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2010 Nissan Maxima



  • Did you get this resolved? We took our 2010 Maxima in for the starter button clicking and not starting. The nissan service center could not find the problem and we left with it not resolved. Two hours after we got it back from the dealer it would not start. They said that the battery was working properly and holding a charge and they could not get it to not start. Nissan has always been a reliable product. It still does it and no resolution so far. Are they (Nissan)hiding this problem from the public? Let me know if anyone has this problem. Thanks.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    I also have a 2010 Max and the exact same thing happened to me last month. The dealer said the battery was fine, but I know when the battery is the problem, and asked them to replace it anyway. They did under the prorated warranty, and I've had no more problems. The batteries only seem to last about 2 years.
  • I recently purchased a pre-owned certified 2010 Maxima with monitor, navigation and technology package. Car has 17,000 miles. Same thing has occurred on three occasions. Dealer unable to duplicate but says battery is fine. Car started after being left alone for a while.
  • I own a 2010 Max, and was also having problems with having the Battery going dead too soon,,if I did any car computer work for awhile, the car wouldn't start,,I have 17000 Mi. on the car now. I took it in to the dealer, and they charged me 50 bucks to replace it,,problem solved??? I never owned a car where the battery failed in such a short time!! I think they have a problem with who ever built there batterys and the easy fix?? Charge the customer to fix it,,NOW THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED!!! WAKE THE HELL UP NISSAN,,people want to save money in todays economy,,and not give the car industry MORE MONEY HANDOUTS for the mistakes they cause!!! I'm giving my soapbox back to whoever wants to let loose now!!!
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    edited November 2011
    Relax, it isn't Nissan's fault. All manufacturers are having the same problem with batteries. Same thing happened to our Altima and both of our Honda Pilots. They die almost 2 years on the nose. With more and more electronic equipment on cars, batteries are subjected to far greater loads than ever before, and the heat in southern climates kills them. I do agree that a prorated warranty is a bit useless though. This is the battery manufacturers' warranty and somethimes it is better to go to Walmart or Autozone and get a replacement battery that has a 3 or 5 year full replacement warranty, for the same money you'll pay for the prorated "warranty" replacement at the dealer.
    BTW Nissan has not received any government handouts, and I won't buy from a manufacturer that has.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Great response on the battery issues being an industry problem. The OEM batteries just aren't designed to the same specs as a heavy-duty replacement battery. They are designed as a three-year battery for an "average" car that doesn't have all of the electronics when every bell and whistle is added.

    As far as "government handouts", don't ignore the fact that they more of a loan than a handout and that they've turned out to be some of the best investments that a government ever made. Between the direct return on investment and the indirect tax revenues that were preserved, the "big auto bailout" is likely one of the very few things that the government has gotten right lately.

    And no, I don't work for an auto company.
  • I was told by the dealer that the Battery installed was a weak one to (pardon the pun here) START with,,so I do not know why they would put that in one of thier top price cars!! I have had Caddys to Corvettes in the past loaded with computers, and never replaced a battery in so short of a time span! It was a bad choice of words that said, Gov't. Handouts,,I should have wrote Corp. "welfare" payments. I worked for another one of the giant "WELFARE" industrys called,, Railroads! And they are still getting checks from US,,the taxpayers. Thanks for your responce.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hi All,

    I'm not having any battery issues with my Max and it has 27k miles on it currently. At some point, as with all cars, the battery will go and need to be replaced. I was just curious, what are suppose to be some of the best replacement batteries out there? I'm obviously not going to have Nissan replace it when it does go since they'll just replace it with the same OEM crap.
  • I replaced one with the dealer,,but remember it only cost me 50 bucks and,,the battery was a better one then what the factory sent with the car,,I can't give a answer to which battery is the best because I haven't had to have on installed for Yrs. Maybe 20 Yrs.
  • I have a 2011 Maxima and already bought a new battery. I took it down to a local tint shop and it took them about 2 1/2 hours to tint out. When the went to start the car it clicked. The inside light is the only light that was on. The jumped it and it was fine. About 3 weeks later I got out of the car and left the ignition on and 1 hour or so later went out to start car and clicked again.

    I know it was my fault for leaving the ignition on and the tint shop probably shouldn't of left the inside lights on but I have never had any battery die like that, especially a brand new one. I went to Pep Boys and bought a red top Optima batter and now I feel secure. I bought a Yellow top 6 years ago for my other vehicle with a nice sound system running 2 high powered amps and never once has it died. Even left the inside light on a couple times over night. Red Top isn't as strong as the yellow but rest assure you will have a piece of mind when you go to hit the Start button for years to come. Yellow top will not fit and the red top was a bit tricky installing cause the posts are opposite setup then the factory battery. I wonder if Nissan will give me money back for the factory battery?
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    FYI I heard that Nissan recently changed their battery supplier. Seems like many Nissans were being affected by short battery life, so Nissan did the right thing. To anyone out there with starting problems, (the infamous click, click) just replace the battery with one from Walmart, Pep Boys or Autozone and be done with it, even if the dealer tells you the battery "tests OK". The battery IS the problem and its just not worth getting stranded.
  • arvindcpatelarvindcpatel Posts: 2
    edited April 2012
    I have the same monitor package equipped 2010SV and have the starting problem since I bought it. It has been to dealers three times. Once they change the computer sensor package. I was stranded again at work at KSC yesterday and now they are telling me it's battery. But it does not start intermittently and then it starts. I have got stuck three times. Dealer is nice and courteous but problem is not fixed. This is my third Maxima and for sure the last one.
  • josymejosyme Posts: 2
    I just tested my whistling noise on the road by taping up the parts I suspected of whistling, and figured out that the cross-trim across the top of the windshield is sticking up about 1/8 inch and that's enough to make it whistle the Chinese Water Torture Whistle. Already had it in for one of the side pieces of trim that was mal-formed. Taking it in Wednesday to have the front one repaired or replaced. Not even 2,000 miles on it yet. Grr. Kind of mad at myself for getting the fancy sunroof instead of the regular one, but love the 2012 Maxima overall. Except the armrest is not ergonomic like my good ol' 2000, it just sits there. And the cupholders are too fat for a regular soda bottle. But it hauls a**, I like that part.
  • josymejosyme Posts: 2
    I just got a new 2012 Maxima SV Premium, and one of the side trim pieces alongside the sun roof was sticking up a 1/4 inch and whistling (I thought). They fixed it, flush with the roofline now, but still not as tight and even as it should be, as it is on the driver's side. AND it turns out, the whistle was unrelated. It's the front piece between the windshield and the sunroof itself that is also poking up about 1/8 inch, just enough to be visually noticeable and to cause a really annoying whistle at highway speeds. I diagnosed it with masking tape on a road trip (lots of stops and starts), and have an appointment to get it repaired/replaced. Anybody else have trouble with the dual sunroof trim? The sunroof itself works fine, even though it's kind of ugly when it's open. The whole idea of a dual with glass roof and multiple trim parts and mechanicals is seeming like overkill from Nissan's legendary engineering and design....
  • wbizzlewbizzle Posts: 3
    My wife and I just recently purchased a 2012 Maxima and it has the dual sun roof. My question is does anyone know of a company that makes a deflector for this model. All I have researched state they are not for the dual model. Love the car and love driving with the front sunroof open, but not fond of the wind noise at all. It seems that the main noise comes from the sun screen that protrudes above the roof of the car. Have yet to figure out if the shade moves like the one in the rear window. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Wbizzle, I also have a 2012 Maxima and I have the same complaint. The panoramic roof is just about unusable due to the wind noise. I've looked everywhere for a deflector and asked the Nissan dealer if the deflector for the regular moonroof would fit and they told me it will not. They told me that Nissan is coming out with a deflector for the panoramic roof models, but they don't know when.
    Not very encouraging... I have just about stopped opening the roof because of this. It is a real pity.
  • wbizzlewbizzle Posts: 3
    alan s thanks for your reply. We use it for around town on cooler mornings but way to much noise for a enjoyable highway ride. I'm positive a deflector will solve the problem. Sure hope they have one on the market soon.
  • mytemaxmytemax Posts: 10
    I don't have a 2012 mine is a 2010 SV and I don't know if this will help you but when I open the roof up I also just crack the rear windows it does help some with the wind making all those sounds,,also have had mine back to the dealers with a squeaking sound when first opening it up,,sorta sounds like the ole fingernails along a chalk board EEkkk,,God!! They never found any problems with it,,(they never do seem find any of the problems in this car!!) sort of like when going to a doctors,,and the pain disappears,,at the same time the doctor walks in!!! LOL...
  • wbizzlewbizzle Posts: 3
    Thanks mytemax. I'll give that a try.
  • Please add me to the complaint list for Defective Batteries in the Maxima 2010. Nissan may have did the right thing by changing battery suppliers but they are certainly not doing right by their loyal longtime Nissan customers when it comes to replacement. My car has 16K miles and is less than 30 months old. I received the click when trying to start the car twice over a 1 week period and it was off to the Massapequa Nissan Service station. Upon arrival at 7:30 I was informed that for the car to be looked at it would be $125. After calling Nissan back at 12:30 and then again at 1:15, I was finally called back at 1;25 and informed that the battery was defective. Nissan is charging customers a prorated 75%( close to $100) on an overpriced battery. The manual is deceiving. It speaks of battery replacement. But that is the replacement of a replacement. Who is changing the battery 3 times in 30 Months (Unless you never shut the lights off). The customer service I received in follow up phone conversations was horrendous at best. As a longtime Nissan Customer- Altima, Pathfinder and Maxima I will be heading back to Toyota before the end of 2012. As someone who teaches Customer Service at the Corporate level for a living, I now have a new #1 one example to share with as many people as I can when describing what a bad experience looks like.
  • I bought my 33000 mile 2010 Max from an individual on March 9, 2010 and I really like the car. I soon began to notice a very subtle knock that is apparent "to me" only at idle after the car is warmed up by being driven 5 or 6 miles. This knock is not injector clicking or fuel octane (pinging) related. It seems to be irregularly related to engine rpm. In other words, the knock comes and goes, but is definitely in synch with idle rpm and sounds like it is coming from deep in the engine.
    I visited my local dealer and the service writer told me that he has seen other cars with the 3.5 Max engine with the same knock. A service tech suggested the knock may be related to the oil and that I change to Nissan Ester oil and a Nissan filter. This change may have made a slight difference (or maybe its my hopeful imagination), but the engine is still knocking. Has anyone had a similar experience with their 2009 or later Maxima or 350Z??????? If so, has it been resolved????
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    I've had an Altima and 2 Maxima's with the 3.5 liter VQ engine and never had this problem. I previously had a 3.0 liter VQ and it didn't have this either. These have always been very quiet and smooth running engines
    I think you should get a second opinion. Is the cars still under warranty? If it is get the problem properly documented by a Nissan dealer ASAP because as soon as the warranty is up you probably won't get much help from Nissan dealers, except offers to do expensive investigations.
    Which state are you in?
  • alan s,
    My local dealer in Norman Oklahoma has seen, heard and documented the knocking problem. They suggested to first try the oil and filter change. I believe this dealer will do the right thing. The car has a 60000 mile 6 year drive train warranty so I feel there is time for resolution.
  • burney2burney2 Posts: 1
    Advance Auto Parts has great 28" wiper blades for the 2009 Maxima.
  • maximaboyshantmaximaboyshant Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    10 days ago i bought a 2010 SV, which only had 7250 km/4505 miles, the ride is so stiff that my jaw muscles hurt, headache and stiff shoulders. many cars ive driver on 140km/hour cruise controle on outer state highway, and never felt a car so sensitive to the road, roads in my region are well taken care of. i live in Dubai by the way. and now its time for the 10k service. dealer advised tires245/40/19" bridgestone potenza EA50E dealer originals are good and no need to replace them, althtough the car is still under waranty but im seriously thinking of going for 18' rims and 245/45/18 maybe bridgestone turanza for more of a touring comfortable and quiet ride,

    do you think this helps in softening the ride?
    by the way dealers are only importing sport package 19" rims maximas to the region, thats is why im trying to get answers from the US where the maxima was built.

    do you guys have any recomndation regarding the shocks and springs?? is there a replacement softer suspension for the standard stiff ones? part number or different brand? the OEMs are not adjustable?

    any suspension specialist can help me with this?

    i dont really care if the handling is less, i would be happy if i can lessen stiffness by 25-30%. i just want to cruise comfortably. otherwise, i will soon
    be paying a bit more and get an infinity G3* or avalone instead.
  • ....because I was too lazy to do my research, I paid $50 at the dealer today to essentially have $.25 of brake fluid added to reservoir.
    Was taking the car in for routine oil change, VDC light came on coincidentally the day before the oil change. When mentioned at the dealer, I was told that i would have to pay for a $49.95 brake system inspection, but if it was a warranty item (sensor, etc) it would be free.
    Upshot: pads were fine nothing else wrong. Fluid added, VDC sensor "adjusted" (BS). Later, researching realized that other forums report that merely adding the fluid "fixes" the problem.
    Freakin' Jiffy lube would have done this for free!!! Beware!
  • you have the SV "sports" type car, I have the SV "premium" package, the reason I bought my car and not the "sport" suspension was because of the rough ride, you'll find that 19" wheels are made to perform better at cornering, the 18" wheels are for comfort, 18" has more sidewall also on my package I have, the tires are very quiet. Another thing is, your car has stiffer spring rates, and stiffer shocks to complete that package, I have the 245/45/18 on my car still, and with 25,000 Miles on them. Never had a problem with them. Love my car and hope you will also.
  • I am reading posts that are making me very upset. I purchased a 2010 Nissan Maxima in March 2010. In year one I have experienced several "electrical" problems including the passenger airbag indicator light illuminating while a passenger is sitting in the seat. In essence, if I were to crash, my passenger had no airbag to protect them. Other issues included rapid battery drainage. I have gone through 2 brand new batteries in as many years - note the date of this post. Now my vehicle seems to be falling apart - the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Skid Control, and Brake Light indicators illuminate as I accelerate. The latest issue is that my automatic windows are no longer working as I roll them up. The auto feature works when rolling the windows down, but not up. Go figure. Really disappointed in Nissan and seriously considering selling my car and going back to Honda. Anyone have any thoughts on some of the problems I've been experiencing?
  • I purchased my 2010 Maxama in March 2010 and have also replaced the battery twice. The first on in Dec 2010. It seems in the 2+years since buying this car I spend alot of time at nissan. The heated steering wheel has never worked properly, the rear defroster didn't work. Now a motor mount is broken. I do not drive on dirt roads and am the only driver. I should have went back to Honda instead of going with Nissan for the $39000 I expected more. My last honda was 10 yeras old and all I ever needed was regular maintenance.
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