Confused about buying a Veracruz

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I'am thinking of buying a 2008 veracruz limited, could someone please tell me why or why not I should or should not buy one,I'am confused after reading all comments.

thank you



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    What, exactly, are you confused about?

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    I'am reading all these complaints from VC owners that their having problems from headlights to oil leaks, I have had two Santa Fe's and neither gave me a problem,my wife has a 2004 XG350 which we love and again no problems, I know all
    new cars come with little problems I just don't want to spend alot of time at the dealer. If you have a VC please tell me the pro's and con;s.

    Thank you

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    No, I don't have a Veracruz. I just thought that owners might be more willing to jump in and help out if you provided some clarification of your concerns.

    Anyone? :)

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    I can only vouch for my own and my mileage.

    No problems whatsoever, but I only have 2500 miles on the vehicle. I can see how some of the info in this forum may be conflicting but, and you probably know this already, the majority of people come here to see if they can get help with an issue rather than just to praise their vehicle.

    But yeah, 2500 miles in this is the best vehicle I have owned.
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    Dont take our advice for it....Drive one. Let the car sell itself.

    '08 Veracruz Limited.
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    keep in mind folks who sell the competitive products will use this venue to degrade Hyundai. Consumer reports recomends highly the VC. I have sold new/used cars for 15 years and can honastly say that there is a reason the Hyundai has been gaining market share. The customers arte loyal due to the value and quality, and the new programs are bringing people in who never thought of Hyundai. Drive the cars your interested in, look at the equip. you care about, then look at bottom line.
    Hyundai will win everytime. Then look at warranty. The funny part is go tour the service dept. Not much going on but maintinence items.
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    Thank you for the advice, I did buy the VC limited and so far its been great, much better then the 07 Honda Pilot I just sold. Thanks again
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