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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Thank you. It is dark gray exterior (or as they call it, "Winter Gray Metallic") and dark gray interior.
  • 2012 or 2013?
  • finally sign contract for 2012 Prius two today, price at 22,400+ttl, Blizzard pearl. I know if i shop around or wait one more month, maybe i could get it for couple of hundreds less, but time is not on my side.
    We aslo purchase Toyota's Security System package for $576. Hope we will enjoy the car ride for next few years.
    Thanks everyone for help.
  • It is a 2012.

    I unknownly put the salseman's last name and email address in my previous post and the post was removed. Sorry, first time posting and I was excited to share the price and experience. Here is the Prius III I bought last week:

    2012 Prius III with floor and cargo mats. Msrp $26,585.
    Color: dark gray (winter gray metallic) exterior and dark gray inside. I.e. no extra cost like special color blizzard pearl.
    Got it for $23,909 + tax and license at Capitol Toyota.
    Salesman Alexander is fast, no nonsense, treat me with respect and took care of me well.
  • Hi, looks like you got your Prius already, enjoy! I got it from Toyota of Orange, salesman name was Pete in the internet dept. Older guy, very nice and pleasant and no BS whatsoever. I paid $22,295 for blizzard, any other color you can take off another $400, and I think OTD price was ~ 24,361. Again, stay away from Toyota of Torrance, it was a real nightmare dealing with those guys!
  • Does anyone buy a Prius in NJ? Any suggestion dealers? and how much do you pay for your Prius?
  • Thanks for the info. I went to the local dealer and got my Prius II blizzar pearl for $22,400. Seem it's $101 more than what you paid. But the maintainance would be much more convenient for us since the dealer it only 10 mins away.
  • vadaivadai Posts: 14
    I am planning to either buy a Prius 3 or 4 shortly. What are you planning to buy?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A reporter is looking for people who have shopped or bought either a Prius V or a Ford C-Max hybrid as an "alternative family car." If you'd like to share your experience, please send and e-mail to [email protected] by December 10, 2012.


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  • Hope to purchase a 2013 Prius Three in next 30 or so days. Not interested in any extras except automatic start (which I understand is installed by dealer). Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated. I do not need dealer financing, and I live in Ohio between Akron & Cleveland. Thank you.
  • nadynady Posts: 1
    I just pulled the trigger on a 2012 silver prius 3 from Toyota of Orange, CA on Nov 30th. Robert
    was no nonsense and very easy to work with via email. Responsive and open with answers. Total price minus tax title and license, $23,709. He undercut everybody by at least $750 with no bs. Highly recommended! In and out in an hour.

    Thank you for all the posts on this site! I saved a bunch when I bought an Odyssey 5 years ago using the same techniques and pricepoints found on this blog! Was a little surprised that they still worked.
  • I'm new to this forum so forgive me if this is an old (or ridiculous) question.

    I've seen great prices on here for locations in California. I've been quoted $24,500 (costco price) for a Prius 2 here in Albuquerque. Is it worth it to travel somewhere for a lower price? Is there a state or dealership that consistently has lower pricing? How are you guys getting these deals?!

    thanks for your help!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Bit of a follow-up request, thanks for relying!

    A reporter is looking for people who have shopped or own a Prius V If you'd like to share your experience, please send and e-mail to [email protected] by December 10, 2012.
  • The owner's manual says not to drive at extremely high speeds or at a constant speed for extended periods within the first 600 miles. So I would be careful on how far you have to drive the new car back.

    Instead of going out of state, you can try car buying services from Edmunds, U.S. News and World Report or credit unions also. I tried about 2 and I got different prices, even from the same dealer. And a few dealers contacted me later to offer even lower prices than the ones they gave thru these car buying services! If you are in the market on the last day of the month, you will get sweeter deals.

    Best luck!
  • Thanks for the replies. I can't get our local dealership below $24,333 which they insist is what they paid for it.

    Happy Driving!
  • This is a common problem to watch out for. Try not to be too hard on yourself. I think the reason it happens so easily is because Edmunds includes the destination charge in its prices, but dealerships often quote without the destination charge so the price sounds very attractive. Of course, overpaying can be avoided easily by always asking for the price with the destination charge or total charge, without tax, license, and fees. Sounds obvious, doesn't it, but it's a common error that dealerships count on.
  • What year was your prius? that was 22,295?
  • Hi, looking to buy Toyota Prius c II, in WA state area. I am getting $19,865 +tax+doc fee +lic fees. Is this a good offer or not? Any replies are greatly appreciated .
  • 2012 Prius c II
  • slsuslsu Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone - I received the latest price quote for a 2012 Prius III in Blizzard Pearl with the following options - clear paint protection (which includes door cups, door edge guards, rear bumper protector), carpet mats, and Toyoguard Plus. Total MSRP = $28,321.00. I've gotten the price down to $23,411.00 w/o TTL. This is in the Southeast (NC), and I'm less than thrilled that their doc fees alone are $499! I'm wondering if I should bother bringing it down more to $23K given that it's year-end and that I'm paying w/o financing.
  • Hi Slsu,

    You might want to look for a prius w/o the clear paint protection as it's almost pure 100% dealer markup. The docs fee sounded high as well. I see most dealers charge $299 (DCH Toyota for example) for their docs fees or computer fees. That you can probably negotiate. Remember you have the upper hand and the dealer is looking to offload the vehicle.
  • $499 is a stupid Doc Fee - the most I've ever paid was $199. That is pure profit/gouging. Think of it this way....they could take the price straight to invoice and they still make nearly $1,000 between Holdback and a fat doc fee like that. I think getting them down almost 5 Grand is good, and the clear paint film is actually beneficial, so much so that I spent over $500 (not through the dealer) having the whole front of our black 2012 Prius done. I don't want it sandblasted by 50k miles.....
  • Hi,

    I am looking at a 2011 prius 5 45,000 miles, without the collision avoidance system. They want $20,000 plus tax and license. It seems clean and had a good carfax report. Is that a good price?

    Also, what if any are the advantages and disadvantages of this 5 vs a 2010 prius 4? If I could find a 2010 4 with a sunroof for 20,000 (plus tax and fees) is that an equivalent deal and a good price?
    There are a few listed for around $22,000. Is that about the best I can expect?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. I'm totally new to prius and confused by the models.
  • I have been getting quotes around the Bay Area and the best I got for a 2013 Prius 4 is
    26888 and out of door (taxes + LIC) of 29600. Any suggestions on this price and also anyone with better pricing?

  • I'm looking at at 2012 Prius 3 at Grossinger as well, what was the OTD price you paid? The last I bought a car (in 2003) I was completely unprepared for all the fees after negotiating the actual price of the car!

    Thanks :)
  • I'm thinking of a new prius. Is the 2012 still around, or would I have to go for a 2013? Anyone with recent prices for a II in the Northeastern US? Specifically, NY, CT, MA, NJ, RI.
  • I would bet there are new '12s around, best thing to do is just google "your city" and "toyota" and start emailing dealers, asking for their best price on what you want. Why not ask for pricing on '12 and '13 both?
  • I was in central NJ last weekend and 2 dealers had more 12's on the lot than 13's. Prices are not yet at "sale" level to bite yet on those prices unless you urgently need the car. I'm thinking that Toyota will tell the dealers to start dropping prices $2000 to $2500 on leftover 12's during Jan and Feb. Check Fitzmall's prices in Maryland to compare against your dealers.
  • Hi everybody,

    my wife and I just bought a 2013 Prius package 3 in Blizzard Pearl for $24,300 + TTL at the Hayward dealer (we live in Oakland, CA). We wrote a check for $26,860. Mats were included. Salesperson's first name is Lamaine.

    I picked the dealer using CarWoo and it worked pretty well, I think. I sent email to various local and not-so-local dealers, and also went through the Costco auto purchase program, but all other offers were above $25,000, which I didn't want to pay based on the information from this forum. I didn't negotiate with the Hayward dealer, just took their offer. I suspect lower prices are possible, but likely not by a lot.

    Good luck to you all and let me know if you have any questions!
  • Gonna go see this Prius tonight, want your opinion of how good a deal it is:
    2010 Prius IV Certified Pre-Owned
    16,700 miles
    Leather, nav, and solar pkg
    Black exterior
    1 owner, dealer has service records
    Asking $24,900.

    Dealer has had vehicle on lot for a month. Apparently it was listed for $26,900 but last week reduced to $24,900. Used Prius usually move quick so I'm having a little pause as to why they haven't sold it. Maybe it's as simple as it was priced too high.

    Assuming it checks out, What do you think I should target as a selling price? Is $24,900 already a great price?
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