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Toyota Venza New Owners Report



  • Your mileage should improve. Our 2009 I4 FWD Venza consistently exceeds the sticker mileage. We are getting anywhere from 25-27+ in town; 27+ city/hwy combined, and as high as 34 on interstate driving. Driving 55 on the highway will drastically improve mileage if you aren't in a hurry! There are some things I don't like about the car, but mileage isn't one of them.
  • Thanks for the mileage replies and feedback. I reset the mpg gauge with my most recent fill-up. Immediately I did two days of my regular commute (80 miles a day @ 65mph) plus two short trips of four miles.

    Average mpg on the meter: 29.0

    I am feeling better...........
  • rmcarrmcar Posts: 1
    Looking at the Venza but am currently driving a Highlander. I'd love the opinions of anyone who went from a large SUV to the Venza.

    I'm short so the height is important to me. Thanks
  • Stay with your Highlander. trade a new one or lease it. I had two highlanders. 2002 and 2005 then switch to 2009 Venza 4 cyl. WRONG choice in a year will go back to Highlander or other imported . Quality in material is cheap plastic, a lot of road noise and jittery ride, no more Venza for me.
  • Traded my 2007 Highlander Hybrid for a 2011 Venza V6 FWD. The Venza is a nicer car but the Highlander was the better one. Build Quality on my HH was top notch - no so the Venza although it is tight & rattle free with no mechanical issues. The ride is firm (OK with me) and quiet enough when the road surface is smooth but can become harsh at times with pronounced road noise on rough roads. This could be due to the Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires. I have heard that Venza's equipped with the Michelin Latitude HP tires provide a more tranquil driving experience so if you are set on a Venza, make sure it is equipped/delivered with the Michelins. My Venza does have the Smartkey, Pano roof and power rear liftgate my HH didn't and the styling is more contemporary but my overall impression of the Venza after 3 months of ownership is I wish I had kept my HH.
  • I can agree with a lot of this. Road noise, cheap materials. Toyota has a good idea here but they cut corners on too many things. The price doesn't reflect that. The Highlander looks like a more sturdy-built vehicle. Venza is better on gas mileage and style. It's a car; the Highlander is an SUV. The Venza is lighter and not very good in snow or ice. I bought the Venza for the gas mileage--which is good. It consistantly beats the sticker mileage ratings. However, I am probably going to get back into another KIA Sedona or a Sorento SUV one of these days. I might look at a Highlander as well. Have a friend who just traded her 2001 Highlander for a new 2012. They drove the Venza but opted for a Highlander again. As for height---I'm short, too. 5'2". The Venza power seat works fine to put me in position for driving, but I always use a little half-pillow in the pocket for a little extra "boost". The back seat of the Venza is roomy, which is a plus. Bottom line: If you like your Highlander, then you should probably stick with it. You will sacrifice some gas mileage, but if that's not a prime motivator you'll probably be happier with the SUV.
  • Hi all,

    I'll be in the market next month to buy my mother a new vehicle and I'm thinking about the Venza. She thinks it looks sharp and she has never owned anything outside of a car. I was also looking at a Highlander or even going premium and getting her the RX350. The RX may be a lot more than she needs though.

    Are there any immediate advantages with the Venza compared to the likes of the RX350 and Highlander? I would go for the V6 with every option so it would be quite comparable to the RX.
  • I am assuming that your mother is probably in her 50's and you said that she has always owned a car. With this being the case, the Venza would be better for her than the Highlander or the RX350. The Venza is basically a roomy car with a lower profile, thus making it easier for her to get in and out of. The rear seats are roomy as well and a unique feature is that they recline. The hatch area has more than enough space for her shopping needs and if you opt for the all wheel drive, she'll be safer in snowy & icy conditions. The 4 cylinder of course has better gas mileage.

    Overall, I think the Venza is an ideal choice for the mature soccer mom or soon to be empty-nester.
  • su922su922 Posts: 9
    Being a woman in her late 50s and having owned all three of the vehicles you mentioned, I would definitely get her the RX350. It far outclasses both the Highlander and Venza in quality of materials and style. It sits high enough to see the road and other vehicles very well, but is not so large as to be difficult to park. It is very easy to drive (the Venza has loose steering), has lots of space for packages and groceries which are easy to load and unload without a lot of bending. In my opinion, the Highlander is too large for easy handling and maneuverability and the Venza is so disappointingly cheap and noisy. Become your Mom's "favorite" and get her the RX! :)

    I know I probably sound like a commercial or a Lexus salesperson (which I am not), but if I could do it all over again, without a doubt I would keep my RX.
  • Yes my mom is in her late 50's. Thanks for the input.

    I'm leaning towards the RX but I really want mom to appreciate all the fun stuff it comes with. I think she would feel more at home in the Venza as the mouse like device in the RX may be a bit challenging. We live in Houston so AWD is not required.

    We have now ruled out the Highlander as it would be too big for her and she does not require a 3rd row. She normally totes around the grandkids but no more than the 3 at a time.

  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    2012 venza pearl white. it appears that the paint on the front bumper is not well adhered to the plastic front bumper. Ater a slight rub against another vehicle, a whole section just peeled off and the adjacent area appears to be ready to just peel off as well. On all the other cars we have owned, even with a rub against another vehicle, the paint stayed on, albeit scratched sometimes badly. RR70
  • Having the same issue with mine, although it wasn't a result of impact. It is a black 2011. At first I noticed how easily it seemed to scratch, but just figured that was my punishment for buying black. Last week I noticed that the paint was peeling off of the bumper, I took it in to my dealer and they identified 4 seperate spots where the paint is coming off... My problem, although still under the "bumper to bumper" factory warranty Toyota is having a hard time deciding whether or not they are going to cover the cost to fix the paint. Up to this point I have loved my car, the paint issue will definitely put a damper on my enthusiasm, especially if they don't fix it.
  • encore3encore3 Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    I own a Venza since May 2009, I experienced exactly the same enexpected
    acceleration problems as you described. It happened to me first in May 2010, then in April 2012, and in January 2013.
    Fortunatly I new what to do, I kwickly shifted the transmission into "neutral "each time, otherwise, in two occasions I would have hit the car in front of me.

    The dealer did several tests each time on the car, but could not find anything wrong...
    According to the Toyota service center, I am the only person reporting such a problem; strange !..
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    I don't know about the 2011, but I can tell you all this hype about the Venza being rough and loud is totally false with the 2013. I have the 2013 XLE...I traded the 2008 Highlander Limited, and I am not one bit sorry I traded....the Venza is more fun to drive, easier to park and turn, and it is just as quiet and smooth as my Highlander was. I cannot believe all the reviews about this car and people saying it is loud and rough !!! maybe the older models were different, I never drove one, but I can tell you that the 2013 is one fun quiet, smooth car and I love it. If you go to some of the other car reviews, you will see that other owners of the 2013 Venza are saying the same thing.....afterall, this is the same V6 as the Highlander. I just came back from a road trip today, and I had a blast with the Venza !
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    I had an 2008 Highlander Limited, and traded for the 2013 Venza....Love it ! I don't miss the highlander at all, even though it was a great SUV with no problems. My Venza is just as quiet and smooth, I have the EXL AWD with panoramic Sunroof and premium stereo that rocks ! I have found the Venza to be easier to drive, park etc. and it is more fun to drive. It also gets a little better gas than the Highlander. I just returned from a road trip and the mpg average is 23.3 and this was mixed in town and highway......I'm sure it will get better as time goes on. I really get disturbed when some car reviews are saying this crossover is noisy and rough riding.......Mine is just as quiet and smooth engine noise at all. It might depend somewhat on the tires as they offer different ones, but mine is a wonderful ride. I enjoy this so much more than the highlander, and I personally think it is nicer looking. I am tall 6'2, have plenty of room, and people have set in the back behind my seat, and they are amazed at the room in the back. Hope this helps...I love it !
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    I have friends with the RX........I disagree with you....The Venza is just as nice, and mine is more quiet than their RX.
  • How many floor mats are you using? Are you using the factory floor mats? Floor mats shifting and jamming the throttle seems to be the main cause of this problem. You did the correct thing it amazes me the people that just rode their brakes until they failed. Obviously there was no codes stored so it is possible a sticking throttle could be your problem, might ask to meet with a factory rep and get him to authorize a provisional replacement of the throttle cable. There has never been to my knowledge any documented or recorded instance of a computor or electrical malfunction causing sudden acceleration and believe me the lawyers and their greedy clients have done their best to prove this problem exists. The class action pay off would be huge. Good luck.
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