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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • i have had my nox for almost a has 17K miles on has been in for service about 7 times, and the dealership has had it for a total of about 25 days for all the services. I have had the transmission completely replaced (for very bad vibration between 35-45 mph), and now the left front stablizer was broken-and now replaced. There has also been a recall on the radio/ that fixed too. My gas mileage has DROPPED drastically since about the 3rd month of ownership....the most I have ever gotten is about 28 mpg (interstate driving)...but now it had dropped to an average of about 23 mpg. Of course, the dealer can find no cause for this!! I dont see how they can advertise 32 mpgs..I have never even gotten close. I love the car, but am so frustrated with all these issues. I also complained about the pinging noise, but they say they cant hear it. And, on the driver side part of the brake system is hanging down...they tell me it is supposed to be that way...UGh!!
  • mine got to the point that if I took my foot off the gas...the car would drop speed by about 15-20 mph.....if I was only going 10-15mph car would come to complete stop (without touching brake) would not roll to stop...... they ended up telling me (after several computer adjustments) that it was my transmission...and they put in a brand new one.
  • alinmdalinmd Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    You might want to try another dealer or put a call into GM customer service

    Gas mileage depends on many variables: driving style, roads, speeds, traffic, etc. Try using cruise control and the "eco" setting as much as possible. Have you checked your tire pressures with a good pressure gauge and rotated your tires as specified?The type of gas also has an effect on mileage. I get better mileage using one particular brand over others. You have to do some experimenting.

    Oil life remaining will also have an effect. Do you use synthetic? Also, at 17K have you checked the condition of the air filter?

    I hope this helps. Best of luck to you. :)
  • carguy05carguy05 Posts: 30
    I have a 2010 Nox(4cy) with 16,000 miles. I have no problems outside of the recall for the heater/defroster problem which was fixed by the dealer. I know I will not get 30 MPG with AWD, but I am happy with 25. So far ,I am happy with the car.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Gabamafan,
    I apologize that you have had concerns with your vehicle. I would like to have one of our agents look at your concern further. If you would like to do this I will need you to email me your VIN, dealership, contact information and best time to contact you. The agent will require that you take the vehicle to the dealership to be diagnosed. You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I to own an Equinox that I have had ALOT of problems with and of course the warranty either didnt cover it or my warranty expired, I started out with a bolt coming out of the oil pan hitting the fan, then went to alot of head lights and still have problems with the parking light not working unless I tap it, I had to have a new resistor cap? put on to even work the lights, along with after a year of the new motor for the driver side window was put in I had to take it back and have not 1 but 2 wireharness replaced on the driver side and then there was the sway bar links which broke completely (not covered under warranty they said it is normal wear and tear on a vehicle) and now I am dealing with the fact that it keeps over heating and their telling me they need to check and possibly put new head gaskets on what the heck................ I don't think I would by another GM vehicle, the gov bails them out to keep them from filing bankrupcy and what do they do for us? NOTHING
  • carguy05carguy05 Posts: 30
    I don't think its fair to compare a 2005 car(any make) to a 2010 Equinox.They have made a lot of improvements.
  • carguy05carguy05 Posts: 30
    I don't think its fair to compare a 2005 car(any make) to a 2010 Equinox.They have made a lot of improvements.
  • What kind of vibration were you having between 35-45 mph. I have been having trouble with hard (clunks) shifts between 30 and 40 mph. Took it to the dealer they said that they installed a software upgrade. Helped for about 2 weeks then started up again.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Ktreece,
    Have you talked to the dealership and told them the concern is back again? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I have a '10 Equinox with 1,800 miles and just had my first experience with 'sticky' steering yesterday while driving in rain on the interstate. It was a bit unnerving in that kind of weather. I never felt the car was out of control but under certain circumstances, I think the slight jerk it creates could be a safety hazard. It happened again today in dry weather conditions on a different interstate and carried over to surface road driving.

    It only seems to happen after maintaining direction without input on the steering wheel but I disagree with another post that said it only occurs in the center position. I felt it today coming out of a long steady curve.

    Is GM doing anything to address this? I've read a number of similar stories from Equinox and Terrain owners.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Riksco,
    I apologize that you are experiencing an issue with your vehicle. Have you had the vehicle diagnosed for the concern? How long has the concern been present in the vehicle? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • It is nice to know that I am not alone. I have had my 2010 Equinox 4cyl AWD for a year now and have 39,700 miles on it (I commute 3,000 miles a month). Prior to this I have only had 1 problem and that was with the rear wiper motor that will fail under stress (i.e. constant usage during a rain storm or snow storm.) That was replaced under warranty. The only other issue was the recall on the module controlling the defrost/dash and that has been completed as well. Starting in the last week or two I thought I was hearing a louder noise coming from the engine compartment, it was a pinging/ticking noise, most noticeable at acceleration from stop and when in parking lots. It is very noticeable in reverse, perhaps the best description is that it almost sounds like a weak diesel engine noise. It was confirmed today by co-workers as I was parking my vehicle. I called the Chevy Customer Care line and they informed me that they had no service bulletins or issues filed as of yet, but informed me of a service bulletin about what sounds to me like an evap emmisions venting issue similar to the problem they had with the Silverados of the mid 2000's. I will have the dealer take care of that. I worked in the car business for about a decade as an ACDelco parts distributor and have heard my share of issues and this is definitely a problem with something in the powertrain. I have read earlier somebody from GM on here mentioning a "natural" ticking noise from the fuel injection, which I am familiar with and has been there from the beginning so I do believe it is meant to be there. However, the noise I have now is about 10 times greater than that and is apparently getting worse. The car will be at the dealer all day Tuesday 9/7 and hopefully they can sort it out. I am curious about this supposed computer fix as I can completely believe that it is an issue with the computer. I love this car and previously owned a 2006 Nox as well. I have religiously serviced the oil according to Onstar and engine life recomendations and I have only used Mobil 1 synthetic. I have always owned GM vehicles and love the brand, but this has the potential to put a very sour taste in my month if GM does not fix it and I will not pay a dime to get it fixed so the dealer better not start throwing things out there that need to be fixed on this. I'll keep this updated with any results.
  • Mariah,

    Thank you for your interest. This issue just started two days ago and I have not yet had the vehicle diagnosed. My dealer is 40 miles away - they gave great service and I got a great deal but it makes taking the vehicle in for service a bit of a headache. I am considering using another (closer) dealership's service department but they blew the initial sale and I feel strange going back there for service.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Riksco,
    I can understand taking your vehicle to be fixed can be a headache. When you take your vehicle in please keep me posted on how everything goes. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I would not worry about going to a different dealer for service, most service departments are cut off from sales anyways and it is not likely they will care.
  • Keep me posts states almost the same
    My nox started at 5,000. Since I have upgraded to
    prem. fuel and it has helped
  • Ok so I have been back and forth to the dealership and once again the dealership was told by GM to do all these so called "tests", the tests were performed and they thought they solved my ticking/rattling/pinging problem. Picked it up drove around for about a half hr and NO NOISE I THOUGHT to myself YEAH it's finially fixed...............NOPE and hr goes by and YUP it's back. The service manager say's try using a higher grade and see if it helps. I took your advise and the service managers advise and I have to say yes it does help! It definately does put a dent in my wallet. Also I would like to add though which I may not have stated previous, I don't like the way the car down-shifts and bucks at low speeds. I mentioned this to the dealership and they said that should be all related to my issue and with the new software update later this month should take care of all what were are experiencing?
  • The plot thickened a little. My oil life indicator says that it was fine and no need to change it yet, but for the heck of it when I left work yesterday I decided to check the oil (I do know that they are not related, that being oil level and the indicator). I could not possibly believe that using M1 Synthetic the oil could be burning, but when I checked the oil it wasn't even registering or maybe just barely at the bottom of the dipstick. I was shocked, luckily there is a parts store around the corner, I went over there and bought 3 courts of M1 Synthetic and a bottle of Lucas Oil stabalizer ($35 bucks, thanks GM) and it took 2 Qts of M1 to register on the dipstick. I drove the 77 miles home and let it sit for a bit in the driveway and checked again and it was only half way up the dipstick, so I added the Lucas. It is a tone quieter now, but I am concerned about the idea of this burning oil, that is rediculous that this car should do that, I am now logging when I add oil and how many miles and will check it ever other fill up, which is basically every 3rd day. I have readed elsewhere on Edmunds and on other sites that this is becoming a common complaint amongst Nox owners, GM better have a fix.
  • Did it consume (burn) oil when you first got it, prior to the first oil change? It is possible it is as simple as the ring not being put on the oil filter correctly. This is one of the disadvantages of a cartridge style oil filter compared to the normal canister ones. Not saying it is, but it could be.
  • kristy -

    Did they tell you what the update is supposed to fix besides just saying "it should fix your problem."? Is it another update to the transmission calibration?

    I have also been using premium fuel the past couple months and noticed a big difference in engine noise and performance (same issues everyone else had - "dieseling", loud ticking, a little pinging on occasion under acceleration). I wonder if they just set something too low for the 87 fuel to try and obtain the higher mpg? I wonder if 89 octane would be enough? Hmmm...
  • I'll look into it. To be honest, I have not really been to concerned about checking the oil because I figure the vehicle is newer and it shouldn't be an issue. Now that it has almost 40,000 miles on it I will have to check it all the time to be sure.
  • After my oil issue yesterday I put in a full tank of 93 octane, because others had suggested that as well. The vehicle is quiter today, but I can't really conclude it is due to the octane.
  • Kristy I'm glad that helped and I agree paying more for the gas is defeating the purpose of getting better gas mileage. At this point I'm just glad the engine noise isn't as bad as before, other than this I really don't have any other major complaints.
  • I also have a 4-cylinder 2010 Equinox, and it's been pinging like crazy! I love it, but it sounds like a 30-year-old car on bad gas! I've had it at my local dealer twice, and they even kept it for an entire day last time. They said they drove it, but did not hear the pinging, and they continue to tell me that the four-cylinder does make extra noise normally. I know the difference between normal engine noise and awful pinging/knocking! It actually seems to be getting worse. At first, they thought it may have been a faulty knock sensor, but that tests A-OK. The dealer ran all kinds of tests on the engine, and they tell me that everything checks out as fine.
  • Use premium gas and see if it gets better. It might take several tanks. I bet they tried to push things a little too far to improve gas mileage, and 87 gas just isn't high enough octane for their settings. My 4 cyl Nox runs much better on premium than regular fuel.
  • What is the point of having a 4cyl car that is rated for excellent gas mileage if you have to spend extra dollars for prem.gas to have it run good?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Kenb8,
    Have you taken the vehicle to the same dealership every time for the tests? If so, maybe I would try another dealership and get a second opinion on your vehicle. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • You Know what's funny I am not even sure exactly what this so called"fixed" update is going to's like they tell me without" really" telling me, They were like "let me explain this to you so that you have a better understanding" and there talking to me about stuff that they know I have no idea what there talking about? All I got from the convo is that the service manager said that GM is working on updating a software to
    recalibrate the spark plug.......he said something like the spark plug is firing because it's either firing to soon or too late. Then they said try using a higher grade gas -which in return I did and I noticed a big differance. So what I am gathering in all of this is that
    my personal mechanic was right from the get go....I am thinking there isn't enough gas getting to the engine and the spark plug is misfiring because of that and then I asked the dealership is this going to leave holes in my pistons? He said it shouldn't BUT I can't guarantee without looking into your engine and we have not done so.
  • I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!
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