered my 2012 Q5 Prestige package yesterday and the dealer mentioned the camera chip is missing in most of the new q5's. The chip should be arriving in October/November w/ free installation.
  • I have a offer of $1000 off MSRP for 2012 Q5 Premium Plus No NAV. Is this is a good price?
  • djung01djung01 Posts: 3
    Considering I got 1000 off msrp and the other buyer got 1200 off seems to be fair. See if they can add all season floor maps or discount on Audi care.
    BTW, how much is 1000 off msrp for 2.0 PP w/o navi?
    I actually like the NAVI, it comes with a lot more than just navi.
  • bespokebespoke Posts: 5
    Has anyone purchased a 2012 Q5 Premium Plus with Audi Care in MA? If yes, how much did you pay for Audi Care?
  • Hi - I'm looking to buy a q5 in nj too. can you say which dealership in nj you went to. Did you end up buying at 650 over invoice?
  • Just purchased yesterday - Jul 23 - Fort Worth Audi, TX:

    0) Q5 Prem+ with Nav, Advanced Key, Moonlight Blue, exhaust tips, standard rims
    1) Great dealership experience - ask for Collin, young fella starting out
    2) negotiated $900 off msrp (after some argy bargy of course)
    3) also provided me the $1,500 rebate for loyalty
    4) tax paid was on the difference between lease hand back value and negotiated price for car (around $1,190 total taxes at 6.25% in Dallas/FtW)
    5) added Audi Care and Manufacturer Platinum (7 years/70K miles)
    6) plopped $5K down - monthly pymts at around $640 - gave me 3% financing over 72 months - pymts would've been $593 if i waived the maintenance plan and audi care so those two aren't cheap, but i'm planning on holding this car for 7+ years
    7) had them foot the tint job for the panorama glass - not yet collected

    btw, the advanced key is sweet - and so is the integrated traffic reporting with the nav routing..

  • bbetterbbetter Posts: 5
    I went to Audi Newton, my final price was about the invoice price. The people there are pretty nice. First time buyer from this dealership. will pick up the Q5 around mid Sept.
  • jjm4jjm4 Posts: 1
    I'm picking up my new Q5 this week. What are your thoughts on the merits or negatives of the Audi Care Protection Packages? Necessary or a waste of money? Any other "must haves" that you recommend ... I know often rust protection is usually less expensive 3rd party....

  • Can you provide a bit more details. Like what was the package you've got. Was it 2.0T or 3.6? I am looking into Q5 in MA and Newton is really close to me.
  • uknirmaluknirmal Posts: 8
    Congrats on your new Audi. I got mine from them, but I didnt get mine panaroma tinted. I need to get it done. Do you know what price did they quote you? Also, what about the front windows?

    Anyone, can tell me the cost tinting front windows and panaroma glass?

  • jlim0930jlim0930 Posts: 19
    Its my first time buying German. I just finished looking at the Q5 and was really impressed.

    Do you believe that the extra 4000 for the few additional options for the premium plus package is worth it ?

    also is audi care pack a good deal

  • I live in the mid-south (Arkansas) and I am trying to find the best prices for an Audi Q5. I have been to two dealerships , Tulsa and Memphis, and they are unwilling to budge off the sticker price one cent. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I should look next? I am looking for a Premium Plus with the Nav. and the B&O sound system. I am getting sticker price for nearly 45K with no haggling room Is this to be expected at most dealerships? Should I look at dealerships in St. Louis, Dallas, or Chicago. I have the feeling that in these larger metros, where there are multiple dealerships with more competition, that the market competition will incline dealers to sell for lower prices. I am looking to purchase within the next month, but don't want to drive all over the country just to find out that I would have been better off just paying the sticker price locally. I am working with around 40K and a trade in valued at between 5 and 6K. I love this ride and any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  • bbetterbbetter Posts: 5
    I got 2.0T P+ MMI advanced key.
  • drrodrro Posts: 7
    Any suggestions for audi Q5 dealers in dallas.?
  • amirkamirk Posts: 13
    Hey, do you mind letting me know which dealership you went to? Some dealers are offering only near the MSRP and you have a good deal if its only $350 over invoice!
  • amirkamirk Posts: 13
    Hey, what city/dealer did you get your Q5?
  • amirkamirk Posts: 13
    Hey Nicole, were you able to find a dealer? Let me know if you were able to find good price for this car - I am looking for exactly the same combination.
  • ruprup Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    Audi of North Houston, I got them to give me almost 800 of sticker. 3.2 liter with MMI and B&O sound system, got the floor mats and cargo linear as well. Roof rack was also included don't know if that is standard, although I don't need it!
  • Is $1100 off of the MSRP of a 2012 Q5 pre+, w/ nav a good deal in the Philadelphia Region?
  • shadowchasershadowchaser Posts: 94
    edited September 2011
    I was offered a very reasonable price on a Q5 at 1300 over invoice. I figured my out the door price using the edmunds invoice. I came prepared with the Edmunds invoice but was told that it is not the correct invoice because it doesn't include port and advertising fees. I understand that the dealer pays these fees but is it really part of the invoice? I also got hit with the dealer 200 dollar processing fee on top of the 1300. Clearly that is just a markup. I told the dealer that he was entitled to any markup he wanted...but that it was unfair to say 1300 over invoice if it didn't include that... It should have been 1500 over invoice! He split the fee with me which I was ok with.

    However, should I feel slightly misled regarding the port fees and advertising? If that really isn't in the invoice (I am told destination fee includes port fees.. true?). THe out the door price seems reasonable but I would have been much happier if I didn't feel a bit misled. They should have said invoice plus a number that included all fees (except taxes title and tags). Were they disingenuous with me or is this a normal practice? I am out the door at 45,248 after adding 800 audicare on a prem plus white with Navigation and no other options.

    I don't take delivery until Nov. Should I be prepared for any surprises?
  • should be able to get at least 3% off
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 92,157
    That is the danger of doing Invoice + $XXX deals, without knowing an exact price.. The dealer says it's on his invoice..

    However, those charges probably are on the dealer's invoice.. I don't have a lot of experience with Audi, but on BMWs, every dealer's invoice has a $200 training fee, and most have an advertising fee (named MACO) that varies between $250-$400, that aren't included in the invoice price that you find on most websites.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • The invoice my dealer showed me didn't exactly match up with what was reported on either ... the explanation I got was that Port fees and Advertising fees are different by region. In any event, I just paid $42,975 for a 2012 Q5 2.0T Premium Plus with Navigation, advanced key, chrome tips, wheel locks and all weather mats. Signed, sealed, delivered last month - love the car. I thought it was a pretty good deal ...
  • Ccgas, was that 42,975 OTL? What part of the country are you in?
  • $42,975 was my total, sign all the papers and drive away price. Am I'm a first time Audi customer so no loyalty discount either. I'm in the Midwest ...
  • Where in the Midwest? What dealer/salesperson? I'm in Chicago but wouldn't mind dealing out of state if the numbers could work. Thanks.
  • adam0302adam0302 Posts: 7
    edited September 2011
    Hi All,

    I ordered a factory 2012 Q5, black/black, Premium Plus. Got the dealer down $1500 ($1200 discount plus $300 off for doc fees). MSRP was 40,775, final price was $39,225. According to the significant Googling I've done, it seems that invoice on this car (including destination) is $38,387, so I'm at $838 above invoice.

    How have others fared with a similar car? I added no additional features above the premium plus line, so I'm curious if others have ordered/purchased this model and trim. My dealer was New County in Greenwich, CT. FWIW, about a month after I ordered the car, I did some further shopping and Audi in Newton, NJ offered me invoice @ $38,387. My dealer at Greenwich was a dick and didn't offer me any further discounts, and I didn't want to push back my order 5 weeks and go with Newton, so I just dealt with it. Any feedback is appreciated.


  • zdczdc Posts: 1
    Just got an offer(Florida) for premium plus Q5,silver/black,all-weather floor mats & trunk liner,exhaust tips and tow hitch(which I don't need at all). MSRP is 42430, got about 1700 down, OTD is 44526. Any suggestion?
  • very impressive OTD price, if no trade-in involved.
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