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99 Nissan Quest slight jerk when stopped

petakapetaka Member Posts: 12
edited August 2014 in Nissan
The millage is 160k, I have followed all the maintenance schedules and the van starts and runs fine.
In the past year I had replace fuel filter, fuel injector, spark plugs, water pump.
The problem starts after it's warmed up and a few seconds after I come to a stop. It jerks as if the engine is been choked, then continues running normally and after a few more seconds will do it again. I have observed the tach but this happens so fast the tach does not react or barely dips.
It does not seem to do it while in neutral and the check engine light has not turned on, so I have no clue as to what is going on.
Any help will be appreciated.


  • meshell74meshell74 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 1994 Nissan Quest with 150K miles and it does the same thing but mine jerks when I'm driving just sometimes not all the time. A mechanic told me it's the oxygen sensor I also put a fuel pump and that didn't work either. I'm going to his house on Monday 2/8/2010 and he is going to hook it up to a machine to tell me what's wrong. When he does I will get back with you
  • stevecrf250rstevecrf250r Member Posts: 7
    Almost guarantee that the spark plugs are not Iridium (They must be) and/or the spark plug wires are breaking down or if they have been replaced are not Nissan (OEM).

    I spent a few thousand dollars and disassembled the engine to fix a cracked head and many other sensors, distributor, etc. and replaced the Spark plugs and wires with good quality ones but I still had the problem. When warm and stopped while in gear the engine would jerk or miss very quickly about every 13 secs. The problem was worse under a load or when the AC was on. Replaced the plugs and wires with Iridium plugs and OEM wires and have driven about 4000 miles without it happening once.

  • memphibianmemphibian Member Posts: 7
    Be sure to look for broken/breaking engine mounts. I replaced a couple of them (94, 175K)
  • rockmobilerockmobile Member Posts: 115
    I had the engine mounts replaced a couple of months ago. For a while I thought my transmission was giving up but that took care of the problem.

    Now it's making some strange noise when going over a bump - like a lose cable hitting the left side of the under carriage. 99 Quest 189k miles.
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