97 AURORA-electrical&fuel problems - severe headache - NO dash lights no sp

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Looking for advice if anyone can help - this is for struggling single mom/No good Ex girlfriend - But im trying to help her
First off. car had low fuel pressure 6months ago - About 5psi lower then specs &...needing a fuel pump
- probably needs it replaced now - I had recal work done to it they replaced the fuel rail&i think the fuelpressure regulator.

b4 i had recall done to it, my girlfriend* someone bumped her in the rear while she was parked-we know this bcuz there was paint scuffed on bumpercover.
I think ever since then...First the blowers wouldnt work,the Display center,and the dash lights- I also noticed along time ago the lights wouldnt turn off -when u had the car in park. If you turn the switch they will turn off and they dont do that anymore...
now weeks later the speedometer/&gauges/cluster stopped working

Now the car dont start at all I dont know if its cuz of an electrical problem or just the fuel pump
She said it would backfire when she tried to start it & smoke would come out the side of the intake manifold&smelled like it was on fire. -there is spark!

I checked visibly checked the fuses - I turn the key on and i Dont hear the fuel pump like before NOw its been sitting a week or 2 tried to start it & i think batterys weak

Im prettysure the fuel pump is out. but the electrical stuff i dont get?

& i am a mechanic i know the fuel pump is out.
My "ex* girlfriend theres probly things she didnt mention. but these are all the problems
& * she cant made it seem like The dash lights are not working bcuz the fuel pump went out or something just cuz she dont know anybetter-
I guess my main issue is the dash lights/ display center/all the front dash stuff - Or that it doesnt start because of the front display stuff Doesnt work.


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    My fuel pump quit last month. Access door to the fuel pump is in the trunk under the carpeting, center by the back seat. The metal mounting ring for the pump on the "plastic" gas tank was completely gone on mine, so the back suspension had to be dropped and the tank had to be replaced too. This is on a 98 with 111,000 miles.

    All of the dash AND DIC lights are off? I'm sure you tried the reostat adjustment on the dash, left of the steering collumn. Yes?

    Re the electrical system issues.......do a search on this forum, especially Maintenance and Repair, and I am sure you will get a lot of good advice.
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    I have a 95 Aurora in excellent condition. recently I lost all dash/console/ and door electronics lighting. I tested all fuses, all are working. what should I do next?
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    im having the same issue do u have any ideas yet
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    i have no power to my climate controlls cd player or dach computer can anyone help or point me in the right direction
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