Power Steering leak

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My 2002 JGC power steering is leaking and we can not figure out which hose it is. We have looked at both the pressure and return hose and neither one of those fit. Took it to Advance Auto and the getlemen there didn't know what it was, he suggested we take it to the dealers and have them look at it. We can't afford to do that. Is there a third hose and if so what is it called and can it be ordered from the auto parts store instead of the dealership?


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    gear box....?
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    Power steering pump
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    yea, it may be bad, what happend to me with sux,(because i replace the pump first) was the holding tank for the power steering fluid had a small crack in it, so check that first,
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    It's not leaking from the pump itself. It is leaking from a hose where the hose connects with a bolt. We can push the hose back into the bolt but it comes back out. We can't figure out which hose it is becuase it isn't the pressure or return hoses
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