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Auto-dimming Mirror Manufacturer

branhamrbranhamr Member Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Subaru
Does anyone know who manufactures the OEM auto-dimming mirror with compass on the 2001 Forester?


  • eps105eps105 Member Posts: 216
    Subaru used to use mirrors made by Donnelly. They have since switched to Gentex mirrors. This is retroactive even for the older models, and the connectors fit the same.

    When my Subaru auto-dimming mirror made by Donnelly for my '03 Forester stopped working, I purchased a replacement from my dealer. He gave me a Gentex model and I told him he gave me the wrong style, he said no he didn't - it fits and that's the newer one. He was right.

    The Gentex units have the compass right in the corner of the glass. I thought I liked the Donnelly design better, but the Gentex unit is MUCH less bulky and works great. I'm not even sure Donnelly is still in business.

    Hope I helped.

  • branhamrbranhamr Member Posts: 2
    BIG help! I saw the Donnelly name on the back and was having a hard time figuring where to find them - this solves the problem. Ordered a replacement today from Subaru.
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