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2011 Toyota Avalon



  • robin5robin5 Posts: 19
    You have GOT to be kidding. 1000 yards???? My Highlander was good at calling me in the middle of a parking lot when I couldn't see it. Just pushed the panic button. But....
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    You brought up two issues. One is a remote start. I never had a car with a remote start. You stated, one you use the remote starts then open the doors the car stops. From what you said I suspect you have a short. Is this an after market install? I'm curious. I know if you want a remote start and if you ordered it then by all means it should work. Especially if Toyota installed it. IF you had one installed by someone other than the dealer then that's another story.

    About tires. Tires can effect the ride, and road noise and gas mileage. It can effect it a lot, even the handling of the car. Certain tires are soft and ride more quite but suffer on worse gas mileage. My Bridgestone tires are noisy, I suspect Michelins would be better but more costly. I really don't know what kind of tires I will buy next. I hope people on our blog will have something to say about the tires they buy. Hope this helps,
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Have posted this before but... I on my third set of Nexen tires on my 2007 Limited. For the money they work well. A little over half the price of Michelin and the ride and traction are similar. They don't last quite as long but again, at 60% of the cost they don't need to last as long. And at least one has a nail and/or a patch at replacement time anyway. I like having new tires every 18 months, so... just a thought.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    I'll have to remember that name. Never heard of them. Can you tell me how they rate to Bridgestone? My new Avalon came with Bridgestone. The ride is a hard ride. I suspect a softer tire is needed to be smoother. I really don't know much about tires. I have not price a set yet. I have only 14, 500 miles on my car. I did pick up one nail and they plugged it. Small nail hole.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I went with an aftermarket remote starter, and for the most part, I'm happy with it. It's not as straight forward as the one I had on my 2008 Avalon, but nice. I can start it from my office, and the car is often 100 - 125 yards from my office. I do need to make sure it's a pretty straight line of sight, but this I can do from here.

    My 2008's had a nice LED screen that had a car, and it looked like the exhaust was working when it started, which saved my the trouble of having to go outside to check on it.

    As for tires, I know they make a difference, and yes, you WILL give up something. They are ether quiet, or get good mileage, it's hard to get ones that you'll get both.

    My snow tires are quieter then the OEM tires that came with the 2011. but yes, my mileages goes down 4-7 MPG.

    I am sure that I am spoiled. The Avalon is very smooth and quiet, yet I'm looking for something that is even more quiet and smoother.

    Around town and short drives, I have no complaints, it's the long drives that get to me. The noise level after a few hundred miles gets to the point where I need to have the radio at 15 - 20 to hear clearly, and well, even though I'm hearing the radio and not the tire noise, I'm now hearing all of it, at a pretty high volume. No this isn't as big a deal when I'm driving by myself, but when folks are in the car and you want to talk, you have to talk a bit on the loud side, and this is with the radio off.

    I'd love to drive with a gauge in the car that checks the noise level in a car, to see what this is at when driving 65-75 MPH.

    I do like the 2 years 24,000 FREE maintenance, I just wish it was more. I'm at 9 months, 20,000 miles so far, so it's looking like this will end up being a 24,000 miles 1 year FREE warranty. I will likely end up owning this car a little longer then most, as I'm going to wait for the 2013 Avalon to see if it's all the hype that's going around. And from what's being said at the dealer level, the 2013 won't be available until spring of 2013, which means another whole year and 35,000 +- miles more on this car before I trade.

    Oh [non-permissible content removed], it's time to get back to work.

    - Pack the car for several deliveries
    - Head to the state capital to cash in a winning lottery ticket
    - make some sales calls while up there
    - get back to work on 2011 taxes

  • I hope you don't think this is an advertisement but in regard to the tire question and selection, I have found over the years when I replace my vehicle tires on my 4x4, ZX, Lexus and most likely now Avalon - unless I trade it in - the most informative and rate competitive site I have found has been The folks at Tire Rack have quantified the variables, with your input on the home page asking questions as to make, year, model - purpose of snow or non snow use, ranking desired qualities of mileage, quietness, etc.

    Then possible choices are given of tires available. I find the reader comments and rankings really helpful because feedback from the street of the tires also weigh-in my deceision to purchase either from them or locally. Check it out as all these tire companies, both in and out of country have so many different compounds and changing of compounds within the manufacturing process that sometimes I have read some variations are noticeable from the users purchasing the same tires but at different times with different dates of manufacture.
  • kcmoverkcmover Posts: 32
    What is the best price I can expect for a Avalon 2011 or 2011 base model with leather seats. I am good with spending about 28,000 to 30,000 for the car. Can get get a Avalon in that price range? If so tell me what to look for as I want to buy this week.
  • Entirely possible if the variables line up with you and local dealer and if not you may need to travel. The local dealer here came under new owner management, has a new store nearing completion and with his affiliated dealerships turns over 3.5 to 3.8K units a year.

    You could place an internet RFP out using this website and see what proposals do come up? I bought a base model Avalon in Dec of 2010 and it was just a fuzz North of $30k before trade-in ICT and application of taxes. It took me all of 1 1/2 hours starting/finishing paperwork to them detailing, my inspection, their fill-up and my drive off the lot once I arrived. My salesperson was/is a veteran long timer working there. I understand the new owner went to a salary for salespeople as opposed to the total commission as was before. I would not have dealt with the dealership before that with old owner but I had purchased three (3) used Lexus vehicles with the new owner at one of his other stores and had good experience from sale to service each time. Hope this helps.
  • kcmoverkcmover Posts: 32
    I don't mind traveling as that is no big deal if its a Southwest Airline city like Chicago or to STL our Omaha.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Tires have been a puzzling issue for me. I have always been partial to Michelins. Their only flaw is the sidewalls tend to crack easily in the dry heat here. Only a problem if you don't drive much and they age quite a bit. My 05 LS430 had Dunlop 5000s tires, and were great. So when I wore them out, I bought another set of Dunlops, however, these were a different, directional tire, and they were horribly noisy! So bad, that after 10,000 miles, I changed them out to Michelins. Much quieter.

    My 09 LS460 came with Bridgestones, and they were excellent. SO, when I burned those off, I bought a nearly identical set of Bridgestones, so as not to screw up the dynamics. Successful this time.

    But, it's hard to figure out why some tires are so noisy and some are not, at least to me.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Do a search on Google and you will find Go to it and put in your ZIP code, you will find the dealers nearest your location. The new tire for Avalon is the n6000, I have n5000 on mine, a prior issue of the same tire. You can buy them for $110 or less plus tax, etc., good Michelins are about $180 each around here, so... I had always been a Michelin buyer until I used the first set of Nexen. Have also used Toyo, harsh ride/great traction, on a v6 Honda and Bridgestones on my kid's Nissan 4 cyl, rode fine/no unusual noise. Hope this helps..... :)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Just got the same brand put on my Escape this morning. VERY economical, and the tire shop recommended them over several others that were more expensive. Mine are SUV tires, but they are way, way quieter than the (horrible) Continentals I had before... so quiet, in fact, that driving home, I almost felt like there was something wrong with my car due to the lack of the road growl. Also got good reviews for performance in the snow.

    They seem to be a good value.


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  • I've had my 2011 Avalon Limited for 1 year (only 10K miles & in garage kept / showroom condition - no accidents) and the door hinge makes a noticeable noise when it swings open & closed. ALSO - my steering wheel makes a clicking noise when I make wide turns -- not with normal steering or changing lanes, etc. Both noises started in the last 2-3 months. Does anyone have these problems
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    The slight movement in my steering column is a problem that drives me crazy. It happens more now and it doesn't happen all the time. I'm the only one that drives so of course it ONLY drives me crazy. Not to wish you bad luck but I was hoping someone else had this problem.

    I'm due for an oil change and I will mention it and the wipers then. All my doors close great. Really tight. I suspect your door problem is an isolated one. Let me know more about the noise from your steering column. My noise is almost like it's loose, I do NOT think it's in the front in.

    My car is also show room condition, gararge kept with 14,700 miles on it and of course No Accidents of any kind. Not as much as a door dent.
  • To jimd422: Hello. I had a driver door clicking in my 2011 Avalon. I took it to the service area and the guy who greeted me knew just what the problem was. He returned with his little socket wrench and tightened a nut that had worked loose. Total estimated time from drive-in to drive-out: 90 seconds. No problem; no charge! Good luck!
  • This is nitpicking an otherwise terrific car, but does anyone else think the gas cap tether is too short? I'm seriously thinking of cutting it off. Every time I go to replace the cap, the tether pulls the filler door closed onto my hand. It makes it difficult to put the cap on. There's a crimp in the tether that I think shouldn't have been put there.
  • Yes, Musicislife...It was the first thing I noticed on filling my Avi tank up a few days later after driving it off the dealer lot and leaving them my Lex. My Lex had a tubular plastic tether which was longer and the sheet metal holder for the cap was actually threaded so you could firmly engage the filler cap to the protrusion as opposed to an unthreaded metal holder that sometimes allows the cap to fall out...It's a another little trade-off in manufacturing quality and a little annoying but the Avi is still a better value to me.
  • Don't know if this has been posted, but just noticed that the 2011 Avalon EPA estimates were 20/29, and the EPA estimates for the 2012 Avy is 19/28. Thought it kind of interesting, considering it's the exact same car.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited February 2012
    I think EPA changed the standards on the MPG. To make it more strick. I'm not sure but I think that happened. My car gets good MPG for the size but I rarley see 27 or 28 MPG.

    On another note: The last oil change (15,000) I mentioned the wiper arms, and the small noise coming from the steering column. They fixed the wiper arms but said they could not find any problem with the steering. I tried and tried to see if the wiper arms made any noise. No noise at all. Such a nice fix. Like someone stated, it's logged into he national data books on how to fix this problem. The new arms seem to cure up, I don't think the old ones did. I think they where straight across. Still hidden, still looks good but quite.

    I continue to keep all records including every fill up. My computer continues to be off by one MPG, sometimes two. That was discussed in here before and most people agreed it probably was me. So when I keep my records I now write both MPG down. Just a personal thing to do and should help the sell of my 2011 Avalon.

    Hope this information helps all who own these cars. I still give the Avalon 5 stars, smooth ride, plenty of power and a whole LOT of ROOM. Very nice car with no squeaks, noises of any kind. Very quite car. A looker too.

    Oh on the MPG, I NEVER, I repeat NEVER get under 23 MPG. NEVER!
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Rained today and I love the Silence. The new wipers are great and EVERYONE should request theirs to be changed.
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