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Ford Expedition fuel pump problems



  • Took to a local indy shop, where after some testing showed that the electrical signal was making it back to fuel pump, the pump must be faulty. Replaced fuel pump to the tune of $800 or so. Not a lick of problems since.
    Now it's time to replace the pinion seal in the rear end. Anybody tackle that one with a minimum of tools and rear end experience?? Not too sure about the crush collar and all the other goodies supposedly inside.
  • It looks like most of the problems are with 05 Expeditions. I have a 99 with what appears to be a bad fuel pump. I have a fuel pump relay in the underhood fuse box that is OK. As far as I know I don't have one in the underdash fuse box. There is none noted on the fuse/relay diagram. My car would not start, but if you gave it a squirt of starting fluid it would take right off and run fine. this happened about 3 times in a month and then it would not start at all. I opened up the injection line at the fuel rail and there was no residual pressure. Not gas comes out when I turn on the key or turn the engine over with the starter. Sounds like a fuel pump to me. However, when I started looking for one, I found different part numbers for the 4.6 liter engine with std suspension, another number is it has auto adjusting (air leveling) suspension and yet another number for 4WD. I have the 5.4 liter engine with 4WD and 4 wheel auto leveling air suspension. Does it make a difference which fuel pump I use?

    Any other ideas? thanks
  • I'd like to say fuel pump problem, but the problem is reoccuring.. I bought a 2000 Expedition, 5.4 E.B... Upon first driving the vehicle, with the key in position 1, (one turn foward, not cranking) the tach and speedometer, oil, all guages would all dial in the accurate direction, then back, then I could hear a constant hum coming from the fuel pump, or rear area. I installed a larger battery(disconnected power) and Zap, there goes the hum from the fuel pump, and after retrimming the idle, it no longer has performance quality acceleration , or transmission shifting, and the guages no longer set. I still run and start fine, but the 5.4 gusto is gone.. Is the constant hum the sending unit? I was told the guages set to indicate there is a trickle power draw. Only thing that doesn't work after changing the battery is guages and hum from pump.. Even if it is the pump, I'm thinking it's reference codes that get lost at power disconnection, not the pump. Even if it is tuner codes, it can be fixed without replacement, just tuner tool purchase.. Any similiar stories, definately want to chat,,,... EdBummer2000
  • This is the technical term for the guages rotating all the way up, then back.. The theory is that this rotation signifies low charge or trickle charge in battery, an alarm or something. But more importantly I noticed that when this "rotation" was happening with the key in position one, I can hear 2 whirling sounds a second apart, then a constant whirl from the fuel pump, from the driver's seat. My charge was low, the battery finally died. I installed a new one, the guages "rotated", the 2 whirls a second apart happened, but no constant whirl upon 1st start up.
    That's when "deflection of guages" set in. No movement. Then a couple days later, no 2 whirls a second apart, no constant whirl before starting, and of course no idle or fuel trim anymore. I retrained it once but it seemed to go out again. Any ideas on how to regain that constant feed from the fuel pump, and retrim idle and fuel. ( Transmission recalibration) Not the 1st truck this has happened to. Hope it's not an tuner tool problem, if so which one!
  • I have a 03 ford expedition XLT and i went to autozone to buy fuel injector cleaner. Then once i put it in my truck died and it wouldn't start back up. I used a fuel pressure gauge and found out that i asnt getting anything from the pump, I couldn't hear it either and i need help...please :sick:
  • Ok, I have a 2006 Expedition...Wed Nov 21, 2012 (day before Thanksgiving), I was getting on the highway, slight traffic up ahead, truck was up to 40MPH and just "died" I was in the middle lane, slowly pulled over but ended up stalling on a bridge and nowhere else to go but breakdown in the first lane on the start of a holiday weekend...UGH. Highaway patrol showed up 45 min later...pushed me into the breakdown lane and my tow truck came 10 min after that. Just got my truck back last night.....NOT the fuel pump, but the DRIVER was all mechanic replace the module and the gas filter for $383?! I am hoping there is now a recall from Ford?! Or if this is something that should/could be possibly covered by warranty? Any information would be appreciated. I am just lucky my kids weren't stuck with me in the first lane on a highway!!
  • Fuel pump problems seem to be in all 2000- 2007 models. the one thing we all have in common is; there should be a constant whirl sound when you turn your key 1 time foward, but not started. if you don't hear it, your fuel pump is going bad, and fuel supply could stop at any second.. I'll be driving then all of a sudden the truck shuts down as if I've run out of gas, with plenty, and then it starts going again...
  • bldazbldaz Posts: 11
    Doing a lot or reading reagrding this issue ( Also my problem ) this part Fuel pump Driver module has been the culprit on quite a few hard start's / wont start problems. The part can be found cheaply at around 60 bucks online to 120 and up elsewhere. The fuel filter about the same, double that amount for labor to install.
    I paid to have it looked at, they replaced the plugs, #2 coil, and a tune up and did not get the problem fixed, for 750 bucks!
  • I have reviewed all the posts that I can find to replace the FPDM on my 2007 Expedition but the part is not in the cavity from the spare tire. I am desperate to replace this part and have been unable to fiind it. Can someone please help.
  • I am having similar problems. I looked for the part online and could not find a fuel pump driver module. Could it be a fuel pump sending unit?
  • candy52candy52 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem and have been told by the dealership that the SOONEST they expect to see the part is August 15th!!!!! I want to just freak out when I hear Ford's response....they understand my frustration (yea right) and they are willing to reimburse me should they initiate a recall AS LONG AS I am in possession of my receipts (really? I think you are bound by law to do that)

    But I've tried the relays, replaced the fuel filter, and now I'm going to check the wires going into it because that was a suggestion made by an ex-Ford mechanic.

    Does anyone else think maybe Ford is in a dispute with their vendor for nonpayment or contract pricing negotiations????
  • candy52candy52 Posts: 2
    A service manager told me today, his computer is showing 1,281 fuel pumps on back order and projected delivery 8/15. Every state has a consumer complaint division, we should all start flooding them with emails!
  • mich24lmich24l Posts: 1
    1999 exp.. eddie bauer.. 5.6.. was hiccupping while driving... mech fixed vacuum tube and it ran better for a day or so..then started hesitating again and dying while driving down road.. it eventually died and wouldnt restart.. mech said fuel pump and everything test out okay..they cant figure t out?? anyone got any ideas or had this problem happen to them?? help ... love my expedition... oh yea the mech replaced all the plugs also.. it turns over and almost starts but wont.... please help me :)
  • We too are having a problem with our Expedition. I drove it to work and when I went to leave, it wouldn't start. This was at the end of May. We had it towed to our dealer and they have told us it's the fuel pump but that it will be September before they can get a new one. They've searched for used ones as well but can't find a used one either. In a last effort, they ordered one for a regular Expedition (ours is an EL) and put it in. Supposedly it works but there isn't enough space for the 'top shield'. They're telling us that in rare cases, this could become an issue but they're willing to give it to us without it installed. And, if we take the vehicle now, with this work-around, they won't replace it again once the correct parts come in, even though it's under the extended warranty... You can imagine how frustrated we are.

    Does anyone know what not installing the top shield could do? I don't want to take it if it's a safety risk but I also don't want to have to wait until Sept. We're pushing them for a replacement/loaner vehicle so that we can wait for the correct part but I'm not expecting any results with that.

    Some of you mentioned contacting the Ford Corporate office, if you have that info, I'd appreciate it. And, I'm going to send a letter to the WA state AG office because this is ridiculous!! But sadly, I don't expect any of these things to fix the problem. Any ideas? I'm contemplating my attorney as another next step... class action lawsuit???
  • acarbajalacarbajal Posts: 1
    b>Our fuel pump went out in May on our 2007 Expedition. We towed it to the dealership and they told us that the part was on massive back order and would not be available until the beginning of August. They just called us today and said the part will not be available until September!! We are so frustrated! We are making a payment on a vehicle that we can not even use and this ruined our entire summer! I am seriously going to look into a class action lawsuit! This is absolutely ridiculous! I will never buy a Ford again and will discourage anyone and everyone who is looking at buying one. UUUUGGHH!!! :mad:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683 shows three different brands available. Is there some reason you have to use the dealer and their parts supplier?
  • I agree look for another source rather than wait. That said, I did finally replace my fuel pump on the 2000 Expedition and had it done at Pep Boys. They put in some after market part and while it runs no problem, my fuel gauge has never been the same. First it would never show as full, only 3/4's then it started fritz with weird levels, now it is completely kaput. I have to go back and have them do something.
    But I can drive my car and the dealer is a rip-off. So just keep trying. Good luck!
  • cd3180cd3180 Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem with my 05 we have replaced the: fuel pump, filter, fuse block, inline fuel rail sensor, fuel pump driver moduel,and the battery im at a loss!
  • cd3180cd3180 Posts: 2
    My Expedition started with a stumble when driving, then a code was thrown cylinder 3 miss fire so we changed the spark plugs and coil packs then it would not start at all there was no fuel getting into the motor so my husband and I replaced the air and fuel filter it than ran for 2 days, then we replaced the fuse block, and fuel pump, ran for 2 days again, then replaced the inline fuel rail sensor, fuel pump driver module,and the battery it ran for another 2 days and now it will not work at all we have 12volts all the way to fuel pump and when we test fuel pump out of the tank on our battery charger it works but on the car it does not we are lost can anyone help??
  • michdonmichdon Posts: 5
    My fuel pump went out on July 7. We had the expedition towed to the nearest ford dealership where they diagnosed the problem. At that time, we were told that the pump was on national backorder - there were over 1000 on backorder. It has now been six weeks and my vehicle still has not been fixed. I started emailing ford motor company a couple of weeks ago about this issue because we nor the dealership were given a time frame. I did also submit a claim to the attorney general's office. I have told ford that I feel they should either provide me with a vehicle comparible to my expedition until my expedition is fixed or they need to pay me out on it so that I can get another vehicle. I must say that I did receive a couple of emails from Ford wanting information about the expedition. Last week Ford called the dealership and told them to just put the part on and the dealership informed them that they would be happy to do that if they could find a part. Today, Ford motor company called me concerning the complaint to the attorney general's office but all she asked was the vin and where the vehicle is located. The dealership then called to let us know that ford had contacted them and informed them that the part would be in sometime in Sept. I am not finished with this yet because I am without a vehicle and am borrowing from my parents or driving our dually farm truck, which is a ford and the wheel bearings went out on it the other day. I do agree with the person who blogged earlier that everyone who is having problems needs to start turning in a complaint to the attorney general office and contact ford motor company. Ford knows they have a problem and they should be issuing a recall and taking care of their customers.
  • My truck cut off in traffic and would not start. My warranty ran out and I had the truck towed to a mechanic who told me it was the fuel pump and that the part is faulty. He also explained that a spark could have ignited in my tank and exploded. I had to have the part replaced and like you all said that part is on back order. So they put in a universal pump that is supposed to be better and replaced the filter since the last pump, ruined it. This cost me $704.00. I am going to contact Ford, because I want my money back for the cost of repairs! Not to mention if that fuel had ignited, while driving with my five children two who are still in diapers...
  • jasyajajasyaja Posts: 1
    My expedition fuel pump stop working an ford said they are on back order. Ford is telling me that it would be weeks or months before they get a fuel pump. Why sale a vehicle if you can't make parts for it ? So while I have a 2007 ford expedition el it's no good if I can not drive it . Ford only concern is did you take it to dealership so we can make a claim or sorry for the inconvenience that you cannot drive your vehicle for next couple of months . I bet you they have car to get back an forward to work.
  • donm12donm12 Posts: 4
    I posted about two years ago, had issues with fuel pump and it was replaced four times. Still under warranty. Now I think it was replace once but they just tried to fix the old one and it kept breaking. I would like to contact the Attorney General as I still think there needs to be a recall. Can someone who did contact the Attorney General post the steps they took to do this. I think that is the only way to get Ford to replace the part with a good part. I still get worried my car will stall and they will not replace the part. They gave me a two year warranty on the part but it should be for 100K miles. So lets all contact the Attorney General.
  • I had the same issue on my 2007 EL. Had it towed to the Ford dealer Sunday. Yesterday they replaced the fuel pump with a standard length Expedition fuel pump and I picked it up today. Total cost $925. Talk to your service advisor about using this method. Good luck.
  • kbarr1kbarr1 Posts: 2
    Has your expedition been fixed yet. My fuel pump went out the beginning of august. now ford told me it was going to ship this week but it still hasn't arrived. and they also told me 300 units were made but cannot guarantee i will get one of them. i can;t even imagine what you r going thru not havinng your car since may. i am all for filing a class action lawsuit let me know if you have any info on this. someone who posted after said that the ford dealer put in a fuel pump that was for a standard expedition have you heard anything about that.
  • kbarr1kbarr1 Posts: 2
    could you tell me what ford dealer did that i live in indiana and they told me that wasn' an option my car has been out of service since the beginning of august
  • michdonmichdon Posts: 5
    We are going to tell our dealer about using a standard length fuel pump. I am not interested in filing a class action, I just want ford to provide me a vehicle, for free, until my gets fixed and if they are not willing to do that then they need to buy me out on it so I can go purchase something else. There is a known problem with these pumps which is the reason why they are on backorder. I wouldn't hold my breath on getting one any too soon though. Good luck.
  • michdonmichdon Posts: 5
    Has your expedition been fixed yet?
  • michdonmichdon Posts: 5
    I just googled "missouri attorney general" and clicked on the website. Then I clicked on customer complaint or something like that. Just follow the links once you get to the website.
    I did receive a letter from the atttorney general's office which stated that they had received my complaint and they are checking into it. Ford did contact me concerning this complaint - asked the vin and dealer that my vehicle is at. They did contact the dealership and told them that it would be sometime in sept. before the part would be available.
    I do feel that everyone who is without a vehicle because of this fuel pump should file a complaint with the attorney general office so that they see how many people are being affected by this and realize that ford is not doing anything about it.
  • michdonmichdon Posts: 5
    Just an update on my expedition. I received a call this morning from ford motor company. They stated that they will NOT provide me with a vehicle to drive until mine is fixed, nor will they buy me out on my expedition so I can go get a different vehicle and I was told that the fuel pump has an estimated delivery of September 30th. This is five weeks from today and I have already been without my vehicle for seven weeks today, for a total of three months. And, there is no guarantee that the pump will be delivered that week.
    As I stated before I do not want to file a class action, however, ford motor company is giving it's customers no other option. I just really can not believe they are not willing to provide customer service. All I receive is "I am sorry that this is an inconvenience for you". If I lived in a large city where I could ride the bus or walk or something it maybe wouldn't be such an inconvenience, but I live seven miles from the nearest town and I work 45 miles away. I have been driving our dually farm truck and my parent's vehicle for the past 7 weeks and now I am suppose to be okay with this for another 5 weeks minimum - I don't think so.
    I have been keeping all of the correspondence to and from ford over this issue and this morning I contacted the channel 9 news in Kansas city - problem solvers to see if they will put this problem on the air.
    If you have not sent in a complaint to your state's attorney general office, you need to do so. Also, constantly call and email for customer service. Last week (Friday) I asked to speak with a supervisor over this issue, which is the person who contacted me this morning. No, I'm, not getting anywhere with them but maybe if we inundate them with emails and phone calls - I called them four times last week - they will start to do something about this.
    We can not just sit around and wait for them (ford) to finally ship the pump. I understand that if there is a problem with this pump then it should not be shipped out, however, ford motor company should provide another means of transportation to those whose vehicle is down because of this pump.
    Please, please, please if you are having this same problem with your expedition then start complaining because no one knows and nothing will get done if you don't start calling and emailing.
    Ford motor company had called the dealership where my expedition is located and told them to just put the part on and quit delaying. The dealership indicated that they would be more than happy to if they had the part. The person at ford motor company then stated that she could get the part and that she would be in contact with them so the part's man at the dealership gave her the part #. That was 1 1/2 weeks ago and she has not contacted the dealership back yet. That's because the part is not available.
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