Chevrolet Blazer antifreeze smell

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I have the smell of antifreeze IN the blazer when I put either the outside air or the a/c on. What could that be?


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    Hate to tell you this, but probably a leaking heater core. Not an easy repair. To confirm, you can bypass the heater core by connecting the two heater hoses together where they go through the firewall. Before pulling the hoses, look to confirm one of the hoses isn't leaking. If they are leaking, they are near the air intake for the ventilation system and you would be able to smell it through the vents. Use a garden hose to flush any remaining coolant from the heater core, and blow out the water using compressed air. Be sure to clean up the coolant as animals like the taste and it is highly toxic.

    After doing this, see if the smell goes away.
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    I was afraid that someone was going to say that. When the heater core went in my cadillac, I had water pouring inside, down by my feet, but there's no water coming in this time.
    My brother thought it might be my thermostat, (it hadn't been changed the whole time we've had it....6 yrs) so he changed it today. But I haven't gone anywhere to see if there's still a smell in there. I did start it, and there was no smell, (which there was before), but it may change when going down the road. My brother also checked all over and did see any wet spots, nor was my radiator low.
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    Antifreeze has a unique odor just for the purpose of identifying the source of a leak. Often the thermostat housing can leak and the odor of antifreeze will enter the car. The odor of antifreeze can come from a heater core and there will be no evidence of a leak. The heater core could have a very minor dampness around the connections that is not visually detectable. The can fill the car with antifreeze odor just as if it was a major leak.
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    Must have been the thermostat housing because we haven't smelled antifreeze since my brother changed the thermostat.

    Thanks for your advice!
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    The sweet smell (and taste) of antifreeze is a natural property of ethylene glycol, the principle ingredient. I have heard that some states require ingredients be added to give a bitter smell and taste, but not that I have seen.

    Very important to absorb and dilute with water any antifreeze spills, because they will attract (and kill if ingested) animals.
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