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i been trying to get the bars that connect roof racks off without success. i dont use them and i believe it cuts down on fuel economy. i am not talking about the rack itself, just bars that connect them where something heavy actually goes on top of. any help.


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    do not know how to get cross bars off but do not think they will make that much difference in gas mileage.

    remember the vehicle you are driving may have a sloped nose, but otherwise it is a brick going down the road,

    I would insure you have proper psi in tires, clean air filter, change oil and trans fluid to synthetic oil

    slow starts and never drive over 62 mph.

    about all i know to do,

    we have a 08 model and got 26 mpg on our last trip, we are very satisfied with the van.

    our last one 02 model had 123K when we traded it, was a great vehicle, reason we bought another one.
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    I also tried and could not get them off. I'm sure there is a way, but it's not obvious.

    I slid them back a bit, in the meantime.
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    When I turn left in my 99 Sienna, sometimes there is a rubbing noise. It is getting worse. What is causing this?

    This problem only happens when turning left. There is no noise when going straight or turning right. The noise is not shrill and does not sound like metal on metal. Maybe it is a bearing noise? The noise only happens when going faster than 10 mph. The van has 147,000 miles. This noise has developed only in the last month.
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    That would have been my guess - wheel bearing.
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    Wedge a thin screwdriver under the bottom of the rear plastic cover of the rear mounts. As soon as you can get a small wedge under it so the cover clears the lower retainer grab it and pull backwards hard. It will slide off without breaking anything. Any other movement will break the clips, pull rearward only. You will need a short phillips tip and a small rachet to loosen and remove the phillips screws underneath that hold the rails to the rear mounts. After removing all 4 phillips head screws ( 2 each side) take your Torx fitting and a short extension with ratchet and remove the bolts holding the rear base to the roof. Loosen the knobs on the crossbars and pull them off the rails. Reassemble it and you are done. Total time was 40 minutes

    Benefits: .47 mpg at 85 mph/ Less noise, my raammat insulated vehicle is now silent without that roar coming from those crossbars/ Easier to wash the roof

    My sound pressure level test indicates that since removal my van is 2.2db quieter . :)
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    Thanks for the instructions.

    40 minutes, though? Wow. Took me maybe 5 minutes on my Subaru.

    I think I'll leave them on, and just slide them back and together until I need them.
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    I thought that too, until I removed them
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