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2011 Toyota Avalon



  • lakebreeze1lakebreeze1 Posts: 8
    edited September 2012
    That sounds about right. I changed my Mich's at 35,000. Were horrible in winter weather after the first season. Went to Goodyear Comfort Tread Touring. Quiet, better traction and tread life. Kept a very comfortable ride too. Am at 44,000 with this set and expect to get 1 more winter season out of them.

    My brother put Nokian WGR2 on his Avy and is very happy as well.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    Which would you say is the quietest, Michelin or Goodyear?

  • About the same. Have had the GY for 2 1/2 years so I don't really recall what the Mich's were like comparatively speaking other than when I made the change nothing stood out noise wise. In WI, winter traction is more important. GY have been better in the rain too.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    Decided to keep the Michelin tires on my car and just completed a 1,000 mile trip into the Black Hills of SD. The tires were just as good if not a little better than the Michelins that were on the car when I bought it.

    Four of us was in the car and we had a lot of hills, stopping to view sites and some city driving. The trip took a hair less than 40 gallons of gas. I'm continually amazed at the mileage this car gets.

    I haven't reset the computer mileage since I bought the car and it now reads 27.9 after 41,000 miles
  • My 2003 XLS Avalon got 55,000 miles on the orginal Michelin tires, was going to CA so re-placed, actual believe I could have gone another 20,000 miles.

    2011 LTD Avalon. 31,000 miles and the Michelin tires look very good. Rotate tires every 5000 miles and change oil at same time.

    This is a heck of a the power, gas mileage, and overal looks of car.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    OK, I'm curious. How does your 2011 stack up against your 2003? I had a 2000 before my 2011 and the 2000 is not near as nice. HOWEVER, my 2000 Avalon did steer easier. Odd! The 2011 beats my old one hands down in every way, except for how easy the steering was. Toyota must have change the power steering someway. One finger could steer my 2000 model. Literally, one finger.

    Good information on the tires. Rotation is the key. I do not have Michelins on my 2011. I have bridgestone. 20800 miles and counting. Treat is fair, about 50% worn but just a guess.
  • tjc78tjc78 South JerseyPosts: 8,860
    I'll chime in here. I had an 03 and then an 06. The only thing the 03 was superior in was the seats. The 06 was bigger, rode better, was more powerful, and got better MPG while doing it.

    I loved them both, but would take the 05+ generation any time over the 2000-4.

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra (for a little longer) / 2019 Volvo S60 T6 Inscription

  • I really liked the 03, put 110,000 no worry miles on it......the steering was better....

    Now that the power on my 2011, and like the 6 speed transmission.

    If I could have gotten a 2011 engine and transmission put in the 2003, it would have been the best of both worlds.

    For those that read this.....I like the front wheel drive......I remember the mid 50's chevies and fords and the big engine Dodge and Plymouth, rear wheel drive with the big hump in the back seat.....the hump is should rear wheel drive.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    Just completed a 1640 mile trip and averaged 28.7 mpg.

    Haven't reset the computer mileage since purchase and it now reads 28.0. This will probably stay at 28 until I go south for the winter and it usually drops to about 27 during 3 months in the Phoenix area.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I can't answer that other then to say, that's one of the things I don't like about my 2011, that being the steering.

    As for tires, I have 36,000+ miles on mine, and the OEM tires (Bridgestone) are all but toast, and this sucks when you consider I had winter tires on it for 5 of the 17 months I've owned the car.

    If I'm careful, I maybe be able to sneak by with these tires, but with 2 trips planned down south (about 3,500 each trip), I don't see that happening.

    I did stop by my local repair shop, and they said the tires won't pass for a state inspection sticker:(

    And I should add, 80+ % of my miles are highway. I'll be going to the local salvage yard to get some nice used tires to get me by, as I've got a 2013 Avalon on order, sort of speak - on order as in I got a deposit on one as soon as they become available, which according to the Toyota web site isn't until December:(

  • afischafisch Posts: 1

    This is a reply to your message posted in Aug 12. I have not written on these forums in many years but thought I would help you out a little. Let me just preface this with saying, #1...I am not an expert but this is from empirical and car hobby experience, #2. I have a 02 Toyota Avalon 143K and two old BMW's, one 95 M3 and one 325ci with the Sports Suspension.

    My Avalon is my DD and my favorite car. Yes, that is correct. Specifically, if you want you Avalon to handle more like a sports sedan, there are measures that you can do and you would be quite surprised at the results. No, it will not handle like a BMW secondary to the RWD and weight distro. Avalon handles and brakes so much better it is almost as good as my friends 5 series and alot better in areas such as HVAC, towing, and comfort.

    Not sure what year you have but this is what you should do if you desire better handling and braking.

    1. Change the shocks to premium aftermarket shocks...I put in tokicoHPs with remarkable results. KYB makes decent shocks too. These are the perfect aftermarket shocks for your car, as they are a twin tube, low pressure gas design and are superior to the OEM.

    2. If they make(depending on the year), change your bushings, first sway bar, then control arm is needed to PU. These will increase, NVH, but will additionally enhance handling and responsive. This should be done only if you desire more than in step 1.

    3. Other than 16" tires, I would not recommend bigger tires. Rather, the Grand Touring type of tire is the correct type for this vehicle.

    You will love the difference and be able to take corners at nearly twice the speed as before. Note: All cars as this one have limitations. It will still not be a true sports car and will not handle like one. Drive responsibly and safely. Have competent people perform their functions.

  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited October 2012
    Thanks for the information but I can't see changing a thing. I'm not sure what I noted back in Aug. but I think we were talking about RWD and handling.

    I say that because that's what you wrote about. I love my 2011 Avalon LTD and it handles good for a FWD car. I love the speed, how quick it is for such a big car. I don't like changing factory things. Again I wouldn't change a thing.

    I'll say, I'm very impressed by the MPG on this heavy machine. How quite it is amazes me. Everyone that sits in the backseat always comments on how roomy it is. Really a Remarkable car!

    Through the years I've own a lot of nice cars. My opinion this is one of the best, if not the very best.

    The weight of these cars is 3600 pounds but there's an article that says the 2011 Avalon weight 4500 pounds GROSS weight. So I assume, that's with 4-5 people in it and the tank filled up and perhaps lugage in the trunk. I'm not sure what 4500 pounds gross weight means. Does anyone know? Either way, this car is heavy.

    Thanks for repsonding to my post, 21 thousand miles and counting. :)
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    As you suspect, gross weight is fully loaded.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    I need to change the cabin air filter and went to the parts store and they show two available.

    One is plain and one is charcoal.

    Has anyone changed their filter and if so which one did you use?
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    I have not changed mine, nor do I know where it is. Is it easy to change and where is it?
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    It located in behind the glove box. There is real good instruction in Chapter 4 of your owner's manual.

    The dealer wants $59.00 to change it and the parts store sells them for 11-15 dollars.

    It involves one screw and takes 5-10 minutes if you don't get in a hurry.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 594
    I am not a DIY person but I did change this filter myself. Instructions are in the manual and also on the internet. Saved some money, thanks to all who have posted about this, it really is easy.... :D
  • Changed my own. Got the "charcoal filter"....Manual does a good job....but internet has some good directions also.

    I changed mine at 27,000......just because I happened to remember when I was at a auto parts store. I took a "label and wrote that it was changed at 27,000".

    Toyato service likes to change these......filter is "big bucks" and labor is spendie. Change yourself......take yourself out to dinner with the savings.
  • the knob on the dash, where the odometer is, if it is turned the brightest is adjusted, just fyi
  • neil1neil1 Posts: 20
    Anbody know a way to temporarily disable the (always on) Navi Map Screen - or at least make it not so bright - especially at night?
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Hit the "Disp" button on the bottom left side, then hit the "Off" button

  • neil1neil1 Posts: 20
    well that was easy - thanks!
  • neil1neil1 Posts: 20
    I don't get purpose of the flashing red secuity indicator? If the car is unlocked and in the garage unattended, the indicator is blinking? What is the significance of the flashing light?
  • Neil1

    This is common in all cars with a "security system".....Just let's you know the system is working, that's a good thing.........wear down battery?, don't think this is a problem, unless battery is on "last legs"
  • 4 months ago bought '11 AV LTD Toyota owned replacing '04 AV LTD after 115K miles. I too miss the center info. display showing everything that must be located separately on the '11. Fuel mileage great, reset every third tank at about 1100 miles ave 27. to 28.5 MPG for half city and highway. Short trip from PA to NJ have had 33. MPG With the larger doors of '11, miss the standard door rub strip on my '04, '98 and '95 provide paint protection. Maybe need to add on my own. Has anyone updated the 10.1 Nav. disc. to the 12.1 for $169 from Toyota? Is there a noticable difference. The '11 is my 4th pre owned AV. since 1997 each bought with low mileage.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Maybe this is rude, I sure hope not, but how much did you pay for your Avalon? You said you bought the LTD and I guess the nav. with it?? How many miles did your new Avalon have? I paid right at 36 thousand, maybe 34-35, I'm not totally sure because I traded a 2000 model in. I like this Avalon (2011) MUCH better. I also have an LTD without the navigation system. I know have 21 thousand on my car. I do agree this model needs a door guard to guard against door dings.
  • Not a rude request. A Toy. dealer since 4/11 owned the '11 LTD loaded. Had 13k miles and was one of three same year same equip different colors used as dealer courtesy cars. They asked $28K and I paid $22K net of '04 XLS trade. Would not have ordered the NAV and all that comes with it since I am modern tech. challenged but three choices all same equip. Most impressed with better fuel mileage than '04 with larger engine but 6 sp. trans. Definitely longer than th '04 AV. Must be careful how rain sensing wipers are set or then will start up in car wash tangling with the brushes. Usually park away from other vehicles to try to avoid door damage which also gives a benefit of more walking exercise.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    You are going to fall in love with the car. It's a wonderful car. I just traded mine in on the 2013, and well, I'm currently not sure, but I might have like the 2011 better?

    Now give me a few months and I'm sure (surely hoping) I like the 2013 better:)

  • Took my 2011 Avy in for 30K service and drove a new 2013 LTD. I was impressed overall with the car's handling, interior finish quality and the quietness even after taking into consideration of being new.
    The front end was not quite as ugly to me as in the photos and videos but it was distracting. Kinda reminded me of the front end of the old Chrysler 300 of yore before the current model change of a few years ago. It was loaded with the BlackBerry QNX - Toyota (Entune) entertainment and NAV system and the electronic adjustable economy, sport and normal drive modes but it was not noticable. Listed at $40k. I am going to check out the Hybrid to see if the Camry propulsion system can handle the extra weight later this month.
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