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2006 Pacifica passenger side water leak

jft26jft26 Posts: 35
edited September 2014 in Chrysler
My 2006 Pacifica AWD had a wet carpet and mat on the passenger side after the poring rain yesterday. I looked under the dashboard and found water dripping from what looks like the fan case. There are openings on the underside but no air comes out here so it might be for air intake. I checked under the hood for any debris/obstructions but saw nothing. Has anyone experienced this issue or have any idea of the cause/resolution? Thank you.


  • We just had a very similar experience and found out that is was a problem with the moonroof leaking and the water then collected inside the roof area and then ran down the inside of the door? and ended up on the floor. After adjusting the sunroof twice the leak has stopped. But was told if it happened again would have to replace the whole moonroof assembly as it comes in one piece, $500.
  • jft26jft26 Posts: 35
    Thank you. I don't have a moonroof on mine though. I have since been to the dealer service 2X and they can't seem to figure it out. The first time they said they removed debris and the second time they said they removed more debris and sealed around the box. I have to return again but I am not too optimistic. Not sure what to do at this point.
  • Mine is an 04. I bought it in Feb of 09, and we just had the same problem. We thought it was from an accident where front pass side panel was hit, door not damaged but needed adjusting. Happened once so far... haven't called anyone or done anything about it. I would love to know what it is!
  • steelydanfansteelydanfan Houston Posts: 133
    Recently, during our wet winter down here in Houston, I have experienced wet carpet on the passenger side under my floor mat. This is only on the passenger side, and it has happened probably about 4 different times after a heavy downpour. It is more pronounced in the front passenger area, but I have also noticed wet carpet in the 2nd row passenger side floor area.

    I do not think it is AC related as I have not had it on. I think it may have something to do with the passenger side drain that directs water to the sides of the vehicle from the windshield area.

    I am the original owner, it has never been in any wreck, and I do not have a sunroof on my '04 Pacifica.
  • tv04pactv04pac Posts: 1
    If you haven't done so, replace the cabin air filter in the black box (duct) above the right floor board. They cost $5-10 at any parts store. If they become dirty it creates a condensation problem which drains onto the right floor board.
  • steelydanfansteelydanfan Houston Posts: 133
    Thanks for your reply, tv04pac, I find this post most interesting. Yes, my cabin air filter is dirty, but I have to differ with you on one thing: you stated "$5-10 at any auto parts store." .....I have tried ( in the past, a year ago or so), to get a cabin air filter at a couple of different auto parts stores ( both chains) and guess what.......neither one carried the cabin air filters..............

    The dealership charged $30 for theirs..........................I really don't think a charcoal air filter is worth $30 dollars from the Chrysler dealer......

    I just removed the charcoal filter ( yes, dirty) and used it as a template to just "cut to size" a pleated air filter that I already had in my garage.............I hope you are right about the wet floor........................The curious thing, only the passenger side floor carpet is wet, there is no sign of moisture on the inclined "where the passenger's feet go" carpet ....which is right beneath the actual site of the cabin air filter............

    tv04pac, was this the same with your vehicle ?? Thanks........
  • jft26jft26 Posts: 35
    Try checking the cowl drain and drain tube under the Cowl Cover (right side). Lift the cowl cover to gain access to the cowl area. The black plastic drain tube is on the right side of the firewall. If there is a restriction ( leaves, debris, etc.) it can back up the water runoff from the windshield into heater box outlet located on the right side of the cowl under the cowl cover. This is the most common cause of wet passenger floorboard/carpet.
  • lrenzlrenz Posts: 2
    Has anyone experienced problems with the auto door locks and/or power windows on the 07 Pacifica? Every winter the power door locks and windows except for the driver's stop working; the window on the back driver's side will work from the driver's controls. We have we have to lock all doors with the exception of the driver's door manually. The passenger seat will not move (power also). This has happened every year since we purchased the vehicle in September of '07. The dealer has repeatedly fixed it, even now when our warranty is over. This time they are giving us major problems, I have called Chrysler and they keep saying a tech from the dealer will call, have been dealing with this for over 2 months now. We are the only owners of the car, it has never been in an accident and are very, very frustrated. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!!!
  • We just bought a '04 pacifica. We have discovered that when it rains it leaks very badly in the driver side top of door. My husband and I have ruled out it being the door trim and have narrowed it down to the area between the material on the roof and the moon roof. It is really boggling our mind. From what he can see it is leaking from a coil in there. Does anyone know if we can just change the moon roof gasket instead of having to replace the entire moon roof? Ya'll have been a lot of help so far. At least I know that we aren't the only ones with this problem. :-(
  • andy1977andy1977 Posts: 1
    I had this same problem but mine happened on both sides in the front. I took it in about 3 times as well and there was some kind of seal inside that was cracked and let in allot of water. Have them check out the seals inside under the hood. Hope this may help (sorry was like 2 years ago, don't recall the specifics)
  • gbobogbobo Posts: 2
    I just encountered water in the passenger side floor board. Pulled out the cabin filter and water came out with it. Yes it was very dirty. Shop Vac'd it out, but I'm pretty certain that is the problem.
    The filter is in the lowest black box under the dash, below/behind the glove box. It has a sliding plastic piece that locks it in place. Slide it out and pull off the cover to reveal the filter. Take note of the direction arrow on the filter as it comes out, but, there's a large fold in the filter to facilitate installation so it's pretty evident how to put it back in. Clean it, put it back, then order a new filter online since now you know how to change it.
  • IrenZ,
    Did you ever get this straightened out?
    Last night we went to lock our car and discovered that it is only locking the driver's door. We have no idea how long it has been like this as we are two 55+ owners who rarely use the back doors. The alarm is on ( we can see the red alarm flashing through the glass) and the driver's door is locked but when we open any other door the alarm does not sound.
    We have to drive a great distance to get to a Chrysler Dealership now
  • lrenzlrenz Posts: 2
    No, as a matter of fact it has happened again. I am very, very frustrated with Crystler at this point. Our local dealer has been wonderful, but the Crystler corporation has done nothing this time but give me the run around. I would sell the Pacifica if you can.
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