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I wanted to know if other people have the same observations as I do regarding this vehicle.

Recently I visited a local dealer to look at and test drive the Honda Odyssey. After the visit I have several questions.

1. The digital clock. I found the clock difficult to read during the daytime. Reflections and its location way over on the passenger side of the dash and lack of contrast, made it virtually unreadable. Is it backlit during hours of darkness? Does anyone else have trouble reading the clock?

2. Electrical outlets. One in the front and one in the back! Could someone enlighten me as to to total lack of these items. There is one located on the lower front dash! The minivan that I drive now has 3 at this location.I use all 3 many times (my Iphone, her CD player and call phone.) How does one add more outlets at this location? And why the lack of additional oulets at this location?
The 2nd row passengers have none! They either have to reach forward to access the front one or reach behind them to access the only one located at the 3rd row? Again, why the lack of these outlets? The 3rd row has only one outlet wat in the rear, driver side. My 2002 minivan has these outlets at numerous locations throughtout the vehicle. Why Honda reach the decision to offer only 2 in the entire vehicle baffles me. Children and adults nowadays use many different electrical devices requiring these type of eletrical outlets.

How do people get around this lack of outlets. I was told that one can purchase an accessory/adaptor that piggybacks into 2 or 3 outlets from a single one. Is this true? And what about the then need to run wires from the 2nd row passengers to either the front or rear locations? I see images of multiple strands of wires running throughout the vehicle.

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    3. The folding table between the front row seats. I don’t like it. It offers 2 additional cup holders for the front passengers (2 people…4 cup holders, if you include the 2 that are located in the dash!) Does driving the Odyssey make one that thirsty? In addition, this folding table offers a shallow tray and 2 more cup holders for the 2nd row passengers. In my 2002 Chrysler T&C I have a large storage bin that contains a 12 volt electrical outlet (hence the 3 12 volt outlets for the front passengers) located between the 2 front seats. Open the front panel of it to access the outlet and place the IPhone, cell phone, etc there and you have a handy, place for such items. Open the large bin in the rear of it for more storage (CD’s, maps, books etc.) The folding tray that is offered for the Odyssey has none of these practical features. So the question that I have is….does Honda offer a similar item to replace the folding tray? If not, is there an after market item to replace the folding tray?
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    Does your T&C console get out of the way so your front seat passenger can walk through to the rear? The new Sienna has a great console vs the little plastic tray, but its stuck in place, so if walking thru is a consideration, the Honda is nice.
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    Hi Hogan773,

    The console in the 2001 T&C is removable. In place it prevents one from going to the rear. The 2001 T&C console can also go between the 2nd row seats. Very innovative!
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    Chalk one up for American innovation.........

    I know I'm still in the honeymoon phase, but I love the 2010 Odyssey I just bought.
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    I'll try and answer, though everyone's got a different opinion/perspective, so be sure to get a bunch and see how you feel...

    1. I've never had a problem reading the digital clock, but I also don't tend to wear sunglasses. It is backlit with the rest of the dash when you turn on the lights.

    2. We have an EXL, and we have 1 12V outlet in front, 1 120V AC outlet in the 3rd row, and 1 12V outlet in the cargo area. I agree that it's fewer than optimal. Our solution is we have a 3-way splitter up front, so we have our Garmin GPS & phone charger plugged in with an extra socket. On roadtrips, we also use a 2-way splitter on the cargo area outlet for our kids.

    3. We're not huge fans of the center folding tray either, but we've never had any other minivan to compare everyday experience to, and we actually use it quite a bit. We rarely use the in-dash cupholders, so it's nice to have the tray. I do like the idea of the movable console in the Chrysler vans.

    There ya go! We've been an Odyssey family since 2003, and have nothing but praise for our Odyssey experience (circa 2003, and our 2008). If you can wait until the fall, the 2011 Odyssey is supposed to have some major interior changes. Good luck!
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    Inititally, it was a turnoff to me. Now I like, at least compared to the one in the '09 T&C that I always drive frequently. It provides more "open" space to put stuff. And the biggest thing is that it can be easily swung down--you don't have to remove it--in order to get access to the 2nd row.

    It really depends on how you use your van, I suppose.

    BTW--the '01 T&C might have a console that can go between seats, but as far as I know the current model doesn't, so...
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    We enjoy our 2010 EX. I love the power driver seat. It is extremely comfortable on 4 1/2 hour trips we regularly take. I like the power side doors. My family isn't crazy about them. They say it's lazy to have the door open for you. I find them convenient to push the key fob and open the doors. The tri zone temp controls work great for us. My wife likes the van a little cooler than I do. Now we can both have the temp where we are comfortable. My bicycle fits nicely in the back with one seat folded down. All in all a quiet comfortable vehicle. We have 5000 miles on ours so far. No complaints at all :)
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    Anyone want to mention the active headrests? I don't think this is a unique problem to Honda or the Odyssey but my goodness those headrests are uncomfortable. It pushes my head forward enough where my upper back and shoulder blades do not make contact with the seat back. So uncomfortable I want to rip it out. I googled this issue and find many many complaints across a wide variety of car types relating to this forward tilting active headrest.
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    It's all in response to the IIHS now testing and awarding scores based on rear end collisions.

    Without trick seat design, some comfort is lost.
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    Power side doors are great with little kids. My 5 yr old would have trouble opening a non-power door but he can get the power one started. Its also great to have the door opening while you're approaching the car with a 2 yr old in your arms.

    I hardly ever use the power rear tailgate though - personal choice.
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    Just want to know if the EX model has the backup camera or is it available only with the EX-L model?
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    OMG! I just bought the odyssey 2011 ex-l-res...the headrests are so UNCOMFORTABLE. I just removed mine. I called Honda and filed a complaint, but was told they hadn't had any complaints!!! My neck is so stiff I don't want to drive my van. I tried switching with other seats, but the post won't line up. I'll put the driver headrest back when the pain goes away!
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