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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I need to see the torque curve for the new V6. According to specs, it develops max HP at 6800 rpm, which has got to at or near redline for an OHV V6. It's impressive to tout 290hp, but if you need to wind it up real tight to get it then I don't think it's much to crow about. What's it making at 2500-4000 rpm's, which is where most people are going to drive it at?
    I was interested when I first heard about it, and decided against buying a 2010 GC since a new model was coming out. I doubt if I'm in the market now. Also, I understand you can't get QuadraTrac II with the V6, only the V8. The V8 is dated, and even with DOD gets poor fuel mileage.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Meant OHC of course.
  • grinningrinnin Posts: 13
    curb weight of 4660#?? I thought a big advantage of "crossovers" was the weight savings from a lighter duty frame/chassis? Curb weight for the 2010 GC Laredo 4wd is 4470#. Ford Edge is 4265#
  • jmellonjmellon Posts: 8
    Does anyone know if the 2011 GC will have push button start?
  • boomchekboomchek Vancouver, BC, CanadaPosts: 5,314
    edited July 2010
    Yes it does. All models (at least in Canada) including the cheapest most basic model will have Passive Entry and Keyless Go as standard equipment.

    2007 BMW 328i Sports Pkg

  • peddler3peddler3 Posts: 10
    Anyone know what the max. cargo height of the GC is?
  • jmellonjmellon Posts: 8
    Does anyone have any additional information, features/when, on the Garmin Nav option listed as late availability on the Jeep web site for the 2011 GC? Is it worth waiting for, or will the standard Nav option be better?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    jmellon, this may answer some of your questions:
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    I went to a Jeep dealer a couple of days ago and had my first look at a new 2011 JGC Limited. I have not yet driven it but on visual inspection it was a mighty impressive vehicle!

    The fit and finish, panel tolerances, interior trim, switchgear, etc. were all very high-end and more suggestive of a M-B or BMW or Range Rover than a customary Detroit offering. The doors even shut with that solid Germanic "thunk" that suggests quality. The recent Dar and Driver road test of the vehicle indicated a 70 mph cruising noise level of 65 dB which is exceedingly quiet for any vehicle and extremely impressive.

    I really like the huge gas tank and cruising range, the availability of H.I.D. Bi-Xenon headlights, the Garmin NAV option, the class-leading AWD system with terrain selectability, the high-end audio, the memory seats and heated steering wheel, the sumptuous leather seats with heaters and ventilation . . . the list goes on.

    Clearly, this vehicle has to be considered very strongly against any of the competition. Early owner reviews are very positive with a high level of satisfaction.

    While not inexpensive in nominal terms, the standard features and available options along with the overall quality level suggest the value quotient on the new Grand Cherokee is very high.

    Without a doubt Detroit is getting its act together and is now building class-leading vehicles which are more than the equal of the imported competition.
  • Anyone know if the Quadra-Lift System will still be available on the Laredo X and Limited? The Jeep web site says so in the Off-Road Adventure Package II, but if you build one on the web site it doesn't show as an option for either. It shows as standard on the Overland. I have seen a few Overland window stickers on the web site and it shows there, even for vehicles "in transit". I don't see it on any Limited or Laredo X.

    Edmunds says "late availability". The Jeep Garage sites shows that it was available for order in July.

    One dealer I have traded e-mails with says maybe by December as "late availability" means they are trying to decide if all options will be offered on all the models they initially planned. I am sure they are trying to sell a vehicle now, not later.

    Another dealer that I have dealt with (test drive) hasn't responded to my e-mail. Again, they are trying to pull the sale forward instead of me waiting.

    I was really impressed with the vehicle. It is very quiet, even at highway speed.
    I test drove a few weeks ago with the intent that I wouldn't buy that day. They didn't have what I wanted but did want to see what I could get for my trade. Then I started getting the runaround, and "what if I made just a CRAZY deal", and must have talked to the salesman, two asst. managers, and the manager, before I got out of there. I made it very clear I wasn't looking to purchase that day, and they didn't have exactly what I wanted. I guess they know if you leave, you may or may not be back.

    I am hoping to move on it in late September or October. Hopefully I will know more about Quadra-Lift by then. If I had to get the Overland, I could maybe swing an Overland with no extras, but really wouldn't want to go up from there. I guess I will also have to decide if the Quada-Lift is worth it to me.

    Thanks in advance for any info.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Since my previous note I also have driven this vehicle to a maximum speed of 86 mph. There was no wind noise at all and very little road noise, even on a patchy, rough road surface. The new JGC is an extraordinarily quiet vehicle and if the noise level testing of the just-out Car and Driver magazine is to be believed, the new Jeep is as quiet as the new Rolls-Royce Ghost: 65 dB cabin noise level at 70 mph highway cruise! Very, very impressive.

    What I did notice was mechanical noise from the engine (3.6) upon acceleration. In my opinion this engine is just adequate for the weight of the vehicle and no more. For my purposes I believe the 5.7 HEMI may be a better match.

    Otherwise, my impression of the vehicle is extremely positive. The climate control system is excellent, the ventilated seats a boon on a hot day, the audio system is superb in all respects and allows downloading of .WAV files to the HDD. The Garmin NAV system is also excellent.

    As far as the air suspension is concerned, this is not yet available and I have mixed thoughts about it. While over 11" of ground clearance would be occasionally very useful, the experience with other manufacturers using an air-type suspension has not been overly positive and their systems, which utilize inflatable bladders filled with air to raise and lower the vehicle, have not been particularly reliable. Whether Jeep has been able to overcome these limitations I do not know but their AWD/off-road systems are otherwise impecccable.

    Overall, I think the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best buy in the high-end/luxury SUV class.
  • Hey everyone i just bought a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo the X package. First off when you buy one you get a free $500 spending limit through mopar which has some great parts. And second i'm stuck!! The new jeep doesnt have any aftermarket parts besides whats on mopar at least i havnt found any yet. Can anyone help me find:
    1. Aftermarket Parts website - ie Headlights, interior parts ect.
    2. Front Lower Fascia - without buying the entire bumper.

    Please help i wanna hook up my SUV and for anyone planning on buying one i traded in my 2007 CTS for one and to be honest i havnt thought twice since. Granted for the money you pay you can buy a Mercedes or BMW but at the end of the day it will cost you a 10th of what it would cost to fix a Mercedes if it breaks down. Also it really does get considerably good gas mileage, is comfortable, has great on and off road settings, and you can upgrade nearly everything through mopar. If you have any questions or are thinking about buying one let me know.
  • Hey, thanks for a great post.

    I just purchased the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 Laredo X package too.

    Two quick questions (thanks for your help)

    1) How did you get the $500 MOPAR credit??? It wasn't offered by the sales guy?
    2) Is there an aftermarket device that will unlock the DVD player so that I can play DVDs? It drives me nuts that they install a DVD and then deactivate it! I heard it's called a "lockpick" is that right???

    Please drop me a line -

  • Just an update... I see several 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X with the Off Road Adventure Package II showing as "In Transit" to one of the local dealers.
    The window stickers do show the Quadra-Lift system as part of this package.

    I did think about priggly's comment about reliability and will have to take a look
    when one is around and see what I think and is it worth getting for that very, very occasional use.
  • great to see this forum! Ihave many question, first, i just purchased 2011 JGCx package i cane and love it but can,t stand the 18' wheels. Does any have the specs for this wheel , i wish to up size the wheel to20' with after market rims & tires. Also i,m intersested the $500 mopar offer i read on this forum, can someone inform of the details.I live in canada and wonder if this applies to canadien JGC ?
  • I'm in the market for a new car purchase in the next one year or so, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee (2011) has my interest. I was just hoping for any incites and opinions from those who have this vehicle. Thanks!
  • HI, i just bought my 2011 jgc in july and is totally blown away by this vehicle!!!! It ,s the best riding jeep i've ever been in . The styling is truly wonderful and up to date , fit & finish is second to none. The new 3.6 engine is smooth and shifts effortlessly , gas milage is aprox. 21mpg ( only 1550 km on vehicle) city driving. Ipurchased the lardeo x package which has many outstanding features but not all the bells & whistles The only issue that bothers me are the ugly wheel package jeep offers, i will change them in the spring with after market wheels. The jeep engineers finally did their homework and design a vehicle that blows away the compition in my opinion . Hope this review expresses how sold i am on this vehicle. Gord
  • I am considering getting my 3rd Cherokee, and 2nd GC. I have a 1999 Limited and am considering a 2011. I'm looking to purchase, but do not see a "prices paid" forum? JJ2011, do you mind me asking how much paid?
  • Well I took the plunge and picked up a 2011 GC Limited. Options were the 20" wheels and tires, the 5.7L Hemi and Blackberry Pearl paint. I am blown away with the ride, power and all the gadgets. It has taken 2 weeks to learn almost everything. It's like owning a MB. I also noted that MT compared it to the Land Rover. Came up a bit shy, but the Rover was also over $10K higher in cost. I have lodged one complaint with Jeep division of Chrysler. I constantly wear sunglasses to drive around in FL, and I am having a heck of a time seeing the "needles" on the instrument cluster. Forget seeing the speedo. You must take your eyes off the road for many seconds in order to determine your speed. But, yes if you have the digital speed turned on it is ok. But I don't think this is safe for others who don't have that feature. The glare on the instrument panel is terrible. Why would you have a black background and black needles on the instruments. There is a "tiny" red line on each needle that you need reading glasses to see. This is the one and only complaint I have. It's quiet and squeak free. And with the Hemi, it hauls butt when you ask for it. Only have 725 miles on it, so keeping my foot out of it. With the ride, it is very hard to tell how fast you are going. And takes "very little" throttle to get you up to city speeds, I'm talking just barely touching it to do 45MPH. I have added the Clear Bra on the front bumper area and the nice chrome sill plates. Still waiting for the bug deflector, back ordered. Then when the money allows, the chrome tube steps. Just having the key fob in your pocket is all that's needed to start, stop open and close the doors. Pretty kool. More to come as the miles and first trip takes place. :)
  • The Limited I have does.
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