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Article Comments - 2010 Ford Transit Connect First Drive

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
Ford is playing a bit coy with the 2010 Transit Connect, which will arrive in dealer showrooms this summer. Typically, we would not write much on a commercial vehicle, especially one that isn't particularly useful for towing old cars or motorcycles or whatnot. And Ford wouldn't typically bother inviting us to test-drive a panel van in Washington, D.C., as it did this week.

2010 Ford Transit Connect First Drive


  • cmarvelcmarvel Posts: 3
    I love the high seat visibility up front. Now how about the rear? If they put a rear window in it -- NOT a rear Door window -- I'd like to see it wrap over the top like the beloved Ford Broncos of yore. Plus I'd like the cargo area equipped with lots of bolt mounts so the tailgate-party and camper crowds could spend hours and hours inventing contraptions for their fun. The thought occurs to me here that a lot of the auto sales decline in the U.S. can be attributed to the fact that the average guy can't work on cars in his driveway anymore. Outfitting the rear with a lot of bolt mounts could give the driveway guy a great platform for fun again. Think video camera mounts. And swing-out batteries of barbeque tools. And Vespa racks. And rubber-ducky stowage bins, etc. Let the inventing begin.
  • wtj1wtj1 Posts: 1
    Looks like it might act similar to a pick-up on icy surfaces.
    Perhaps some extra weight in the cargo area during winter?

    The ground clearance almost begs to travel less than perfect roads,
    too bad it isn't 4x4.

    Anyone have info of any roll-over tendency?
  • gavrikgavrik Posts: 44
    Came across this vehicle, really got excited. Then, found out no awd option exists on this one. With snowy winters in Chicago, forget about it. Too bad.
  • Does anyone know if the rear seats in the XLT can be easily removed?
  • beeteebeetee Posts: 1
    I test drove theTransit Connect and found one very disconcerting design feature. The center posts in the rear door COMPLETELY block the line of view for the lane behind you. I am surprised no reviews have mentioed that. That could be scary on the freeway in a commute environment.

    I suggest that Ford think about off-set doors like in the Isuzu Trooper. They were great as a safety feature and would add a bit more hinkiness to the FTC image. Other than that, a very attractive package.
  • Now if Ford would just drop in a VW diesel engine, rear disks, tow package and a way to correct the dangerously impaired visibility in the rear view mirror it would be much better.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    Now if Ford would just drop in a VW diesel engine

    Ford has it's own diesel but I doubt you'll see it in NA - the market pretty much dosen't want them.

    rear disks, tow package

    Agree and agree.

    a way to correct the dangerously impaired visibility in the rear view mirror

    Since it has split door in the rear, I don't see how they could correct that without going to a single swinging or hatch door. But since work vans have had a similar setup for the rear doors for decades, the market the Transit is targeting at probably doesn't have an issue with it.
  • whiprunnerwhiprunner Posts: 1
    I like my new TC - lots of space, good visibility - rear sensor helps with impaired rear view. But the ride is very stiff. I feel every bump and pebble in the road. Does anyone have suggestions for softening the ride?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Did you play with the tire pressures?

    Steve, visiting host
  • mamoo111mamoo111 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2010 transit connect with 1000 miles on it from a ford dealership...I had to replace one tore at 10,000 miles, and another at 15,000 the other 2 tires are worn out with 29,000 miles on it. The van TC came with contra pro tires, but the psi limit on the tires is 47#.. and the regulation pressure to keep the sensor from going off is 49# for the rear tires. Well, over inflating the tires causes them to wear out really quick, and could cause dangerous driving hazards. ford tells me that the contra pro tires they put on the transit is rated for 50# of air...and someone must have changed out the tires....REALLY!!!! Even the spare tire!!! Would love to hear from other transit owners...check your 205 65 15 contrApro continental tires...on the sidewall, it will tell you the Amy of air it is rated for....I am stll telling Ford they are wrong...HELP!!!!
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