Nissan Pathfinder Automatic Hill Descent Control

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I just purchased a 2006 Pathfinder with 29k. Love it, but am very concerned about this so called auto hill descent control feature. It is the SE model but does not have a hill descent control option/feature. I brought it to our local Nissan dealership and the tech tells me this is normal, on Pathfinders, and other nissan trucks/suv's. When I am on a hill and begin braking, the tranny automatically begins slowing me down or keeping me at the same speed. What concerns me is, if this is activated over 55mph the RPM'S are over 3000... with my foot off the gas!? When I try and disengage it can be a bit of a struggle to click the tranny out of this. Is this normal? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I'm not sure what your concern is. Is it that you don't have the HDC or is it that your transmission revs up when descending a hill?

    You didn't mention whether you have the automatic or manual transmission. An automatic transmission should switch gears by itself when the engine it turning too fast. With a manual transmission, you would have to change gears by hand.

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