Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi Engine Failure



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    I finally to got the bad engine from the mechanic that did the work for us.

    A full review of the finding is posted on a Chrysler related message board here:
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    Forget that link,
    Go directly to this page:
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    My 2004 Dodge Durango engine went on Saturday and the dealer told me the same happened to mine. Is there anything that can be done for this misfortune?
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    Call Chrysler customer service. It may take a couple of calls the first person I contacted was awful and very smartmouthed the second time I called I got a gentleman that realy knows what customer service is about. We had to take my girlfriends Durango to a Dodge dealer to have inspected and due to the low mileage and the aparent care taken of the Durango Chrysler is covering 75 percent of parts and labor. Only problem now is no motors are available so they are collecting new parts and building a new motor. We are on week three of the repair and still waiting on parts. The service manager has been great though.
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    I'm glad to hear that Chrysler is addressing the issue. I didn't even attempt to call Chrysler since our had over 130K and we were the 2nd owners.
    Considering the very, very, minimal wear on the internals of this Hemi I have decided to fix it. Yes I mean fix the block. For those who have some welding skills there are special materials available now for repairing cast iron. All I need to do is repair the hole in the block, replace one rod and one piston. There IS NO applicable bearing, ring, or cylinder bore ware I can find. I will reuse everything.
    I considered upgrading to forged rods but the price is pretty high. Aftermarket parts for these engines are ridiculous. I will probably take the rest of the stock rods and have them sonic checked but that is it.
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    I just bought the travel trailer to go along with my 2004 Durango that has 106,500 miles on it. Would like to know how you make out. I would like to know if anyone else is pulling a trailer with theirs. My trailer is a 28ft Jayco weighing about 7,900. I don't want to trash my Durango and won't be going far since we live in Alaska and the beach is about 150 miles away.
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    Wow Carol,

    I hate to be negative since the specs for the Durango are well within what you need to pull that travel trailer.
    But all I can do is to reiterate what I have found by researching this rod failure issue.
    It seems to happen in '03 and '04 hemi powered truck applications and not cars.
    This DOES NOT MEAN your engine will fail. But knowing the facts gives you some options to consider. You might consider a car warranty that covers engine failures since your vehicle is well outside the manufactures warranty. Or, you might consider trading up to a Diesel 4 door (roomy) pickup that is the absolute best for trailer towing.
    The up side is the Hemi Durango with the optional tow package is a great vehicle to pull a trailer. I pulled a 20" car hauler with an antique car on it and it pulled it effortlessly. The 545RFE transmission in Hemi Durango has proven itself to be an excellent transmission. It is probably one of the best since the days of the bulletproof 3 speed automatics that powered most of the Chrysler vehicles since the late 1950s till the late 80s when the 4 spd automatics started to show up.
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    hoping you could help me out. My 04' durango w/ 104k miles just had it's engine blow while my husband was driving it on the highway. I'm so upset to find out this is a problem that Chrysler is aware of, thank god i was not in the car w/ my 2 year old son at the time.

    where can i find those previous cases on the nhtsa website and how did you contact chrysler to make this complaint. Did you just call a 800 #. Any help would be so much appreciated.

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    yes you can call chrysler customer service, i do belive its a 800 number, they will ask alot of questions, but the main thing will be records of service, they are willing to help if you have proof of oil changes and service,. good luck
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    I contacted chrysler and they refuse to do anything. I have made a formal complaint w/ the national highway and transportation and consumer protection. I encourage all owners to make formal compliants, it's the only way to bring this problem to the public eye and force chrysler to take responsibility.
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    We just had our second engine blow, so no, I would say it is definitely not worth it, we are so upset that we may never buy north american again.
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    Oh my god, i'm so sorry to hear that, can't imagine how frustrated you must be.

    Do you mind if i ask...did you put another 04 dodge motor in? What was the mileage?

    We are in the process of deciding what to do w/ our blown motor. Someone told us that the engine is failing because of the manifold. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

    We are considering putting a jasper motor in, i'm too scared to put another dodge motor in for this very reason. I feel like it would just be a ticking time bomb.
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    A JASPER motor is just a rebuilt engine. It likely uses OEM Chrysler parts.
    The #1 reason for these failures is the connecting rods. The part number of the original rod has rolled in the Chrysler parts system, so a new rod (better) being used. This problem is primarly '04 Hemis, '05 Hemis are compatible but later ones are not direct bolt ins.
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    thanks for the info. the benefit of the JASPER motor is it comes w/ a 3 year warrantly.

    what do you mean by the part # has rolled in the chrysler parts system?
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    It means there is a new version (part number) of the connecting rod/piston combo. When you purchase a replacement part, you are not getting the part as went in the original engine. Since the later Hemi engines vehicles don't suffer from the rod failure issues, that leads me to think this is an improve version.
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    My 2004 Durango had a hole in the engine also. never any prior problems, loved the vehicle. driving down road, check engine light flashed, car died, towed to shop. cylinder #4 blew hole thru side of engine. Dodge says 'sorry, out of warranty' because it's got 91,855 miles on it!!!! I talked to case manager and supervisor and still same answer. Since somehow you got them to pay due to outside of warranty, can you share any info on a contact number/or name that you spoke to? my email is [email protected] Despite my comments about several similar situations noted on here and that NHTSA website (including my own) they still deny there being any problem...any info you could do to help would be soooo much appreciated. Another engine with a 3yr/100k mile warranty is going to cost us about 7k (in NJ). THANK YOU
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    The main thing that helped on my girlfriends Durango was the purchase history she had with Chrysler and the dealership where we went. The shop foreman has a lot to do with the call on fixing the vehicle. we had all the maintenance records in the vehicle when it was towed in. We called the 800 customer service number the first time no luck the second we got a knowledgeable young man who sent us to senior management. The appearance of the vehicle also played into the fact they repaired this Durango it still looks brand new! The only complaint I have with the repair is due to so many engines being replaced there are none available so the had to get a block and build from "scratch" so we got 1 year 12k mile waranties on individual parts instead of the three year 50k waranty. I would not give up, keep calling and trying but see if you can get through to senior management.
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    How are we going to sue Dodge?

    There is no way that "slodge" in any car or truck will destroy it completely with only 62,000 miles!
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    I think you mean "sludge", and yes, it is possible, but that's not the problem with the 5.7 hemi anyway, is it?
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    This is quite a conversation.
    I just had a phone call from the Dodge dealer, stating that I had a rod bearing failure, at 78,500 miles.

    After setting for a few days I went to start my Durango, and it had a funny sound coming from under the car. From what I gather it's the bearing on cylinder number eight. The cost to fix it over $4000 for a short block
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    I originally started this link a couple years ago when my Hemi blew. Luckily it was still under warranty. The new (should i say REBUILT) motor has been working fine ever since (the motor now only has 37,000 miles.) I have read otheres talking about working on a class action suit. Anyone have any info? From what I've been hearing a reading, it seems that the problems were supposedly fixed for 2005 and newr Hemis. i know the aggravation you are all going through, and still keep crossing my fingers everyday that it stays ruinning.
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    Chrysler did end up footing 75% of the bill. My only issue was that the engines are having to be replaced so much none were available. The service manager at the dealer realy worked for us. He wanted a new long block but there was a 6 month backorder. He requested Chrysler to purchase a Jasper engine with a three year warranty so no go. A Chrysler long block had a better warranty than what the Durango came with new! So it ended up the dealership "built" an engine. Found a new block and ordered all new parts. it took two weeks just to locate the parts! One head actualy had to come from Canada none available in the US due to so many replacements (right side) The service manager refused to put any of the old parts on the new engine(thank goodness) Any electrical parts and anything connecting to the engine was thoroughly examined! At last due to no new engines being available we ended up with a 12k mile warranty on each individual part. With all the problems Chrysler should pay 100%...Have been looking at trucks realy wanted a Dakota but dont think so sorry Dodge just cant trust you to spend that much and not know how long before a breakdown!!! :(
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    I read these posts and the ones on the NHTSA site about the flaw in this engine that Chrysler has done NOTHING about and I get so angry. On Sunday April 17, 2011, I went out to start my 2004 Dodge Durango with 76.400 miles on it, and it sounded like a midget was in the engine throwing metal around. It was making the most awful banging and clanking noises.
    I had it towed to my local mechanic and he said I had a "hole in the engine block...probably from a thown rod". I was just out of my extended 7yr/70,000mi warranty of course. I contacted Dodge customer service and was assigned a case and TURD case manager named Roland how advised me to have the vechicle towed to my Dodge dealer (at my own expense).
    I did that. They made me sign a paper saying I would pay for 1hr of labor to "inspect the engine". Two days later my dealer calls saying that they inspected the "top part of the engine" and it was clean (no signs whatsoever of sludge or neglect) and that the district manager of service wanted them to take apart the bottom of the engine now ....for another 2hrs of labor....are you kidding me????? I was already out over $300. Meanwhile my turd case manager is telling me that since I'm out of warranty ..he doesn't have to do anything for me..but they may give me $1500 after this engine inspection procedure (which could cost as much as $800) Really???? Really??? A new (remaned) engine is $7900.....Really????
    The end result is I sold the car to a junk yard and lost 10grand in equity I had on the car. It was a well maintained $40,000 vechicle..the engine should not SELF DESTRUCT!! Dodge-Chrysler does NOT stand behind their products. I filed a complaint on the NHTSA web YOU ALL SHOULD ( There are 591 complaints....REALLY DODGE???? My tax money bailed out your company??? I took what little scrap money I got and went and bought a 2011 Kia Soul (made 94% in Korea) and will NEVER buy American again!! Please everyone....file your complaints on NHTSA site, it takes less than 10min, maybe we can get a class action suit going..I could NOT afford to loose the equity I had in that car. Does anyone know any other sites to complain?
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    We drove all over the place the day before without any problems. My husband went to leave on Monday morning to run an errand and when he started it he heard a loud clicking sound. Upon investigation...he found a hole in the oil pan and we had it towed to the Dodge dealer where we purchased it new in the summer of 04'. They called the next day and said it was Engine failure and it would cost $6500.00 to fix. Are you serious???? No engine lights, smoking, noises....nothing until the morning he went to start and found the oil on the ground. I did have a problem twice with the engine just dying while i was in driving it....and was powerless to steer it or use the brakes...luckily both times I was in very little traffic. It started right back up both times as soon as I put it in park and turned the key. We have maintained the vehicle the entire time we have owned it and cant understand how they can just charge us for an engine when it was nothing that we did....and by reading the complaints on this site and is apparent that it is a common problem for the 04' Durango's and the 04' Rams and even the 04 Jeeps....why isnt Chrysler doing something about this?
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    The same thing just happened to us also... I love my truck. We bought it used, it had under 117 000 clicks on it. I babied that truck and my heart is just broken over it... It was going to be $10 000.00 to replace the motor and my husband just refused to put that into it... now I'm looking for a replacement, but I can't get rid of the sick feeling in my stomach... I'm not happy to hear this has happened to others, you think Dodge would clue in that there is a problem and do a recall... to late for my truck, my husband sold it for 1500, which is making me more sick to my stomach thinking about it!!! :(
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    Every day more and more people with Dodge Durango/Trucks in the effected years are losing engines to rod failure. Chrysler as a whole is not going to do anything about unless the public outcry affects their PR.
    All we can do is register a complaint with NHTSA.
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    I'm in Canada... is there an agency here to complain to?

    I went to the dodge dealership in our area... was basically told "oh Well"... are you looking for another truck... I won't repeat what I told them... if the damn Durango would have started, I would have been driving up somewhere it might have got stuck that would have been very uncomfortable for a certain sales person!!!!

    We have a family friend that had the same problem with thier 04 Durango... he's still fighting with Dodge over it and it's been over 2 years....
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    I agree i filed a complaint with NHTSA and consumer protection. As the 2004 start hitting the higher mileage this is going to happen again and again. After 3 months we are finally getting our durango back tonight.

    Got a chance to see the old engine last night and was SHOCKED by the size of the hole in the block. I'm convinced Chyrsler won't do a damn thing until someone dies or gets seriously hurt.

    please please go to NHTSA and file a complaint!
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    We are still in limbo about ours and it happened the 25th of April. My daughter overheard a woman talking on the cell phone last night at Walmart (she was sitting in an 04 Durango) about her vehicle just shutting down while driving again...this time she was on I-70 going 70 my daughter told her about our Durango and of the many other complaints and told her to look up this site and read about it. I wouldnt doubt but what people have died already and it was blamed on driver error. Isn't there some way that we could all band together and do something?????
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    i don't know what it takes to have a class action law suit started. I had an attorney send Chrysler a letter when we were trying to get them to do something and basically got a letter back saying sorry your SOL.

    mine also happened in early April and we are just going to get it back tonight. ended up going with a jasper motor, not looking forward to finding out what the bill is tonight.
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    This was an issue ours was having not long after we bought it (in 2008). Very intermittent but usually while turning, or going up or down a grade it would just DIE.
    And I fixed it. This sounds completely unlikely and improbable but I changed the transmission fluid and both filters and it was completely trouble free until the engine blew last year.
    There is a technical bulletin on this issue. It has something do with the sensors in the tranny sensing 0 pressure when it should be high because the vehicle is under power. The ECU (brain) shuts the vehicle down to prevent transmission damage; if I understood the bulletin correctly.
    IF you have a Hemi Durango you have the 545FE. The track record of this transmission has been outstanding. This does not mean you have a problem, but likely you may have a clogged filter or the fluid can simply be low and cause this issue.
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    I have an 06 Charger with the Hemi for a police car. Two days ago while idling it developed a miss and died. When I restarted it it made a clanking noise and I turned it off and called a wrecker to take to our shop. The #3 cylinder caughed up an intake seat and chewed up the piston, head, and cylinder. The car only had 49,000 miles and our shop services them on a regular basis. It has never gone over 3,000 miles on an oil change since new and I am the only one who drives it. Yet with only a 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty I guess we are sunk. Dodge said it has no knowledge of a problem with valve seats falling out. I told them they should Google it then and they might learn something like they don't already know.
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    We just had to have ours towed back to our house from the dealer at our expense. It sat there for two months while we were trying to get Chrysler to help us with it. They wouldn't do a thing because we changed our own oil for the past 3 years and hadnt kept a record. They called and left a message that if we didnt come get the vehicle from the dealer they were going to consider it abandoned....I feel like screaming. You would think that there would be something all of us could do together to get something done. They hadnt once ask us to come get it before that call and they knew that we were trying to get help. For the two weeks prior to this husband had made numerous calls to the Manager at the dealer and to the person he had been talking to at Chrysler with no return calls. They KNOW of the many complaints and have chosen to ignore them. Makes me sick that we bailed Chrysler out when they were going under and they could care less about us now. I wouldnt be one bit surprised if someone hasnt died due to the engine just quiting on the highway. When it happens there is no brakes and you cant steer so the person behind you would be unaware. No brake lights or warning lights either. Naturally it would be blamed on human error....who would suspect a newer vehicle having engine failure while driving down the highway. It happened to me twice but i was on a street both times with little or no traffic. I wish you luck in trying to get help...but we bought ours new and had always done our oil changes on time...and this has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the oil and they know it...
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Sorry about your problems but it isn't true you have no brakes or steering. What happens is you loose power assist for both, but they still work. It takes more muscle to turn the wheel and more force on the brakes, like in an older car before those were common options or standard equipment.
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    Good Luck with Dodge... we have a family friend that also had a :lemon: Durango, same year as ours and it happened 2 years ago... he's still fighting with them. He's a lawyer, so no legal fees, but a lot of time involved and still not getting anywhere. I sent a email to Dodge over a month ago and no response still... I'm going to start emailing them every day until I get a response... I'm still mad as hell and it's been over 2 months now. We are not going to fix ours... just feeling ripped off still....
  • rambo818rambo818 Member Posts: 9
    I'm telling you ....I had no brakes or steering....i'm no spring chicken and I use to drive cars before power brakes or steering were ever heard of, and I had to coast til my car stopped. Plus there are no brake lights and no way to turn on your flashers. Can you imagine this happening while going down the highway at 70 mph?????
    Did I mention in my earlier post that the dealer didnt charge us a dime for anything (ordering a new oil pan, testing to find what the problem was etc...they had told us we would be charged a fee. So that right there tells me they know they are getting off lucky....or we would have been charged an arm and a leg for thier services...
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    My 04 Durango threw a rod back in April. It still sits dead in my driveway. For 6K to fix it, please. You can't even sell one of these for 6K becuaes EVERYONE knows what a peice of garbage they are....

    I watch these sites and keep seeng the complaints, month after month. New people affected by this defective car that Dodge refuses to stand behind.

    What is it going to take to get orgnized people? What is it going to take to get news organizations and class action lawyers to shame them in public??
    "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE DURANGO HAS BEEN THE PAST 2 YEARS" On top of the scrap metal heap and now they are trying to do it again with thier slick adds and muscle car looks. If you all are serious, get it together and respond.

    Get national news involved. How can there be so many cunsumer complaints and NOBODY checking into this???????????????????
  • rambo818rambo818 Member Posts: 9
    well...going down a highway at 65 mph and have your engine cut out with no lights or warning signals to let the person behind you know that you have no power....having brakes or steering that is next to impossible to make work is of little help. I've driven older cars and the muscle power is quite different with engine failure. Im not a spring chicken...
  • rambo818rambo818 Member Posts: 9
    What state do you live in and are you getting in touch with the news media there? Attorneys cant do anything about it and I cant even get mine running due to lack of finances at the moment. Even though we changed our oil religiously....we dont have records for the last 3 years because our nephew did it for us so they are using that as an excuse not to help us. If they would take the engine apart they would see that ours was well maintained. We bailed them out and they are dropping the ball on us....go figure.
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    We bought the car used with 62,000 miles and records of oil changes and so on, main reason we got car. Then after about 4 months and 2000 miles more, my wife called asking be what the ticking noise might be and what should she do about it? Told her could be any thing and to keep driving untill it stopped then call tow truck. She got home OK. When I went out to look/listen at the engine it did start but what a banging noise was coming from under the hood. When we bought the car the salesman talked us into an extended warranty and asked us to bring it back to them if there were any problems. So I called the dealer (GMC) and made appt for the car to be checked out. Next day got call that there was a large hole in the block and would need a new engine. Gave the shop the phone number of the warranty company and after about a week of talking got a rebuilt engine instead of an used one with only needing to pay $200.00. Only problem it took the GMC shop 1 month to change the engine. So far no problems with the new engine. Will NOT be buying anything else from Dodge. Glad I got talked into that warranty as per the GMC shop new engine would have been around $6000.00 instead of the $200.00
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    I have been to the dealership 7 times to get my problem fixed with my Dodge Durango Hemi 2005. It bucks and sputter mostly at around 45mph, but since they have worked on it the problem is worse and does it at all speeds. According to the corporate headquarters quoted by my service advisor, "the hemi's are notorious for running like that and this is a normal condition to feel a surge at speeds between 45 and 60. Not a repair for this concern". Half the time it feels like it is going to cut out on me. I don't feel safe driving in it, or going any distance. I got a tune-up and fuel injection service, which made it worse. So took it back, they did the computer analysis, which turned up nothing. Took it back again as problem is continuing to get worse. They replaced two oxygen sensors and the computer module PO8035029. (at a cost of $400 to me and $1,000 to them as mine is still under warranty....purchased as a dealers demo, so still under the 70,000 mile will expire in 500 more miles) This "repair" only has made the car shift used to shift smoothly, now I have that plus the surging and bucking. Returned to the dealership, they replaced the EGR sensor, but it wasn't that so they say, they put the old one back on. Took it back another time and the service advisor forgot to put the truck in for service after I sat there 6 hours waiting for my truck. I was given a rental car and sent on my way. Next day, got a rude call from the service advisor telling my car cannot be fixed and that is how just how they run and I would have to deal with it.

    I then proceeded to the new car department at the dealership acting like I was interested in buyig a new Dodge Durango. I asked the salesman if the 2011 Hemi's problems were fixed. He assured me that the problems in the older models had been worked out on the 2011 models. Now, if Chrysler is aware of the PROBLEMS with the older models, then why are they letting us all continue to drive in them and put our lives at risk?? I wanted a letter stating that my car was safe to drive, which my service advisore promised me but I never got. The dealership actually makes you feel like you are in the wrong for wanting your car fixed. I have a case number with the main plant in Auborn Hills, MI. I have written to them again explaining my last fiasco with the dealership. Hopefully they will do something about this problem. Ironicly while all this is going on with my Durango, boyfriends Dodge 2003 truck siezed up; water got into the oil. He had to buy a new truck. Something is not right with Dodge. They need to take responsibility.
  • drrighteousdrrighteous Member Posts: 49
    The main issue have here is a BAD DEALER!!!
    Automotive technicians range from outstanding to horrible and they all work at dealerships. Many dealerships are interested in quick fixes because they want to move a volume of vehicles through their service bays to keep profits up. Hard problems they will BLAME on the vehicle owners. Also many dealerships only hire cheap labor in their shop so hard problems don't get fixed.
    I recommend taking your Durango to another Dodge dealer. If it is under warranty they have to honor it and do the service.
  • angel121angel121 Member Posts: 9
    File a complaint

    get involved!!! Do not let Dodge get away with this!!
  • janap1janap1 Member Posts: 6
    I took my Durango to a transmission place and had the transmission oil and filter changed, so far it has solved the problem. Why couldn't the Dodge dealership figure this out? After I spent 7 days at the dealership and $1,200 plus they replaced a $1,000 part under warranty.
  • lumpy41lumpy41 Member Posts: 1
    I had the same issue. auto zone gave me the same plugs except 8 of platinum and 8 of the better ones. I didnt realize the difference. Read your post and had them replace spark plugs today. so at least they are correct now. Talked to the dealer said shouldn't cause any further problems....but still wont start right?? you have any luck finding the problem....ours sounds identical problem and same mileage. Ive had new starter, alternater, plugs,wires. now air bag light on....and still starting
  • drrighteousdrrighteous Member Posts: 49
    The intermittent "dying" while driving is an issue covered in a service bulletin. Like I mentioned before many dealership DO NOT HIRE SKILLED MECHANICS. The hire 'shade tree' types that work cheap. They want to move a volume of easy fixes through their service department and avoid expensive repairs. Dealership owners are interested in MONEY; not taking care of their customers.
  • irateirate Member Posts: 1
    I can sympathize, but don’t expect Dodge to do anything about your problem. I just traded in a 2011 Durango Crew with similar problems that - after several visits to the dealer and a complaint filed with Dodge was deemed a "characteristic of the vehicle by design" leaving you little recourse. In fact, my story is much like yours right down to the service advisor making it seem like the problem is with you and not your car. Still mad as hell about the whole ordeal after paying $45,000 for the vehicle, but figured it would be cheaper in the long run and less stressful to trade the Durango in with only 6000 miles and take the loss up front. I am now the proud owner of a certified 2008 BMW X5 that I couldn't be happier with. The X5 runs like a dream and the level of customer appreciation and care at the dealership is unprecedented.
  • drrighteousdrrighteous Member Posts: 49
    Much of the hype surrounding the new Hemis is because on paper the engine design is a winner in every aspect. But the execution was ridiculously poor. ">

    I found it very interesting that if you read up on any modern Hemi build ups in a car magazine the first thing you have to do is toss the stock rods and pistons and do replace much of the valve train to keep the engine from coming apart.
    I have been building MoPar engines for years. And that level of modification was necessary only in competitive drag racing engines where you were running really high compression, high RPM or supercharged. The stock internals of these "new" Hemis are cheap JUNK.
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    The same thing happened to me with my 04' Durango. I was fortunate to have purchased a used car warranty through the dealer. It still cost me 1500 but was well worth it. Now she has an 08 motor with a set of flow masters and a K&n cold air filter. I'm getting 22 mph on the hiway and it pulls my boat n trailer (7500lbs,) no problem. Man I'm hoping it doesn't blow a rod again. If anyone starts a class action suit, count me in!
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    I am trying to. I have contacted Millberg Class action litigators in NY. They are looking into it. Find them on the web ( and give your support please. Dodge has to pay for what they have done to their customers. I can't justify a $6000 repair on an engine that does not even have 100k on it...and a car that is not even worth that much.
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